Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spiritual Leprosy; The silent killer of 21st Century

The disease of leprosy has been a re-occurring theme in the Magnificat readings the last couple of months. As I have read through them, I have begun to go deeper into the significance of the disease of leprosy, contemplating it through the lens of Theology of The Body.

What I mean by this is each person is a union of body and soul. We are not spiritual beings, we are human beings (angels are spiritual beings). While death can separate the two, it was never supposed to be that way, and we are destined to be united to our glorified bodies after our deaths. We were created , body and soul. There is no escaping this profound truth, not even by death.

Yet many of us hate our bodies. Some of us believe it is the very thing impeding our ability to grow in holiness. In a world consumed with the outward visible sign of the person (our body), the invisible (our soul) has lost it's dignity and thus created a race of people that have fallen under the weight of their own weaknesses, myself included. We become obsessed with our looks, our weight, our clothes, our cars and our houses and instead of introducing ourselves at parties as who we are, we ask instead the question “What do you do?” Shouldn't we be asking people who they are not what they do? It seems to speak more to the dignity of a person to inquire about who they are since what they do is more of action coming from the person rather than revealing the person itself to us. It is no wonder so many of us feel inadequate after all, if someone asked me “What do you do?” I would have to answer “I am a wife and mother of 8 who occasionally writes and speaks on faith issues”. Perhaps the person asking me the question would then arch their eyebrows and placate me with a “Oh, that's nice” as they try to find a way to move to another group of person's who might “be” more interesting.

If someone asked me “Who are you?” I do not think that I could answer that question in one succinct sentence but rather, the question itself would prompt a conversation that one could never really finish at a dinner party. All of us, have these stories and this profound dignity of person that is God made and God given, yet, a spiritual leprosy has permeated our culture the result can be likened to that of biblical times. We have begun to create leper colonies for those whom we deem to be without dignity and with it, the disease has begun to spread and consume people. Ironically, this spiritual leprosy still seems to be tied to the flesh. In biblical times the leprosy was on the body, now the leprosy is of the soul but has it's entry through the body, more precisely through the senses of the body, some call it the sins of the flesh. I truly believe that Theology of The Body is an antidote to this disease and let me share with you part of my reasoning.

Traditionally leprosy has been understood as a disease of the flesh, specifically that of open festering sores that not only cause extensive nerve damage but result in the loss of sensation or numbness of limbs. This further complicates the disease by resulting in injuries that can lead to the loss of a person's hands and feet leaving nothing but a bloody stump in it's place. Many people go blind and some loose their lives. Although a series of antibiotics can cure this disease, many associate it with the “unclean” and the result is the forced ostracization of those with visible symptoms. They are made to leave their homes and live among other lepers in what we commonly refer to as “leper colonies”.

Interesting that even being referred to as a “leper” has in one stroke stripped away the dignity of the human person. Instead of being a man or woman made in the image and likeness of God, they instead become a “leper” they have lost their value or worth and become instead a disease. With this loss of person, they even loose their right to live within their family or communities. Since at our very core purpose we have within our very design the call to be in a relationship with others, since God Himself is a relationship (trinity), the removing of a person's name as well as their participation within their families is perhaps one of the most cruel and harsh punishment that could be imposed. Truly, there is a tremendous loss dignity.

Today, we are loosing the dignity of the human person through a spiritual leprosy that has reached such large proportions that the “leper colonies” have become the new communities of the world. But this spiritual leprosy as I call it, is one of a spiritual nature.

Many who are infected might not even realize they have it, since it is spiritual and therefore not visible upon first glance. Even those whose disease has permeated more deeply into their souls do not realize it as they too have lost their sense of dignity and so can not possible see it in anyone else. Therefore, the disease has progressed in such a way as to “numb” them to fact that they are in a process of decay and that their spiritual lives are in mortal peril.

