Sunday, May 29, 2011

Divine Providence Or Coincidence?

When I woke up today, I did not know I was going to hold a dying womans body in my arms. I did not know I would have to push through skin, muscle and fat tissue to tie a turnacut around her leg which was nearly severed from her body.

As usual, I had my day's wrong in my mind and thought I was heading to our parish picnic where I had signed up myself and two of my teen age daugthers for face painting. As I turned down Northland Avenue, an ambulance pulled into the intersection so I turned the radio off and my daughters and I prayed a Hail Mary for the person who was in need and that the driver would get there safe and soon, Amen. Little did I know that I would soon see another ambulance, this time to the scene of an accident I would be at.

As I drove, I continued to think and pray about who was in need and I contemplated upon the severity of the accident. When I turned down the street to my church, I noticed how sparce the cars were and decided to drive towards the back of the church, thinking it would make getting to the place we would be set up easier. As I passed the first driveway, my daugther, who was sitting in the back said;

"Go back mom, there is a woman who was hit by a car, she is pinned by a pole!"

My other daughter scoffed at her sibling saying;

"I don't think so, I am sure that is not what you saw".

Wondering what it was that she did see, I turned the car around and pulled into the main driveway. Sure enough, there was a woman under a car near a light pole and several people were standing around her. All of them seemed to be in a daze.

At first I thought, I don't want to be in the way, maybe I should not go over. But then I saw that other than a woman holding the victims hand and another holding her head, it did not appear anyone knew what to do.

My mothering and bossy nature came to the forefront and I immediately yelled out;

"Is there anyone here that has more training than me? I know CPR, I have had some first aid training?" As I looked around they all shook their heads and stared blankly, just as scared as I was we all could see the the blood forming a large pool around her. As it poured out of this little woman the pool began to grow larger and so I knew I had to do something and I had to do it fast.

I yelled for someone to call an ambulance and then I yelled for them to get Fr. Tom outside NOW! I kneeled down next to her and she was praying the Hail Mary, over and over in a whisper.  A friend of hers, Toni, was there praying a rosary out loud and I could hear the woman praying softly with her.  I too began to pray.

I now looked more closely at her injuries and saw that the bone had not only been broken and twisted completely around, but it had been pulled through the body and her entire upper thigh was ripped open. The tissues and bone were all exposed and the blood was spurting out all over. Out of no where, an image that I remembered from college popped into my mind. It was a black and white photo from a first-aid manual of a turnacut. I realized she needed a turnacut but was not sure how I would get it around this mutilated leg or even where I would get something to tie around her. I yelled for someone to get me material or a belt, I needed a turnacut.

Three people ripped off their belts and thrust them at me, I have never been so grateful to have someone hand me a belt in all of my life. I then realized I was going to have to pull through the muscle and fat tissues and lift them out of the way to find my way around the leg. After several failed attempts, I realized if I did not do this, she would bleed to death if she was not already at the verge of being left with little to no blood. I yelled for someone to go and get Father Tom.

"She needs a priest! Someone get Father!" I yelled out.  I saw him emerge from the church doors looking confused and then in horror and shock at what he was trying to understand what he was looking at. One of his parishioners, a woman who sought him out after every mass to kiss his hands and thank him for bringing her Jesus, was lying under a car, in a pool of blood. Not more than 5 minutes earlier, she had been smiling up at him.

"There's no time Father! She needs an anointing (I did not want to scare her or any family present by saying last rites, although I clearly felt she was going to die before the ambulance even arrived)you have to give her an anointing now!"

It was as if he immediately understood without me having to explain.  I saw on his face that he understood the gravity of the situation.  I knew in that moment, the most important thing I could do for her that day would be to bring a priest to her side and give her last rites so as to make her ready to meet Jesus.  His face turned white as a sheet and then, as if he was given an instruction internally, he turned on his heel and went back into the church. Oh no, I thought, he isn't coming.

"Where is he going?" I said outloud.

Someone I am not sure, perhaps Toni, who remained at Paz's side the entire time, said to me "He is going to get the Holy Oil". I must have been in shock, because I did not even think of that, even though that is why I called for him.

The next thing I know he was back with the holy oil and was praying over her and giving her the blessing of the church and absolving her of her sins. He must have ran the whole way because he was by my side faster than I had ever in my life seen someone move.

At this time, Paz had stopped praying and looked so very afraid. Her eyes where very wide and her mouth was open as she looked into my eyes. I quickly prayed for the strength to do what needed to be done and I felt an interior voice say...just focus on her. I lifted up the flesh and put my hands into her body and felt around to the other side and then quickly slid the belt along the route I had just determined I could get to as my fingers kept the skin back to give the belt passage. I secured it and then pulled with all of my might, knowing it would need to be tight, but so very afraid I would hurt her. I watched her face as I did this to see if there was any reaction of pain, but there was none, only confusion and fear. That is when I knew that the words I would speak to her would perhaps be the last she would hear on this earth. What would they be?

I leaned over to the woman and told her not to be afraid. I reminded her she just received the blessed sacrament. I told her she had been given last rites and that we were praying the Rosary with her. I saw her look at me and I told her that Mary will hold her in her arms and Jesus was with her. I told her she was in a state of grace, she was wearing her scapular and she was ready. I told her to trust in Jesus, to place herself in Marys arms over and over. I desired to give her peace and to take away any and all fear, but let her know to trust in God, trust in Him. Her eyes softened and it was as if all the fear and confusion melted away.

As soon as I said this, her breathing changed, first she stopped breathing, then she began to gasp and gulp. The paramedics arrived. I yelled to them and to the woman who was helping me telling them she stopped breathing. The woman helping me confirmed indeed, she was dying.

I saw the blood flow slow down, but I saw the spurts continue with a pulsing rhythm. A woman, an anesthesiologist was helping. She told me I had to apply pressure at the groin. The turnacut was not enough so I had to use my hands to grip her flesh directly to try and stop the bleeding. I reached in and held the skin and tissues with my hands as tight as I could. The spurts stopped.

