Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We Are The Walking Dead; but not for long...

The Walking Dead is set to start it’s 5th season on Sunday.  Interestingly we are all interested in these Zombie movies lately.  It’s either a zombie apocalypse or it’s an outbreak of illness that creates zombies.  It is as if Hollywood can see what so many of us are refusing to acknowledge. We are the walking dead.  Well to be fair some of us are the walking dead and some of us are the walking wounded. Drug addiction, alcoholism, porn addiction, food addiction, kids killing each other in school, people beheading other people for "God".  What the heck is going on? It seems like we are living in a world filled with zombies.  
What is interesting to me about all of these successful movies and sitcoms is how they parallel our own culture.  It is as if these movies are a commentary on our culture of death. We may not live in the biblical times of leprosy but we certainly live in a time of spiritual leprosy. We live in a fallen world and with fallen people. The new normal is not man and wife with three kids a dog, a house and a white picket fence. In fact, I am not even sure what the new normal is, but it is definitely not the “traditional” family. The movies we watch that are depicting human beings as zombies, are closer to the truth than most tv sitcoms.

We are all in need of healing.  We need to find a means from which to heal our wounds.  We are all wounded in some way. Some of us are living with the effects of sexual abuse or physical abuse; some of us were abandoned by our parents. Still others were emotionally abused or psychologically traumatized by alcoholic or drug addicted parents or even others were ritualistically abused. Whatever the your childhood, chances are you either experienced abuse or neglect yourself or someone very close to you did. The effects of abuse wounds us and it is in through these wounds that we begin to form our understandings and beliefs about who we are, who God is and whether or not we believe in anyone or anything.

The wounds that are inflicted upon us are openings to evil or negativity. Call it what you will, it is through wounds that we are opened up and it is as these moments we can become bound up as prisoner to our pain, our fears and the vows that we make to ourselves. We also need friends that we can trust to love us despite our wounds.  We need friends to help encourage us and help us find joy and courage to persevere so that we can go into those dark places and and bring healing to them. 
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The reason why we are struggling in this world is not because we are somehow strange or because we are not faithful or pious enough, it is because we live in a world that has been divided because of sin. Being faithful and growing in holiness can help us in our struggles but unless we address our wounds we may find ourselves carrying a larger struggle than God desires for us to carry by ourselves.
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If you or someone you know feels they are nailed to their cross instead of carrying it, then perhaps you are in need of healing.
Here is the Good News! Christ came to restore us! He makes all things new! Am I saying that healing our wounds is as simple as bringing our suffering to Him on the cross? Yes I am. It is not simple or easy to do but it is simple in choice. 
But wait a minute...have you been seeing Jesus as some wimpy guy walking around in an effeminate gown talking in gentle high pitched voice? Cause my Jesus is not wimpy, he is B.A. (Bad Ass).  He will kick some major butt if anyone tries to mess with his girl (that's me).  Are you seeing Jesus as the laid down lover he is? He is ready and willing to run into the darkest of nights to bring in his lost bride (that's you).  You just have to call out to him...
by Stephen Lindsey
In scripture, it says we have a mighty savior that will wipe away every tear and comfort every infirmity and remove every sin for those who believe and trust in him.  Instead of despair we shall have the oil of gladness, instead of shame we shall have double honor, not just in heaven but here in our lives, progressively as grace perfects our nature. The zombies are the sin and the evil in the world and he wants to eradicate it so that you can be resurrected and made new!
Jesus wants your happiness in the world and in the next, he wants to set you free from all that has enslaved you! Everywhere you go he is with you and longs for you to trust in him.  He pursues all of us intensely because of his great love for us.  We are no surprise to God, he knew what he was getting when he made us! You are no surprise to God, I am no surprise to God yet he created us anyways! That is such a consolation! 
When our wounds are redeemed and washed clean in the blood of Christ we are made new. The very places you feel the most broken become your most beautiful gifts. He will shine out of your wounds in ways that will not only transform you, but it will transform the people around you. His light shines through our wounds revealing hope and healing.  When we are set free from the healing power of Jesus Christ we are able to retain the graces He pours out to us and we will have Christ to give them in their own thirst.
How can one begin? Pray this prayer. Come Holy Spirit Come. Next ask for prayer ministry. Even Jesus had someone help him carry his cross.  Then, find a healing mass and receive the sacrament of the sick so that your wounds can be healed. The sacraments are means of grace that fills us.  Grace perfects our nature and healing ministry is the means from which to retain this grace so that we can be transformed. It will be through this transformation that the world will be reconciled to God. 
St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greenville Wisconsin will be holding monthly healing mass to heal and free the oppressed.  If you need deliverance from the evil one, if you need healing for your afflictions then come to the living water! Come be healed! You will receive anointing with oil in the sacrament of the sick, there will be deliverance, there will be healing prayer ministry and you will be given an arsenal kit to take home so as to continue finding healing and freedom. Spread the word! If you are traveling and need help finding a place to stay then email me and I will see what I can do. 
November 8th, 2014 7pm
December 13th, 2014 7pm
January 10th, 2014 7pm
February 7th, 2014 7pm
  1. Address: St. Mary's Immaculate Conception Church  N2385 Municipal Dr, Greenville, WI 54942