If the process is left to itself, they will loose their souls and since they are surrounded by others who are as diseased as they are, they do not see what is right in front of their eyes. The result of this is the loss of dignity, while causing a spiritual numbness which then leads to a spiritual blindness. They do not see the loss of dignity of the human person who is engaged in pornography or see the loss of dignity of the human person in those who are living out the homosexual lifestyle, they do not realize that pre-marital sex or even sex with multiple partners is the furthering the disease.

For many, the orgasm itself has become the entire purpose of sexual union, if I can call it that because where dignity is loss, I am not sure union can take place. A priest friend of mine wrote that “Once the orgasm becomes the primary purpose or goal (and it is separated from procreative), it no longer matters with what or whom a person sexually engages with or in”.

I could go on with the many faceted levels of spiritual leprosy infecting our world today, but I think I have made my point and that is the loss of the dignity of the human person seems to be the source, the very disease of our world today.

But there is hope! Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta spent her days picking up the dying lepers in India and cleaned their wounds and gave them a place to die with dignity. She believed, and rightly so, that no person deserves to die in the streets covered in filth with open sores and all alone. Many of those she helped became converts to the faith saying that it was in her giving them back their dignity that opened their hearts to believe in the existence of God and not a well articulated instruction of theology. Why were her actions so transforming? It began with giving them dignity. This opened their hearts and souls to true conversion through the love and mercy that flowed through her actions. She brought them dignity and through this, Christ.

Perhaps this is why Christ appeared to St. Faustina with the words that His love is an ocean of mercy which depths are unfathomable to us. It is because mercy is the key to unlock our hardened hearts. Mercy is what gives us hope. It dares us to believe that perhaps we are valuable and if we are valuable, then this gives of dignity. Once we believe in dignity, we realize there must be a purpose and so we seek out the creator. St. Augustine wrote that written on the heart of every man is the longing and ache of a hole that can only be filled by God. Once awakened to it, we can not help but to seek Him.

Mercy is the key to conversion. We are fast approaching the end of the age of Mercy. Yet there is still time to call upon it. We have been given the gifts of the church through the sacraments and through the saints and it is these things that are the healing balm upon which we are to heal people from the disease of the soul. Venerable Pope John Paul II took the writing of St. Faustina, who at that time was not a saint and whose work had been suppressed due to poor translations, and he launched a new investigation into her writings. It was this action, that brought us St. Faustina's diary that reveals the words from Christ about His ocean of Mercy as well as the Divine Mercy chaplet and Divine Mercy Sunday and all it's treasures within this devotion. If you have not yet heard of this, please, I pray that you look into it for it will only bless you and your family. It is not coincidence that Pope John Paul II is being made blessed on Divine Mercy Sunday this year.

Divine Mercy is the antibiotic for the spiritual leprosy that infects the souls of the world today because it reveals the dignity of the human person and through this truth true conversion begins. Many of the great injustices of the world begin with the loss of dignity of the human person. The reason abortion exists, is due to loss of dignity of the human person. The loss of dignity has been spreading within the heart of every individual. The world is miserable, falling under the weight of their own weaknesses, many of us try to use alcohol, food, parties, shopping, plastic surgery, excessive exercise or material things make us feel better or feel valuable, adequate or beautiful. One who gives themselves in love to those in misery, that is the definition of mercy and that is the definition of Christ.

Today, Blessed Mother Theresa's actions are the model in which to bring healing to the world. In a world infected with leprosy of the soul, the disease has begun to progress. For many souls, we have begun to go numb and where the dignity of the human person was lost to the leper whose flesh was rotting, we now see person's who have lost their sense of dignity because of a soul that is rotting.

Many people are infected, but just at different stages of disease. Caryll Houselander wrote in “The Reed of God” that Christ is living out His life in and through every person. In some, He is the crucified Christ and living out a life of suffering. In others He is in the tomb (mortal sin) awaiting the resurrection. How beautiful her words as she goes on to say that each of us are living out God's divine providence invited to participate with our yes, I will serve. Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen said that in the five wounds of Christ many of us can see our own sins. He said that in His pierced head crowned with thorns, we can see our own vanity and pride. In His pierced hands we can see our own grasping for worldly and material goods. In His pierced feet, we can see our running from His sheppardly care. In His pierced side, we see our own wasted love. For me, this has been very true.