When I realized all I could do was done and a paramedic stepped in and was working on her breathing, I let go of her leg and stepped back. Her blood covering my hands and arms, pooled in my shoe and on my knees from where I had been kneeling before her.

I slowly stepped away from her. It was hard, because I saw her go from praying and looking at me, to dying in front of me.

As I went into the parish bathroom and washed the blood off of my hands, I saw bits and pieces of her on me, I realized that I had the blood of a possible saint on me. She had come from Mass, she was a regular attendee and Eucharist Adoration visitor, she was wearing a scapular, had gone to confession (I found out later she attended Divine Mercy Sunday services and this is the remittance of all temporal consequence for sin) and she had been given last rites and anointing and so I may assume based on her faith and love of God, that she was with Jesus in Heaven as I washed her body from my hands. I prayed for her and thought, was this a loving mercy from God?

I have always prayed that when I die, I would be in a state of grace, I would have been to confession, would have just received communion, would have a priest there to give me last rites, that those around me would be praying a rosary or speaking to me about trust in God and to not be afraid and here she was given all of these things.

At 95 years of age, she lived a beautiful long life. I found out she also had all her faculties and was considered by many woman a beautiful and holy soul that inspired them to live their own faith. She had a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and shared this prayer with others. She had been an OB/GYN had a love for the unborn and here she laid, not more than 3 or 4 feet from the memmorial to the unborn. She was surrounded by flowers and people praying the rosary for her and with her.

I met a woman named Tony who told me these things and also how much she prayed and offered up suffering for her own son to come back to the sacraments. I offered my next mass for this and later, offered my communion at her funeral mass for him to be reunited to the church and the sacraments. I ended up singing the Ave Maria at her funeral. How fitting since it was the prayer we had said together as she approached the throne of God.

Was this all just a coincidence? Was it a coincidence that I got the day wrong and drove by just at the time this happened? Was it a coincidence my daughter saw it as I was about to just drive by?

Was it a coincidence that I heard her praying and yelled for the group to pray with her? Was it a coincidence that I had an image of a priest giving last rites flash into my mind so that I would have the presence of mind to think to call for a priest? Was it a coincidence that when he came out and heard me, he was able to subvert his natural inclination to run to the aid of an injured woman and instead of acting on it he ran into the church to obtain the holy oil in which to give her Extreme Unction? Was is a coincidence that her death occurred within minutes of the accident, minimizing suffering, but enough time to allow for a priest to come and for the sacrament to be given while she was still alive?

I think not. I think it was a gift. I think it was divine providence. How can a tragedy be a gift? Because her death, although it still haunts me, was the way I would want to die. For those of you who believe in heaven, then you realize what an amazing blessing it was that the hour of her death was 15 minutes of union with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, followed by 15 minutes of suffering, surrounded by people in prayer and a priest anointing her and comforting her. The prior 30 minutes was the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. For me, that would be a blessing. I pray her family sees it that way.

Eternal Rest Grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her and may she rest in peace, most sacred heart of Jesus, Have Mercy On Us.

Paz Guidote, 95, a native of the Philippines, came to the United States in 1964 where she built a career as an obstetrics and gynecology physician. She retired from her job in St. Paul, Minn., at age 78.

While she was in her 20s, Guidote served as a first lieutenant in the Philippine Army, as part of the Philippine resistance to the Japanese.

Paz Guidote in 2009 told The Post-Crescent she treated several American soldiers who escaped from the infamous Bataan Death March, which was the forcible transfer of 75,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war from the Bataan peninsula prison camps. In 2009, Paz Guidote talked of her family’s role in the war. Family members used a transmitter to send messages reporting Japanese army, navy and air force strength and troop movements to U.S. military bases in the Pacific Theater of Operations. A Japanese soldier came to their home and it provided a close call. Her sister, though, stepped to the piano and provided significant enough distraction to keep him from the bedroom the transmitter was located.

She, too, made note of her love of country.

“I’m proud that we survived and helped the Americans,” she said.

“People along the route would grab American prisoners and help them escape,” she said. “That was the first time I saw malaria.”

Friend Judy Gruber said Guidote had a zest for life that never diminished with age. Gruber took her to Mass five or six times a week. Sometimes Gruber would receive thanks for bringing her, but “it wasn’t thank you to me. I felt blessed to be in her life.”

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Vibrations

Studies have suggested, after scientists studied a group of Monks that practiced Gregorian Chant, that it's use can and does alleviate fatigue, depression and illness because of the herz ranges (around 8000) and vibration patterns of the sounds.


What would you think if I told you that Gregorian chants creates a harmonic vibration that has been proven in studies to eliminate fatigue, heal and cure disease and illness, extinguish depression and enable the person who sings Gregorian chant, to subsist on as little as 2 hours of sleep a day because it stimulates the part of the cerebral cortex through creating a separate vibration with our bones at a completely different vibration and hertz level that, when the cranium and skull vibrate at this frequency, acts like a magnifier as the bones of the head amplify the vibration affecting the brain at an even more magnified capacity.

I wonder if that is why we put bones of the martyrs under our churches or keep the bone fragments as relics, because when their bones are present before us and with us, and as we as a mystical body of Christ "sing" or chant this holy music that even at a scientific decibel level brings grace (this is the foundation of TOB) that their bones "sing" with us and the song vibrations that hum with us, could it be because God is free from space and time, is somehow allowing a supernatural grace to flow from their glorified bodies (if God is free from time and space to take the merits of the cross and apply it to create Mary Immaculate, then why could he not allow the bones in our presence of the Saints to emanate with a glorified song that we could mysteriously receive our own healing from as the vibrations frequency, creates it's song in our own bones?

It would make sense as to why we have so many people on anti=depressants and other medications, which I think is a tool of the enemy to numb us to the inspirations and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps God desires to "amplify" the healing power of the Eucharist but allowing music to be a conduit of healing grace that we receive bodily, in the form of the songs very essence which is not from the voice but the unique vibrations of Gregorian Chant, it is found in Handel's Messiah, the Ave Maria.... perhaps these unique vibrations are a gift for the soul that we receive somatically because of the sacramentality of the Body.