Friday, September 5, 2014

Is the ALS Ice bucket Challenge spiritual?

The ice bucket challenge seems to mimic a baptism. It is interesting to me that all demonic rituals are based on Catholic Sacraments. I also read pouring water over a child's head to consecrate to satan was done by an ex-satanist before sacrificing them.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Performed By ALS

 There are a lot of people writing about ice bucket challenge being a demonic activity. The interesting this folks is that ALS does embryonic stem sell research. Yes, that is mutilation and desecration of unborn babies in the name of research. In fact, one of the crimes against the Immaculate Heart of Mary is in vitro fertilization so I would say embryonic stem cell research would have to also be linked to crimes against her immaculate heart. The enemy wants as many sins against the immaculate heart as he can get so as to call out for God's Justice and bring an end to the age of Mercy.

Crimes against the Immaculate Heart call out for God's Justice and Vengence

Are people who do this challenge (which supports an organization that performs abominations) be a bad idea? Are we creating a spiritual climate that is paving the way for the Black Mass which going to be held on Sept 21. What about 9/11 we here that there may be another attack on that day.  Perhaps this is a stripping away of spiritual protection as I believe Mary is interceding in protecting the Church in the United States while we watch Europe lose any belief of God they once had. If people are uniting themselves to an organization that performs research that desecrates human life and profanes the mother of God, are they entering into a spiritual reality that leaves them vulnerable to the evil one or am I just seeing to much in something that means nothing.  Can something mean nothing?

Founder of Ice Bucket Challenge Drowns.....

Then why did the founder of the ice bucket challenge, Corey Griffin who was a very successful student and philanthropist, dive off a building at 2am and drown? Guess what time he was pronounced dead? 3am That is very dark if you ask me.

Oprah "baptizes" herself "In the Name of ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge"

Why pour water over a persons head? Oprah Winfrey began her challenge by saying out loud "In The Name of Als...."  We baptize "In the name of....." One journalist commented "when Oprah baptized herself in the name of ALS was she baptizing in the name of the anti-christ, Lucifer and Satan?"

I know a priest that told me that baptism must have the water flow over the forehead to be valid. I have done a lot of research on spiritual realities tied to physical realm and I am telling you that the invisible is made visible through our enfleshment of it. There is a spiritual reality tied to everything. What is the spiritual reality of this thing? Is it a bad reality? If the organization it helps is doing bad things then isn't the promotion of that organization bad?

Would Jesus do the Ice bucket challenge?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The True, The Good and The Beautiful

We live in a culture of subjectivity,   Many believe that what is true for you may not be true for them. What is good for me may be at your expense.  The pursuit of beauty has created an ever widening divorce between the physical and spiritual.  Is beauty truly only in the eye of the beholder is something beautiful regardless of ones opinion?

Truth, goodness and beauty are referred to as transcendental because they transcend the limits of the places or times in which we live.  Each of these are rooted in "being" and are not contingent upon what religious beliefs you have or what culture you come from or what ideology you adhere to.

In fact, Truth, Goodness and Beauty are objective properties that that can be found in all creation.  So how can a person be so blind to the truth that they do harm and not good to themselves all for the sake of trying to become what they already are which is beautiful?  I believe it is because of the divorce that has taken place between the spiritual and physical realm.

The body makes visible the invisible reality of the person we see before us.  We are not just a material substance that can be nipped and tucked and implanted so as to "become" beautiful but rather we are a union of spirit and matter.  We are "embodied spirits" and our beauty exists whether we acknowledge it or not.