We should not waste the love that God has revealed to us through Divine Mercy. It is a deep ocean of unfathomable depth. God desires for us to bring this love to the those in misery, not because I say so, but because God has said so. God could have redeemed the world in any way He chose and yet He desired to bring mankind into His plan of salvation. Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen also said that it was through Mary's yes that the savior was born and from which the very hands and feet were provided to us so that they could then be nailed to the cross so even in this most significant aspect, we have been invited in.

Blessed Mother Theresa revealed through her example that God desires us to bring Christ to others. Just as Mary was the first tabernacle of our Lord and traveled to Elizabeth, so too does God desire to utilize our gifts as well as our very hands and feet from which He will use to bring His healing love to the world. It is when we say, God wants to do this, Christ wants to suffer this through me that we enter into healing. The simple prayer “Take my heart and give me yours” asks God for more than a transformation of our hearts, it taps into His own heart which is capable of loving more deeply and more profoundly than our own. At times, our suffering is required because when we suffer, our own hearts become stretched. If they were not expunged and made ready, there is no way that what God love could fit in that space, so it is that suffering becomes the means from which to stretch ourselves so that a place for God can be made. This lenten season, let us contemplate the spiritual leprosy of the world and ask for Christ to give us His heart so that we can follow the example of Blessed Mother Theresa and bring Christ's message of Divine Mercy through our hands and feet to the those who are dying all around us so that through our actions His love will manifest and heal a hurting world, many of whom do not even realize how very sick they are and that the medicine is conversion.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen; Is he possessed by the devil or just a man crushed under the weight of his own weaknesses?

The first time I remember seeing Charlie Sheen was on Ferris Bueller's day off. For many teenage girls growing up in the 80's Sheen was the attractive bad boy that was dangerous but in an exciting way because he seemed to know himself and he seemed to exude a confidence that all of us lacked. His character was a criminal that wore leather and chains, with spiked hair and smoked pot. He was the voice that said "go for it". Well, it seems that Sheen likes to be type casted, which means take roles that reflect his real persona.

Charlie Sheen, whose family name is taken from Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen is in desperate need of Arch Bishop Sheen's intercession.

As the lead actor in 2 ½ men, on CBS sitcom, he played a man living a life of pursuit of pleasures of the flesh. His character was one that shirked responsibility used his intellect to rationalize away any guilt or shame that his God given conscience may ever have tried to speak up against when he profaned the bodies of many women through sexual sin as well as his own. His character used alcohol to excess as well as sexual intimacy outside of the covenant of marriage for which union and communion of our bodies are intended and many of us tuned in every week to laugh right along with the audience.

His show was so successful and why not as it mirrored his own life as well many of our own lives that Charlie fetched two million dollars an episode. He is the highest paid actor in Hollywood for a single show. Now after 8 season of Charlies consent of his own free will to live out a life of lasciviousness is it any wonder that he has been overcome by darkness. Even his appearance has been drastically altered to anyone who has the eyes to see. For any of us who have ears to hear Charlie has revealed to us, what has been brought to bare on his life.

It is more of a whom than a what we are talking about. If we as Christians believe we are to use the bible to discern good from evil then and only then does the frightening reality of what is happening within and to Charlie Sheen become visible. There are many ways for a person to invite demonic influences into their lives, either by willingly living a sinful life, practicing or dabbling in occult practices, a curse or by engaging in satanism. Some of the signs that someone is dealing with or is in the presence of a person to whom the enemy is attached in some way can be knowledge of the unknown. Although Mr. Sheen did not reveal any truth that would be considered unknown to a common person he certainly alluded to being in possession of superior intellectual gifts and abilities as demonstrated in his multiple radio and television interviews. His most notable are the February 24, 2011 radio interview on The Alex Jones Show and his February 28, 2011 interview on the Today show from his 20/20 interview.