Can you tell the difference?? from Corpus Christi Watershed on Vimeo.

Then it would make sense why the enemy has had this all but removed and why we as a society are dying, diseased, depressed and fatigued. I would even go so far as to speculate that a deliberate infiltration of liturgical music has occurred in which the songs vibration patterns, frequency and harmonic structure is not only opposite of Gregorian Chant and Handel's Messiah and the Ave Maria, but it is more closely resembles that of noise when tested by computers. "Here I am Lord" composed by Dan Schutte, an ex-Jesuit Priest ordained and has left the priesthood and living in San Francisco.

Dan Schutte's song, His song, "Here I am Lord" vibrates on a harmonic or wave length levels almost identical to noise.

When sang, the vibrations of the chant, create a separate vibration at it's own herz level (around 2000) that emanate from the bones. It is as if the bones "sing" say the scientists and this "song" is measurable. More specifically the cranium, or skull and jaw bone, resonate at this herz level. The eardrum and stapes vibrate from this unique vibration and stimulate a very precise center of the cerebral cortex of the brain. The monks that were studied were able to subsist on less than 4 hours of sleep, some less than 2 hours of sleep a day, were healed of illness and experienced an overall sense of well being. When scientist studied these same monks who, due to an edict halting the practice of Gregorian Chant, were studied after they discontinued the singing of Gregorian chant, they became ill, depressed and fatigued to the point that many were unable to function or complete their duties or rigorous schedules. Once this was made known, they were given permission to once again sing Gregorian Chant and the monks suffering from illness and depression were healed. Here is more on this amazing discovery.

Alfred Tomatis is a French physician and specialist in otolaryngology, who has been working with understanding the function of the human ear and the importance of listening for forty-five years. In this connection we will look at his discoveries of sound, which ”charge” the listener. Tomatis found that sounds that contain high frequency harmonics, such as those found in Gregorian chants, are extremely beneficial. It is these high frequencies around 8000 Hz, which are capable of ”charging” the central nervous system and the cortex of the brain. In many of the sacred chants of the different tradition, the main out put of high frequency harmonics are dominant, which offer stimulation to the brain.

Tomatis himself discovered this when he was called to help a Benedictine monastery, where the monks were suffering of fatigued and depression. He found out, that they usually six to eight hours of chanting - due to a new decree - has been ceased, and within a short period of time the monks was unable to perform their many duties. When Tomatis re-established their daily chanting, the monks were soon able to continue their rigorous schedule of work and prayers.
Here is Theology of The Body in practice; When we listen to Gregorian Chants, our bodies experience a supernatural phenomenon that affects our well being.

For Tomatis, a major aspect of the therapeutic affects of vocal harmonics lies in the conduction of the bones, which are stimulated by resonance of around 2000 Hz. He says:

”The sound produced is not in the mouth, not in the body, but, in fact, in the bones. It is all the bones in the body which are singing and it is like a vibrator exciting the walls of the church, which also sing.”

Bone conduction’s actually amplifies the sound through resonance of the cranium and the skull. According to Tomatis, bone conduction stimulates the stapes muscle of the ear, which he believes is the key to stimulating and charging the brain. Tomatis himself manages with a small amount of sleep, less than four hours a night. He attributes this to his listening to sound, which are rich in high harmonics.

Tomatis has described a phenomenon, which has been called ”The Tomatis Effect”, that states that the voice can only create and duplicate those sounds, which the ear is able to hear. This means that until you are able to hear various overtones, you will not be able to create them in your voice.

Listening is undoubtedly a key, not only in obtaining the ability of creating vocal harmonies and improvement of the voice, but of understanding aspects of other levels of consciousness. In the Hindu tradition there is a great awareness of listening as a tool for enhanced consciousness. The art of listening to the outer and inner sound.

Perhaps the architecture and the acoustics of a church DO matter. Perhaps the way we sing and what we sing DOES influence how we pray, how we believe and even our health. Maybe so many people today are on medications for depression and illnesses and experience a physical and mental fatigue because the very healing gifts of the mass are being removed or altered in such a way as to prevent the body from being able to participate in the gifts God clearly desires to be experienced in and through the body. We are body and soul and God designed it this way therefor it makes sense that the designer would have a reason for giving us the senses and a reason the mass is designed to be experienced through them. So why is it we are not singing Gregorian Chants? I don't know the answer to that, but clearly the same organization that decided to provide all of the parishes around the world with new hymnals with new music, are making millions of dollars as each Diocese keeps buying their products.

PLEASE READ "New Mass Same Heretical Music" to see WHY this is significant!


Notice how simply and beautiful the patterns are. It appears like a ladder, one in which our souls can climb to ascend to God as our souls receive the outpouring of Grace when we receive communion.

This one too has an equal amount of space with sound and silence that aspires us upward to the spiritual plane.

Then there is the new Comtemporary music that must of us all sing at mass. Please notice how the following structure is more noise than silence.

HERE I AM LORD by Dan Schutte Vibration and Frequency Patterns:


Noise takes up all of the space with it's darkness. Darkness is actually measured scientifically by the absence of light. I have heard Dr. Waldstein say that there is no such thing as hate, only the absence of love. So we see that the more absence of silence within a song, the more darkness that it provides. Perhaps this darkness is a blocking agent of the enemy. Theresa Tomeo has a whole book on Noise. I think that noise is an agent of the enemy and blocks us from being able to receive all God desires to give us.


What is the Taize Community and why are we singing their music at Mass?

How does a protestant layman start a spiritual community that does not adhere to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church not only receive communion from the Pope, but upon his murder get a mass from a Cardinal?

Just wait, it gets worse, this "Taize Spirituality" has spread so far and wide that it dominates all of Europe as one of the most common forms of worship and now they are starting on the United States.