If the body makes visible the invisible than we understand that someone who modifies their bodies with piercings and tattoos has a spirit screaming to be seen and heard or is in fact could be so shattered that the modifications become a shield or costume to hide behind so that others will not truly "see" them.

What was Joan Rivers soul making visible to the world?  We know that she has had hundreds of plastic surgery procedures and has suffered with bulimia as well.  This is a serious identity issue that many women are struggling with and it starts with truth.  Our truth is being warped and manipulated into something very ugly.  It leads people to mutilate and abuse themselves until goodness is out of reach and beauty is unattainable.  For Joan, I would postulate that her truth was skewed. I would also postulate that she was deeply dissatisfied with herself and was a woman that desperately needed to hear that she was a unique and unrepeatable person made in the image and likeness of God and that her personhood was good.  

Let's pray for the world to rediscover the true, the good and beautiful because ultimately that will lead them to what they have been destined for. 

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her Oh Lord and Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her and May She Rest In Peace. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Letting Go

balloonAt first I thought going to a memorial service to say good-bye to Kolbe (the baby I just lost in miscarriage) was that last thing I would do.  The thought of making myself emotionally vulnerable and go back into the wound that I just wanted to walk away from was the least appealing idea to me.  Yet, when the priest at my Church texted to tell me that the cemetery that Kolbe was to be buried at had a memorial service being offered the very next week after losing my baby, it seemed to be an invitation from God. Either that or it was very coincidental that within a week of miscarrying there was a service being offered. Then he told me that the day it was offered was the very day we had a meeting scheduled anyways so he knew I would be free.
I have begun to see these kind of coincidences as ways in which God is gently nudging me in a particular direction.  They are painful nudges, but they are invitations that I have begun to understand as doors God the Father desires for me, His daughter to walk through because He want to take me deeper, closer and farther in my spiritual walk towards Him.
I can refuse these invitations, but I some how know if I do I will be staying right where I am.  A couple of years ago I began recognizing these invitations for the first time.  I did not realize that I was always being invited and had even accepted many of them.  Instead I had thought I was just "experiencing" deeper intimacy here and there, randomly.   Then it happened.  I was in Florida at a Healing Retreat dealing with the shit storm of what is my life and I heard the Holy Spirit prompt me to accept His invitation.  That is when I recognized that I am always being given invitations.  What do they look like? Usually they look very painful.  That particular night the invitation was clear.  "When I invite you, say yes.  If you do, I will heal you.  If you don't, you will stay where you are." The Holy Spirit was telling me that even when it was scary and felt like dying that if I trusted Him and said yes to whatever it was He was inviting me to, that on the other side of it I would find healing.  It is as if you are blind-folded and walking through traffic and someone is reaching their hand out on the other side telling you to walk toward them.  As scary as that felt, I still heard Him saying "Trust Me."
Even now I am having a hard time articulating the intense fear and reservation that still accompanies his invitations.  That invitation in Florida, the one that opened my eyes to see that I am always being invited, changed my life.  I call it my undoing because I was undone, but then I was made new.  
I heard the invitation to walk into the loss of this baby when it would be so much easier to just continue marching forward and get on with my life.  It is so easy to do with all of the things on my calendar.  I could easily slip away from it all and just try to forget.  Yet, here I was standing in a cemetery listening to poems being read out loud by other women who just lost their babies.  The most beautiful part of the ceremony was the moment the woman there handed me a purple balloon in honor of Kolbe.  As it was placed in my hands the tears slipped out of my eyes and down my face.  To hold something in my hands that was for Kolbe broke open the stones I had tried to put around the wound in my heart to keep from feeling the loss.  One of my most favorite songs ever started playing as we were invited to say goodbye in our own private way.
I watched  a mother and three children each take a balloon and tie a note to the string.  They released their balloons together and I watched as she kneeled on the ground holding her children and watching with them as the balloons rose in the air carrying their little notes with them.
Looking back at my own balloon I closed my eyes for a brief moment and I swear I saw Kolbe holding hands with his siblings in heaven, laughing and running chasing after the balloons like children do.  Then I did what I must always do  when I am going to accept an invitation sent to me from God my Father.  I let go.