One example is when he claimed to have the brain that was 10,000 years old and not of this terrestrial realm. He described his intellect as being so beyond what any average person has that he has a highly evolved brain and has healed himself of his addictions by closing his eyes and making it so.

He describes this healing of himself by saying that “I have come back from a different place. I've just answered a different calling and it happened in a blink of an eye. I blinked and I cured my brain. Everybody has the power here...can't is the cancer to happen”.

Can't is the cancer to happen. This decoded is the rejection of receptivity, it is the exact opposite of Mary's yes and Christ's gift of the cross. He is saying that he will not accept something “cant” happen and to believe this is to reject God's providence and will for our lives. Many of us desire our own wills be done and not God's will be done but Charlie Sheen either mistakenly believes desire to be all he needs or has rejected anything that opposes his own desires.

Perhaps this behavior is erratic due to mental illness or from severe drug use, most probably one or both could be effecting Mr. Sheen's ability to see himself or the situation objectively. It is entirely likely that his weaknesses have overwhelmed him and he is in need of prayer.

If we are Christian, if we believe in the bible, then are we not also called to then believe in the existence of the demonic. When the interviewer asked him if his mania was merely him being on drugs Charlie said “I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.” Upon completing this statement we, as a viewing audience of Good Morning America see him not only abruptly stop speaking as if a unheard voice compelled this silence in a before manic and ranting man, but he actually changes his demeanor as he states apologetically, “too much”. He is either unstable psychologically or he is stable and under the influence of something else. We know it is not drugs because he took a test on camera.

If one where to consider that the "enemy prowls about seeking the ruin of souls" as the St. Michael prayer states, which is an approved prayer of the Catholic Church given to us by St. Benedict after seeing a diabolical vision of Satan infiltrating the church in such a way that this prayer and intercession of St. Michael would be needed to as a defense, then one must consider how a person might act under the influence of it. The nature of a demon is not one of humility as this is a virtue but it does know that it must hide itself. The spirit of pride as one of the 7 deadly sins is just one of the many attributes that manifest itself on screen as we watch Mr. Sheen continue to make visible the invisible.

Throughout the interview, the pride and arrogance continued in a vomitous stream as Charlie claimed to have tiger's blood and the DNA of an Adonis. Here are few of his many quotes that seem to be made in the spirit of pride and arrogance, superiority and possible feelings of grandiose:

The quote: “I am sorry man but I've got magic, I got poetry in my fingertips most of the time and this includes naps. I'm an F-18, bro. And I will destroy you in the air. I will deploy my ordinance to the ground." -- Feb. 24 on "The Alex Jones Show"

The quote:"AA was written for normal people. People that don't have tiger blood and Adonis DNA. ... I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man." -- Feb. 28 on ABC

The quote: If you borrowed my brain for five seconds, you'd be like, 'Dude! Can't handle it, unplug this bastard!' It fires in a way that's maybe not from this terrestrial realm." -- Feb. 28 on ABC

The quote: (in regard to the 30+hour drug and sex party paying one porn star prostitute $30,000) “The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger and Richards look like droopy eyed armless children.”

Question: “When you look back at the last time you did drugs, do you worry you are going to die?”
Answer: “Dying is for fools”

Question: “Do you feel disgusted with yourself or do you think how could I have done that?
Answer: “I am proud of what I have created. It was RADICAL! I exposed people to magic, I gave them something radical something people will not otherwise see in their boring normal lives. I gave that to them and that's a gift man. I am not interested in what others believe, I am interested in what I believe and that is my truth and that is what rules me.”

He says he is tired of pretending he is not special. He is tired of pretending he is not a b_tching and total rock star from Mars and so after being “kicked around” his whole life (notice the enemy preys on the weak and those who have felt victimized, unappreciated, bullied as Lady Gaga claims, or have not gotten their “due”) he has made a decision. “I have decided to embrace “it”, love “it” violently and defend “it” violently through violent hatred.” I am not sure what “it” is but it does not sound like “it” is anything I would want to embrace.