How did this all begin? We need to go back to pre-Vatican II. The Jesuit priest Fr. Joseph Gelineau, was responsible for leading the way toward liturgical changes to take place post Vatican II. Not only did he succeed in bringing this about he is responsible for writing and composing music for the "Taize Community" in which Protestant and Catholics come together and "celebrate communal sharing" of beliefs in Europe, which is considered the most embraced way to worship in Europe.

According to Wikipedia (which I have confirmed using other source material) The Taizé Community is an ecumenical monastic order in Taizé, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy, France. It is composed of about 100 brothers who come from Protestant and Catholic traditions. The brothers come from about 30 countries across the world. The monastic order has a strong devotion to peace and justice through prayer and meditation. It was founded in 1940 by Brother Roger Schutz, a Protestant.

The Taize Community is a group of men and women who have separated themselves form the true teachings of the Catholic Church and practice a "religion" developed by Brother Roger, who was stabbed to death during one of their ceremonies by a "crazy" member of their community. I find it particularly interesting they like to place the cross on the floor. That way people can come up and put there head on it. Also noteworthy is that Mary is dressed in black and often in occult symbolism the female false goddess that subverts the role and position of Mary, is ALWAYS wearing black. The angel that bears light above this feeble and forlorn image of Jesus on the Cross, is also suspect and makes me wonder if this is who they are really offering their "festival" for. For whose name means light bearer?

The reforms that Fr. Joseph Gelineau helped to pioneer as well as his music have not only paved the way for the introduction and implementation of the contemporary music in our liturgies today but we are now being sold this bill of goods by OCP and GIA Publishing, which distributes the hymnals that we use for mass. However, Taize worshipers do not have to be Catholic, nor even Christian for that matter. People of many faiths gather together to take part of worship in the Taize tradition worldwide. This is the distinctive about Taize as well, geared to the youth, ecumenical and toward Unity and Peace for all.

These organizations are heavily promoting the use of the Taize Communities worship music for Catholic Liturgies on their website as an answer to ways to implement chants back into the mass. Someone forgot to clarify we want sound orthodox chants not music composed for a cult that has blatantly disrespected Rome and the entire teachings of the Catholic Faith. To understand this better we need to take a closer look at what we are singing and where it has originated from.

"Today, the Taizé Community is made up of over a hundred brothers, Catholics and from various Protestant backgrounds, coming from around thirty nations. By its very existence, the community is a “parable of community” that wants its life to be a sign of reconciliation between divided Christians and between separated peoples."

"In living a common life, have we any other end than to unify men committed to following Christ into a living sign of the unity of the Church?" Above all else this visible sign is possibly what attracts so many thousands of people to Taize each year. Implicit in the "parable" is that, yes indeed, humankind can live together in peace and harmony despite their cultural, political and religious differences. The differences are not to be ignored and pushed underneath the carpet, but are to be transcended by brotherly love in Christ who is the source of all unity. Brother Roger often talks about the need within the modem world for 'images' rather than ideals. The Community of Taize seeks to offer us all more than an ideology; their life is to be a tangible image, steeped in the realities of life in the real world.

I am wondering what kind of "differences" they are referring to? Homosexuality? Beliefs that include the occult or pagan rituals? We begin to see more of this language in the "Rule of Taize".

While the style of life is monastic, there is a strong emphasis on being present to the age in which they live and to adapting themselves to the conditions of the present. In the foreword to the rule Roger quotes: "Father I pray you, not to take them out of the world, but to keep them from evil." The brothers are to be men of the present, aware of the social political and cultural realities around them. Their vocation is to respond to these realities by the way they five their lives, by the prayer of "fervent intercession" and praise, and by offering welcome to all, regardless of their "religious or ideological point of view."

Each day the Prior and community at Taize invite and welcome visitors to participate in their common prayer. Roger encourages simplicity in the Rule concerning prayer and warns of the danger of multiplying signs and symbols which only lead to confusion. While Roger teaches his brothers in the Rule to "keep inner silence always, and you will dwell in Christ, even stating that inner silence is a prerequisite for prayer what does the say we should find in this silence? We should be searching for SELF-discovery. "The risen Christ dwells in us and beckons us on in the journey toward self-discovery and new life. "

The climax of the liturgical week is undoubtedly the Service of Light which takes place on Saturday nights. This is not unlike our own liturgy for Holy Saturday night. All present are given candles as a symbol of the presence of the risen Lord. There is hope for humankind; there exists the real possibility for change, and there is, in the words of Brother Roger, "a life we never dared hope for."

Visitors to Taize, through prayer and fellowship with people from different cultures and traditions are encouraged to make choices after concrete reflection on their own life situations. Choices must be real, and once they are made they must be possible to carry through. The Holy Spirit will bring to completion the good work we have begun in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Here is where we we that the TAIZE Community is NOT Catholic;

Over the ten or so years during which I have been visiting the Taize community I have observed that the spirituality of the community has come very close to the Roman Catholic position. The Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated each Sunday as an integral part of the week's liturgy for the community. Marian feasts are celebrated with great solemnity, and the Blessed Sacrament is preserved in the main chapel in the Church of Reconciliation. Furthermore, some of the community have become Roman Catholics and of those, some have been ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood. Will this tendency continue and if it does what effect will it have on the future of the community? It is difficult to speculate, but one hopes that the original ecumenical inspiration of the community will not be put in danger.

From a Protestant background, Brother Roger undertook a step that was without precedent since the Reformation: entering progressively into a full communion with the faith of the Catholic Church without a “conversion” that would imply a break with his origins. In 1980, during a European Meeting in Rome, he said in Saint Peter's Basilica in the presence of Pope John Paul II “I have found my own identity as a Christian by reconciling within myself the faith of my origins with the mystery of the Catholic faith, without breaking fellowship with anyone.” So it seems he was NOT Catholic and declared this openly. It is a great and dangerous lie to say that a protestant could be in full communion with the faith of the Catholic church without a conversion or a separation from ones protestant beliefs. It is interesting that Roger wrote into the rule that every person has a choice they must make and that each choice made must be carried through, yet clearly this man does not practice what he preached for if he chose to be Catholic, he would have had to choose to leave his protestant beliefs behind.