If It Be Your Will

blake embraceI love this image by William Blake because it speaks of what it means to unite oneself and ones desires to the will of God.  It speaks of reconciliation and of union.  I love the pose of the man as it is reminiscent of the cross, with his hands extended in such a way.  The body speaks a language and this man's body is saying to me that while he realizes the suffering, the cross that comes when he opens himself to God there is a peace and resting that takes place by allowing God to embrace him.  The fulfillment of all desire can only happen if we unite our desires to that of God's for us. Knowing this is one thing, knowing it as an experience is and entirely different thing.

Earlier this week I had a song playing through my mind.  It's a Leonard Cohen tune called "Waiting For a Miracle." Listening to Leonard if feels as if time slows down just a little bit and my mind quiets down.  It calms me, it transports me out of the chaos of a given moment into an interior life that feels like prayer.  St. Frances said when we sing we pray twice so perhaps music is it's own form of prayer.  "Waiting For a Miracle" says it all.

I was waiting for a miracle to come.  The way Leonard sings it, with such gentle melancholy expresses the tenderness of desire to have what I want, yet at the same time expresses the sadness of knowing that it would take a miracle.  There is no begging or pleading, just a hope and desire for it.  This has been my hearts song for the past week.

This morning I woke up with another Leonard Cohen song singing itself into my mind.  I had to smile because I felt it was a grace from God that caused it to sing me awake. It was my first thought as I opened my eyes.

"If It Be Your Will" is a song that I have loved for many years.  It is a song I have sung in times where I desired to embrace the will of God and not my own and I prayed for his grace to be poured into me so that I could desire it.  The part that says;

"If it be your will
That I speak no more 
And my voice be still 
As it was before 
I will speak no more 
I shall abide until 
I am spoken for 
If it be your will"

Became a prayer of sorts as I struggled with attacks from people that took it upon themselves to try and destroy my speaking career.   I know that God has the only power to do anything.  This song is my new prayer as I have transitioned into the hardest part of this miscarriage.  I am still waiting, but not for a miracle to come, but for a miracle of life that was created inside of me to make it's way out.  It is the hardest for me because I wonder what I will see or worse, that I will miss him or her and flush her away.  That is why it's hardest.  I just want this part to be done so I can transition to healing.

When I reached for my phone this morning I saw the tweet of Pope Francis. As if to affirm that the song that was sung to me as I awoke was indeed inspired by the Holy Spirit, his "tweet" spoke of God's will being my own.

"The one who listens attentively to the Word of God and truly prays, always asks the Lord: what is your will for me?" Pope Francis

I can thank God for transitioning my heart this morning by a gift of His grace.  I truly know that I want what He wants. I know there has been nothing wasted, a soul will exist for all eternity and his/her name is Kolbe and will be praying me into heaven.

I realized early on in this process that I could offer this suffering to God.  I solidified this during the mass yesterday when I offered my body as a living sacrifice.  I offered my body as an altar upon which to offer this miscarriage as a spiritual sacrifice to God and asked for Mary to give the graces to her priests who offer themselves daily without ever being able to hold the results in their arms.  I asked for the gift of spiritual motherhood to the priests in my life, that I would love them as Mary does.  That I would see them as my sons that need a mother to pray for them, to love them and offer prayers and sufferings for their protection.  I usually never help distribute communion, but I was inspired to do so.

I felt inspired to offer communion and felt the love of my heart being poured out to every person who approached Jesus.  I found myself looking deeply into each persons eyes as they came forward and felt a deep merciful love of Mary in me flow out to them.  I did not look at them as they approached, I would see them.  I would see their goodness and longing and desire to be filled and offer them the living God that is the only thing that can fill that void.

I am in a good place today.  God is Good, all the time, God is Good.