According to Wikipedia;

He took the Catholic sacrament of the Eucharist every morning at the Catholic Mass in Taizé ( I am not sure who is "ordained priests" were and who ordained them as such so to say he received the Eucharist may not be a valid or truthful statement) and he received the sacrament from both the current and former Pope, seemingly in contravention of canonical prohibitions on administering the sacrament to those not in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. According to Cardinal Walter Kasper this was accomplished as though there was a tacit understanding between Brother Roger and the Catholic Church "crossing certain confessional" and canonical barriers through what brother Roger called a gradual enrichment of his faith with the foundations of the Catholic Church including "the ministry of unity exercised by the bishop of Rome."

That last statement is so disturbing I am not sure how to respond. First of all, it is not clear if the Pope even realized or the priests distributing communion knew they were giving a protestant communion so without understanding the circumstances it is my opinion that the above statement is in error. The fact that Cardinal Walter Kasper not only seemed to condone such an act, in contradiction to church teaching as well as presided over this mans funeral of a Catholic mass with some of the Taize priests begs the question of his motivations and his own faithfulness to Rome. We all know Cardinal Wuerl was asked to deny communion to pro-abortion politicians by Pope Benedict XVI as well as a public comment by Cardinal Burke, yet Cardinal Wuerl publicly refused to do so, coming out AGAINST Rome in this matter. For most of us, our first encounter with Taize was through its music, an essential part of the worship there.

More here;

It is my belief that the Taize Spirituality is extremely dangerous to the Catholic Church as it seeks to place all faiths on the same level, making the Catholic Faith no different than any other. This denies the Eucharist as the source and summit of all faith. The fact that they say they have a mass at all, that they keep the Eucharist at the Taize Church of Reconcilliation, does not mean Jesus is present, it may be a loaf of bread, it may be a host but if it is not consecrated by a validly ordained priest, then it is not the Eucharist.

Clearly when one reads through the "Rule of Taize" this is a religion, brilliantly organized to look like a duck and to quack like a duck but it is a serpent in disguise. Notice that the sentiments are all "accepting", seeking out "justice", that the goals are to sell the world on a counterfeit religion. We all know who brings lies and confusion to the world right? The Devil. Interesting how this religion calls their services "Festival of Light" since the enemies name since Lucifer refers to "light bearer".

Do not be deceived. Taize Spirituality is a fraud and just as Fr. Marcial Maciel fooled not only the world but even Blessed Pope John Paul II that what he was doing was good, we know now that the Holy Father was greatly deceived. We are told in the Revelations to be careful for there will be those who come and are not of God but are of the devil that come with a message of peace and love, but are a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Scooby Doo and Cartoon Network Promote Wicca

Well, it seems even the lovable Scooby Doo is now being used to indoctrinate our children into Wicca, both a pagan worship of earth as well as an entrance into the use of dark magic.

I am currently watching a cartoon on The Cartoon Network. It is a Scooby Doo Cartoon. You remember Scooby Doo right? The Mystery Van, Shaggy, Scooby snacks and fighting crime by solving mysteries? Not this though as this episode is promoting witchcraft and earth worship. What?
"Come on!" you say.
"Christina, you just read into everything! Now it's cartoons!"

But, nope, not this time. I am not reading into this. This time, the language is as clear as you can get.

The mystery being solved in the episode entitled "Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost". According to Wikipedia, in this episode, Thorn (The leader of "Hex Girls" the leader of the all girls band) and Dusk and Luna (the other members of the band) are first seen as suspects of the mystery that is going on in their hometown, Oakhaven. After seeing them perform, the gang decides to follow them and see if they have anything to do with the mystery they are trying to unveil. Fred and Daphne even suspect that they are real witches, after seeing Thorn performing a strange ritual. Later, it is revealed that what they saw was just a trick that Thorn had come up to sooth their vocals, and they even explain that they are actually Wiccans.

Wiccans are explained earlier in the episode by "Ben" (voice of Tim Curry)a writer of mysteries featured as a special guest in this episode. He begins by explaining that the portrait above his fireplace is of Sarah Ravencroft, and was painted for by a grateful "patient".

He goes on to say;
"Sarah was not very popular amongst the towns doctors, Sarah was untraditional in her "approach" to medicine. She was a Wiccan" the man explains.

"Say What?" Freddy asks curiously.

"I've read about them, Wiccan's were people in tune with the forces of nature and used them for healing purposes." says Velma.

"Exactly!" confirms Ben Ravencroft a descendant from known witches.
"She believed in using herbs and other natural elements to draw on the "Earths powers" to heal the sick. Sarah helped many people who could not afford medical treatment. She treated her patients under a large oak tree, which she believed to have healing "powers".

Wiccan's have been misunderstood, accused of sorcery, in fact the word "Witch" comes from Wicca." Thelma finishes.

What we learn later is that those who have "Wiccan blood" have magical powers. This is demonic and evil indoctrination of youth. To give the power to the "bloodline" of Wiccans is to put the dark powers and one's one self above God. It may be true that those who consecrate their bloodline to the evil one are given dark powers but make no mistake about it these are dark gifts.

Later, the girls are revealed as just wiccan's who use herbs but are not "real witches". Whew...that was a close one.

Ben Ravencroft then uses dark magic and we hear him talk of ancient powers to summon the entity he calls "Sarah Ravencroft" when she stands before him, he begs for more power saying she owes it to him for conjuring her. He wants to rule the world and she turns on him. She appears all powerful as she concurs the evil sorcerer and threatens to take over the world. The Witch laughs at him saying only a "virtuous wiccan" can retrap her in the spell book.

Wow, subtle how they just turned Wiccans into virtuous AND more powerful than even a warlock and Witch but still convince us there is they don't practice witchcraft, yet Thorn is the one who casts a spell to defeat them.

In the end, the Hex Girls perform for the town to raise money to pay for the damage caused by the diabolical battle that everyone has just forgot about. In the film they sing two songs called "I'm A Hex Girl" (written by Bodie Chandler and Glenn Leopold) and "Earth, Wind, Fire And Air". Here are some of the words;

"I am a hex girl and I am going to cast a spell on you, you will feel a fog as I cloud your mind, you will feel dizzy when I make the sign, with this little cobweb potion you will fall into dark devotion."

"To love the earth is our desire. Love the earth its only fair, its one big earth we must share, love our earth with all our fire, its in our souls, its our desire. We may look bad but we dont care. Nature is a precious gift it will make your spirits lift. We ride the wind, we feel the fire."

Well, that sounds like the demons talking to me. They definitely feel the fire and I am pretty much sure they ride the winds prowling about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

The father's final dialogue with his daugther Thorn says it all.

"You did it! I guess you are a witch after all!" he exclaims while he embraces her proudly smiling (what kids would not want that reception from their father?).

Her response to this truth is another lie perpetrated against our youth.

"A Wiccan Dad! A Wiccan!" she says as if to correct him.

Make no mistake about it parents. This episode, although they seem to conquer evil, perpetrate an evil greater evil, they make it seems as if Wiccans are not practicing witchcraft. However, the truth is that the message given is that clearly, they do!

This is how it is done parents. Retrain the brain while it is 4, 5 or 6 years old to think that Witch comes from the word Wicca but Wiccan's don't practice witchcraft.

You be the judge. Is there anything here that I have written that sounds like it is painting the practice of Wicca in a positive or at least a benign practice? I would say absolutely. As parents, it has become apparently clear to me that we MUST be monitoring what our kids are watching. This month, Pope Benedict XVI's intentions are truth in media. Well, it is us to us to spread the truth. This is one thing I hope helps to promote that intention. If you know someone who has kids who watch Cartoon Network, please let them know that just because it is a "kids show" does not mean they are off limits to the agenda of the enemy. Clearly, nothing is off limits.

Here is where it really gets scary. More and more kids are beginning to get involved in Wicca and Witchcraft or the practice of dark arts. Harry Potter is partially responsible for making this attractive.

But now, some of these kids are killing themselves and Christians are being blamed for it. There is actually organizations that are now set up to help infiltrate the schools with literature to help stop the "persecution and bullying" of Christians who pray for, say prayers to or for someone who practices in the occult.

The Tempest Smith Foundation was established after a 12 year old girl named Tempest, who practiced wiccan beliefs along with her mother, killed herself after being "bombarded" by Christian hymns sung to her by classmates. While I absolutely do not condone the bullying of a child in any way shape or form, it is a down right tragedy to have organizations being able to encorporate their pagan or demonic beliefs and literature into our schools while prayer or the word "God" is forbidden.

Be aware, be active and KNOW what is happening. There is an indoctrination and an agenda here and we must do all we can to keep the faith.

Please say the following prayer for Tempest, because if her mother is a witch, I am guessing there is no one praying for her soul and as a mystical body of Christ, we can participate in the redemption of man with our prayers and sacrifice. For those of you who have lost a child, for those of you who could not have children, prayerfully consider spiritually adopting a child in danger of being lost to the occult and say a prayer for them or include them in your daily prayers. This is a beautiful gift we can give to Our Lord and I for one will begin to do the same now that I am aware of what is going on.

Eternal Rest Grant unto Tempest Smith Oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her and may she rest in peace". Amen

Friday, May 13, 2011

Oprah's Doc Club's documentary "Becoming Chaz"

Last night I watched a documentary on Opera's new network cable channel on Chastity Bono. Oprah says she wants to do for documentries what she did for her book club and so we have "Oprah's Doc Club". Becoming Chaz is the title of the documentary of Chastity Bono's so called journey from woman to man and is referred to as her "transformation". For those of you who were not aware of who Chastity Bono is, she is the daugther of Cher and Sonny Bono.

For some time Chastity has been living the lesbian "lifestyle" choice although she has said that she has desired to be a man since she was a child. The term that she uses to define herself is "transgendered" and claims it is the reason she has such a hatred for her feminine body. Chaz, as she now calls herself, believes she is acutally a man trapped in womans body and her body, as a woman, speaks a lie about who and what she should have always been.

"Now my outside matches my inside" she says.

According to Wikipedia the definition of transgendered, although in flux, is as follows;

Transgender is the state of one's "gender identity" (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) not matching one's "assigned sex" (identification by others as male, female or intersex based on physical/genetic sex).[1] "Transgender" does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation; transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, or asexual; some may consider conventional sexual orientation labels inadequate or inapplicable to them.

You may remember a few years ago there was a misleading article in People Magazine saying that a man was pregnant? Well, actually, a woman had her breasts removed and underwent testosterone therapy, had herself impregnated and so in fact, was a woman that was pregnant. What the press desired to do was accomplished however, which was to help establish a society where our kids walking down the street will have to ask their mom and dad "Is that a woman or a man" when they see people in the street. Even worse, we now have organizations set up to allow kids to "choose" their gender.

According to Chaz, she now "counsels" kids who believe they are transgendered. In the documentary there is a girl who wants to be a boy and is at one point in the hot tub with Chaz, both of them with their tops off talking about how sucessful Chaz's facial hair is coming in. The documentry also interviews some of the parents who are allowing their kids to pick their sex (Hey wanna be a boy or a girl?) and as an audience we hear their pain as they talk about how grateful they are to have realized just in time that their kids do not have a problem, they have the problem. The counselors have revealed to the parents that their kids are just fine, the problem is that the parents are in need of therapy so as to help their kids embrace the truth. What is the truth? You tell me. It seemed to me the truth is that children even as young as 3 years old can choose to be whatever sex they want and their parents can then enroll them into schools with other kids who have chosen to be something other than what they have been created as so as to help "normalize" their choice.