I Grieve

Before reading this post please listen to The Song "I Grieve" By Peter Gabriel. You can listen to it while you read my blog as it will open in a separate tab.  This song as it embodies the emotions that I am experiencing.  It captures the moment of my life that I am living, right now.  The lyrics are so perfect...  There is something beautiful and something so raw about embracing life even when it means that we embrace the intensity of suffering, sadness and grief.
I am working through my emotions as I experience this miscarriage by journaling here on my blog.  I have a hard time with allowing myself to cry, to feel.  It is easier to numb myself.  I have become quite good at.  When I wrote the last two posts the flood gates opened in a way that I realized I needed.  I only realized it after I opened to feeling the pain. It almost seems like I am not supposed to be grieving.  Some of the questions I get like "how far along are you" is just code for "your not far enough along to be so upset."
I was almost ready to numb myself through this but then I realized that I really am hurting and if I don't face into that hurt it is going to come out sideways.  It always does.   Rather than stay in denial, or turn to anger as a means to control my pain,  I am choosing to embrace the pain that comes from feeling everything, talking about it and processing it in the moment.  It hurts.  I still find I cannot stay in the moment with my feelings and allow myself the grief that is just below the surface because life does go on, and on and on and on.  My children need me, my house has chores and there is work to be done.  I keep having to push down the sadness and disappointment and grief.
I will keep updating this one post as I document the process of losing Kolbe.  If you are just happening upon this blog post then you can read the first two posts by clicking the links.  The first one, "I'm Having a Miscarriage" and "Deep Sorrow"  will get you up to speed and I will put headers of the day and or times of the new entries...
Where am I at right now? Well, this image helps to make that clear. Right now I am angry at my body and I feel very alone.
baby miscarriage
I am angry with my body for failing to protect this precious little person. I feel alone because not everyone sees a miscarriage as the loss of a child.  Instead it seems to be viewed as the way the body discards babies that were possibly genetically inferior and "for the best."  I don't know why I am miscarrying but I do know that the reality is that I am losing a baby.
So where am I at in the process today? I am still waiting. I have a terrible back-ache, I am cramping but as of right now I am still waiting for my body to complete this process it seems to have committed itself to.  There is light spotting of pinkish brown mucus. It  reminds me of when I would go into labor. The first stage was losing the mucus plug.   It was so exciting to see that process begin  because it meant the long wait to have a baby was finally going to be over.  It signaled that very soon, a baby would be placed into my arms.  It signaled that a process was starting.  It was a sign indicating that a process had begun in which the result would be my child leaving my body.
It means the same thing today but there is no joy in it for me.   There is only grief.  So I will walk into that.  I will grieve.

I Am Having A Miscarriage

This may be a bit of a difficult blog post to follow over the next few days but I'm finding that I need to use this blog to sort out my emotions during this inevitable miscarriage.
That's right, I'm going to lose my child. Before I know if he or she is a he or she I am faced with the reality that I will never hold this child in arms not will it suckle at my breasts.
Science has revealed the future to me and I have mixed emotions about knowing that sooner rather than later this pregnancy will be ending.
Last week I went to have blood drawn to check the HCG levels in my blood. This test detects a level of a specific hormone that a newly conceived child produces after it implants in the uterus.

This hormone is the same hormone that darkens the second line on a urine test indicating pregnancy. If that hormone decreases rather than increases, it indicates that miscarriage is inevitable.
I found out 4 days ago that my levels decreased, a lot. The exact words from my doctor were;
"Dear Christina
I am sorry to half to tell you but this is not a viable pregnancy. Your quants have dropped and we need to have you stop all progesterone. You should be able to miscarry on your own by simply stopping the progesterone. It can take A few weeks but with the low quants I do not suspect it will take long if you have not already noted bleeding.
Things to be concerned about are very brisk bleeding, increased abd pain, fever, fould smelling discharge for which you need an acute evaluation
We do need to follow the quants down to normal
I would recheck next week Monday
I will keep you in prayer during this time
Love and prayers
I have a great Doctor, but it's still hard to deal with, knowing I'm going to lose this baby.
I'm still waiting. The only sign of miscarriage this far is that just now, about 5 minutes ago I saw a tiny bit of pink and brown tinged colored mucus. Is this it? Is it beginning? Please Jesus, help me to bear this weight. It's so painful. I'm grieving the impending loss of Kolbe, the name I've given this child. If it was a boy, I wanted to name him "Maximillian Kolbe" if a girl, Claira Kolbe. So it seems fitting, to call my son or daughter by his or her name, Kolbe.
I wonder if you are already with Jesus or if you are still hanging on, waiting with me as the numbers drop low enough till finally you can no longer hold on. I love you Kolbe, your omit and Opi, your brother and two other siblings cannot wait to meet you. Until then, know how very much I will miss you.

Monday, March 17, 2014


I have just finished my first book.  Please consider ordering a copy, especially if you know someone who is struggling to heal from Sexual Abuse or Childhood Trauma's.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Pill Is Good For You; Like a Vitamin

“The Pill” is good for you? Perhaps if you want to become infertile.