So how exactly do they "help" these kids? Well, according to Chaz, they this organizations helps kids to never have to go through puberty. Rather, they will take hormone blockers and inhibitors that prevent their bodies from going through puberty at about age 10. Then, when they hit about 16 they will be given hormones to help them go through the puberty they were "meant" to. Some of the parents were inteviewed on the documentary and said that they were told by therapists that they have a problem, not their kids and so they are the ones in therapy. These organizations are working to establish legislation ensuring the rights of all children to be able to "choose" their gender.

Why would a child reject their gender? Well if we look at natural law it seems plausible that due to environmental factors such as toxins like BPA's which were found in plastics, we see that man made chemicals can and do cause the emasculation of young boys. We know from scientific studies that the BPA's cause the forming male fetus to have undescended testicals, smaller penus and feminine attributes because the chemical acts like estrogen in the body. We also live in a world where artifical hormones are present in milk, meat and crops where the manure from farm animals treated with these toxins, is spread on the ground.

Then we have genetically modified crops which has been demonstrated to cause infertility in mice. Just read the following proof;

New study confirms that GM food damages fertility
GM Free Cymru, 12 November 2008

In a new Austrian study that will send shock waves through the corridors of power in the EU, and through the offices of the GM corporations, it has been discovered that GM corn has a damaging effect upon the reproductive system (1).

Then there is the company that George Soros has just purchased thousands of shares of, Monsanto. Why would "spooky dude" as Glenn Beck affectionately calls him, purchase a whole bunch of this? Probably because he realizes how powerful the food industry is as well as companies that supply seed to farmers. If you have not watched the DVD here is the trailer;

on how companies like Monsanto have destroyed farming in the country as we know it by finding a way to put a "patent" on seeds, preventing farmers from keeping seeds from one year to the next, forcing them to buy every year, then please, please watch the above trailer. We truly are dealing with companies like this changing the world and how we eat and how we live.

The Monsanto maize line MON863 has already been shown -- in the company's own experiments designed to mask health effects -- to damage the internal organs of animals in feeding trials (7). This new evidence, from an EU government-sponsored study, shows that the standard mantra that "GM does not damage health" is shown to be a lie. GM food and feed DOES damage health in a number of ways, as this and other reliable studies have shown over the past decade, beginning with Arpad Pusztai in 1998 (8).
So if we are aware that we are being effected by toxins on a physical level, then could it be possible that our sexuality, being created male or female, might also be effected. Perhaps people that think they are "Born this Way" to quote Lady Gaga, are born that way but not because God ordained it so but because man has broken the law, natural law and when you break the law, there are consequences.

My prayers for all of us is that we are healed of the wounds that cause so many to reject their bodies. We have been made male or female for a reason and to our very core we are one or the other. To mutilate the body does not change the fact that to our very core DNA we are what we have been created to be. "Rejection and rising above rejection is all about identity and what you base your identity upon. The key to overcoming rejection, is to solve the identity problems."

I pray that Chastity begins to ask herself why she does not have any childhood memories. To ask herself if the fact that her father wanted a boy and dressed her as a boy in outfits that matches his own, did not perhaps positively reinforce the desire to be male. To ask if her father was a source of further wounds and if not, then why do you and your family refer to him as "a very weird human being".
To ask why it is that her Aunts remember her being very happy as a girl in fact referring her to having been a "girly girl". To ask if the fact that her mother seems to be devoid of emotion or any affection for her might have caused the internal longing for love from a woman. To ask if her feelings growing up that she said were of feeling invisible living with "famous parents" who "sucked up all the energy" did not have something to do with desiring to find a way to be "seen".

To ask herself if growing up in the shadow of a mother who was seen as one of the most beautiful women, who flaunted her sexuality on screen and on stage, did not intimidate her causing her to run from femininity. To ask herself if her mothers friend, old enough to be her mother who lurred into a lesbian relationship at a young age did not effect her by filling the hole for the love a mother figure but through a counterfeit means. All of these things surely caused deep wounds within this poor woman and as I watched Cher's interview it felt like I was watching a robot. Clearly she has the inability to connect or show any motherly affection or care for her daugther.

Let us all pray that as a society we find a way to embrace the greatness within us as being made in the image and likeness of God before we wake up and walk down the street having to ask people what they are because the way we are going now, we will no longer be able to tell if someone is male or female. It will be like the SNL show For what it is worth, I truly believe that Chastity is loved by God and He desires for her to enter into His merciful heart. One thing that might surprise her? At the resurrection, she will have her female body restored to it's original state. She is a woman and the one thing her mother has done that impresses me, is that she continues to refer to her daughter as "her" and not "him" as everyone else has done. We must be careful not to fall into the same trap. Just because she looks like a man, does not make her a man.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, heal our wounds. Divine Mercy of Christ, heal our wounds. Blessed Pope John Paul II heal our wounds.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slut Walks and Slut Pride

Should women be able to wear (or not wear) whatever they want? Are we really islands unto ourselves or do our actions effect others?

Natural law says that we are not islands, but that for every action is a re-action. In the book "Why Gender Matters" Dr. Leonard Sax discusses those biological differences and if the imperical data proves that men react to visual stimuli differently than women do, then we as women would be forced to accept the truth that we CAN NOT wear whatever we want, or walk half naked down the street for that matter, and not expect that men would be aroused. Now, I am not saying that gives a man the right to rape a woman, which is what the "Slut Walks" or "Taking Back The Night" walks being organized around the world are protesting but rather what I am saying is that women must accept the fact that they can not dress like an object for decoration or use and then protest being objectified. Women can not dress like an object and then be suprised when a man desires to use her as an object.

We cannot accept statements like "There is increasing evidence to suggest that the brain is a sexual organ, that brain sex (ie.the sex of the brain) is paramount in determining human gender identity" by Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Gaya Aranoff at Columbia University, but then say that a man's mind should not be affected sexually when he observes the breasts and naked or half naked flesh of the feminine form.