Do the research.  I am not being biased by "religious" beliefs, I believe the science.  It is unfortunate that more women want to believe the lie then wonder why they cannot have children.  If they used this amazing internet to actually do the research rather than believe the places that are PAID to market the stuff they are putting into their bodies then we would not be where we are today, which is in an infertile mess.  

The pill is an artificial hormone.  It is a drug. It is a drug that is designed to make your body do something it was not supposed to be doing.  Usually we take "medicines" that help our bodies what they were designed to do, not the opposite.  If you make your body do something it was not designed to do there will be a repercussion, there will be a consequence.  This is the law of nature.

Am I the only one noticing that almost every teenager who begins to cycle is put on on birth control?  My daughter first pointed it out to me when she told me that all of her friends are taking birth control, even the ones that are not sexually active.  They are taking birth control almost like one would take a vitamin, as it is now being perceived as something that PROMOTES gynecological health.  Young people believe the pill is good for them. 

There are many reasons they believe that being on birth control is good for them.  They believe that it helps them to regulate their cycles; it regulates their hormones so they do not have mood swings.  They believe the pill helps them to have clear skin and will control acne breakouts.  They believe that being on the pill will enable them to avoid painful menstrual cramps.  They also believe that being on the pill will help them have lighter periods so they don’t have to deal with such long or heavy cycles. In fact, some of the birth control methods can cause a young woman to stop having periods entirely.

So if we understand this correctly, young women believe that the pill will regulate cycles, clear up their skin, help them be happier and will make their periods become almost non-existent.  Who doesn’t want that when they are 15?  Clear skin alone would have sold me.  I also had horrific cramps that made me miss school so getting rid of pain? I would have been all in. In fact I was.  I was sold that tripe when I was only 14 years old.  My dad was upset I missed school because of cramps and the doctor said the pill would help regulate my cycles so I was not so crampy. 

I believe this mentality of the pill being good for you has now bypassed just being something that can help you, like a medicine helps you but is now being promoted like a vitamin.  Vitamins are good for you.  They are necessary for us to be healthy.  Many of us do not get the daily vitamins we need so we take a man made vitamin to help promote health and well being.  We take vitamin c so we don’t get sick, calcium for strong bones etc.

Just like a vitamin, birth control is now being understood by the next generation of mothers to be as a “good thing” that every young woman should be taking.  It is no longer being seen as a medicine but as a vitamin that will help their reproductive organs develop the way they should, almost like our bodies have it wrong and this little pill helps our bodies to get it right.

We are facing an uphill battle where our arguments that the pill can cause breast cancer are falling on deaf ears. We are no longer talking to people who know that the pill is a drug that has side effects.  We are now talking to people who believe the pill is actually good for them.   To make matters worse, the young women who ARE having sex are not usually using the pill but are implanting their bodies with devices, which are also being promoted as being “good for them”.  One example is ParaGard and it is being promoted to every college student that walks into the health center on campuses across the country.  It is almost always FREE and is explained as a very small device that uses absolutely no hormones at all and can keep them pregnancy free for up to 12 years.  When they are ready to start a family they can have it removed and get pregnant the very next month!  (Planned Parenthood website).

What they are not telling young women about ParaGard is that they creating human life in their bodies when they have sex but because this device is in the way, they lose their babies.  They are having one miscarriage after another.  There are many young ladies that have the device attach to the uterine wall and cause infertility, in others it perforates the wall all together.  It is a little tau cross that the babies in the womb are being crucified upon and the women who put it there do not even realize they have become a mother.  Ultimately, they will never be able to hold a living baby as this device has such a high rate of infertility. One of the main reasons of infertility is from infection.  Having a device in the uterus that has strings hanging out allows infections to travel up the chords and cause scarring to the uterus.  Still don't believe me? Just check out the ever growing list of law suits against the manufacturers of these "good for you" devices.  LAWSUITS AGAINST IUD MANUFACTURORS

Women are offered free birth control like never before with the help of planned parenthood and ObamaCare.  As we continue to get "healthier" by quitting smoking, cutting out fat and exercising more the promotion of birth control like Paragard as a hormone free option gains more ground.


We better wake up and begin dealing with what is happening on college campuses around the country or the infertility phenomenon is going to increase.  I predict we are on the verge of a huge epidemic of infertility caused by these “all natural” and good for you birth control devices.  If I am right, this will open the door to Frankenstein’s laboratory where we will see the creation of human life through means of which we never could have possibly imagined.  It's coming folks, what are we going to do to stop it?