On a biological level, men and women are different hormonally but also different in the way the brain utilizes the senses for information. One example of built-in gender differences is in hearing. Barbara Cone-Wesson, Glendy Ramirez and Yvaonne Sininger have done careful studies of the hearing of new born babies. An acoustic brain response occurs in any baby or child that hears a sound. After testing over sixty newborn girls and boys they discovered for every 1,500 Hz tone played 80% of the female subjects had a greater response than the male subjects. This tone Hz is significant because it is the range of sound that is critical for understanding speech.

This study was confirmed by Louisiana State University Professor Jane Cassidy using transient evoked otoacoustic emissions. She concluded that the male and female difference only gets larger the older they get. This built-in gender difference has a real consequence with speech and is also why females respond overwhelmingly better to music therapies than men as well as language development. (So mom, if your son is not talking as early as your girl babies did, don't be alarmed, it may be a gender difference!). However, this may be why some women feel men are "yelling" when they think they are not. So now we see that a man's difference in hearing can have implications on how a woman will react or respond to him. Contrarily, girls may hear better, but this also causes girls to be very distractible in a classroom setting.

Visually, men and women differ as well and this is the area in which particularly concern me when discussing whether or not a woman wearing little to nothing as she walks down the street is free from all culpability for her "choice" to not wear clothing that covers her breasts and other decidedly feminine attributes. University of Cambridge researchers did studies on why women seem to interpret facial expressions better than most men. They did a study in which newborn male and female babies were given a choice to look at either a dangling mobile or a young women's face. The boys looked at the mobile and the girls looked at the woman's face. The results suggested girls are born prewired to be interested in faces while men were more interested in moving objects. The reasons were linked to the anatomy of the eye. Not only are the rods and cones of the eye, in fact the entire retina all the way to the cerebal cortex is different in men and women. Scientists have even found that the human retina is full of receptors for sex hormones.

Emotions, both positive and negative are processed differently in men and women. There is evidence showing that if a man has a positive emotion while observing something, he is going to keep looking. Men are more easily aroused by looking at a woman's body whereas a woman responds more through smell. Dr. Janet Smith has written extensively how a woman can smell a man's pheromones and be attracted to the smell of the man she is most biologically compatible with. A study was done in which men were asked to wear a t-shirt to bed. The following day a group of women were asked to smell the shirts and mark which shirts smelled "good" to them. What was discovered was that women could "smell" their biological match. Meaning, that women would pick a man who, on a biological level, would be most compatible with their biological make-up meaning that the men they chose would have been conducive to conceiving a child with them.

This has been documented and studied and also discovered that when she is contracepting, or using artificial birth control, her smell is altered and she is not able to pick the correct match to her specific biological make up. Men, while also demonstrating a keep ability to be attracted to smell and pheromones of a woman (Couple to Couple League had a great article on how when step-fathers are involved, the ovulating women in the house will no longer have periods at the same time, but will cycle alternately almost in competition for the male). So it seems men are very acutely aware when a woman is fertile and can respond biologically by being aroused just by smell. As Christians we know that sin only occurs when we act upon being aroused and not in the arousal itself so once more, I am not giving permission for me to ACT on their desires or impulses rather I am demonstrating that men CAN AND DO have reactions to women's bodies. These women who want to believe that the fault lies only in the perpetrator are denying biology and that means they DO need to be aware of how they dress so as not to arouse a man visually.

Another horrible thing about these "Slut Walks" is that they took something good, a walk for women to raise money and awareness about violence done to women, and turned it into a walk for the right to call themselves sluts, to dress as sexual objects making their cause about the right to dress without dignity. In calling themselves sluts, they further destroy their dignity by using a derogatory term used to impune a woman's character. Why would a woman choose to do this to herself and as a woman myself, who has experienced sexual violence, I find their actions deplorable. I am offended by their display of the womans body in fishnet stockings, black leather or other clothing that depict the womans body as a mere decoration for lust or a plaything. The message they accomplished in sending the world was that they had no respect for the beauty of a womans body as well as their belief that no one else should either.

As for their choice of terminology referring to themselves as "sluts" and wearing shirts with the word "Slut" on them, I wonder why these woman, who claim to be for womens rights, would voluntarily refer to themselves with a name that men use to justify their actions when they force themselves sexually onto a woman. All the progress they believe they were making by doing these walks are imediately nullified by their own actions of refering to themselves in this way as well as dressing the part.

I would never call someone, least of all myself, a name so foul and lacking in dignity. As women, why are we calling each other or ourselves such degrading things? Women are a gift from God. It is a privilege to be a woman. We are so precious that we have the finger of God touch us not just at the time our soul is infused into our bodies, but those of us who are biological mothers have the touch of God each time a child comes into being within our womb. The word slut is degrading.

On Fox News there was a discussion between two women in regard to the these Slut Walks and I was dismayed when one of them tried to argue that there is nothing a woman could wear or change about how she dressed that would protect herself from becoming a target of rape. What a horrific lie! While I agreed with her that a man who is capable of rape is the issue and a woman must know the signs and be aware of her surroundings, we cannot deny the fact that if a woman is walking alone down a sidewalk wearing a push up bra with cleavage hanging out, tight short skirt with a thong hanging out, her belly button showing with fishnet stockings, she may be more of a target than a woman wearing a skirt that went to the knee, covered her breasts and her stomach.

It is true that the man who rapes is at fault, the woman dressing provacatively would have become an "occasion of sin" which means she was not respecting her own dignity, much less acknowledging the dignity of a man being made a sensual creature that is visably stimulated. By pretending that a man is not a visual creature or that a woman has curves to her body that makes her different than men, she then has rejected natural law, she has rejected truth and therby become part of the equation that can set up a circumstance to become violent. If you dangle a piece of steak in front of a hungry dog, it may bite it right out of your hand. Does that mean the dog is a good dog and has done nothing wrong? Certainly not! But would the person who dangled the meat be free from any fault or wrong doing? Certainly not and that is my point.

We must embrace our biological differences, for they are part of the unique gift of person given to us by God. We must not only embrace the differences, but learn to understand them so that we can love others through our gender. When we do this, we are better able to draw others into loving us more fully, more freely, more faithfully and more fruitfully.