When the interviewer picked up on this and asked Sheen why he was so angry he said that he was not angry but that many people are misinterpreting his passion for anger. “Many are not ready for the message I am delivering. I am delivering with a sense of violent love.”

Violent Love is an oxymoron and is a lie from the devil. God is love and through the lens of Theology of The Body we see that love is a free gift of self, it gives all of itself, it gives itself in a faithful covenant and love can not help but then become fruitful in which we are to share in. Love points us to union and communion with one another and it does so willingly. To say love could be violent would liken God to that of a serial raper. Love never forces, it invites. Violence implies force and brutally of which God is neither.

Mr. Sheen is not the only one that has bought into the lie that sex is just an act of physical bodies for the purpose of pleasure so as long as your not hurting anyone else then it's no one's business. The problem is that it is all of our business because these ideologies are shaping the world in which we live in. Mr. Sheen was even acting them out on camera adding to the culture of lies that has begun it's downward spiral.

Pope Paul VI made four prophecies about what would happen if we ignored teaching on contraception.

1. Infidelity and moral decline. Do we see this here with Charlie as he hungers and aches for union and communion with others so badly he has had 3 marriages fail and is justifying drug use and pornography as “normal”. St. Augustine says that within every man is a place that is meant to be filled with God, I am sure Mr. Sheen feels this hole intensely and has been deceived into believing that drugs, sex and money will fill it.

2. Lost of Respect for Women: Charlie Sheen is now living in a home he has renamed as the Grand Silver Lodge and likens himself to a new Hugh Hephner. His two girlfriends have moved in. One is a porn star and the other a model for drug magazines both are more than 20 years his junior. This man is aching to enter into the mystery of divine love for which he was created and because he is too afraid to go into his wounds, he has settled for a perversion rather than the gift of woman. He has been blinded from seeing his call to be the bridegroom, to be the protector, the lover, the friend and the security to the family and instead we see the glorification of selfishness rather than self-donation.

3. Abuse of Power: It is precisely because he believes himself to be powerful that he has entered into most of the decisions that he has made. One decision was to the use the power of money to “purchase” a person for sex to the tune of $30,000 (see check above). This has turned these women into mechanical instruments to be manipulated for his own purposes of pleasure and because he is a celebrity, because he has the money he is able to do most of this without the consequences that should be his to own.

4. Unlimited Dominion: Mr. Sheen commented throughout the interview that he believed to have unlimited dominion over his own body. Whether it be through sex in orgies of women or to use drugs and alcohol to excess, his body is not seen as a temple of anything except the worship of the flesh, the worship of gluttony, pride, greed, envy, sloth, anger, and definitely lust.

So even though we should have expected many of these “fruits” I for one am still shocked that a man could be living a life that seems to be one of pure hell in my opinion because it seems to be devoid of love yet his reaction is that
“My life is not better now, it's perfect.”

The reality is that Mr. Sheen needs us to believe in the existence of evil. Why? Because he is either greatly disturbed, greatly suffering under his weaknesses, under the influence of the demonic or under the influence of a drug that was not detected, whatever the case, Mr. Sheen needs our prayers.

If it is demons that are responsible for this erratic behavior, the bible tells us that only prayer and fasting can overcome some of them. It is for this reason we must believe it is possible so that we can answer the call as the mystical body of Christ to pray down the graces of heaven through ArchBishop Fulton Sheen, who also was on television, to work a miracle and convert this man's heart to Christ. The problem is that many of us do not believe in the existence of evil, instead we write him off as bi-polar. I will leave the reader with a couple of quotes to inspire the reader to believe that we are all called as the mystical body of Christ to cry out to the Saints to come to our aid.

Throughout the ages, as if it were a spiral, the enemy attempts to overtake the world and man with his wickedness yet before his evil intent can overcome us, Christ's church, through prayer, fasting, penance, Love , mercy and the grace of Jesus Christ pours out as an ocean of mercy and love and quenches the thirst of the parched souls who cry out to Him. So, we begin again in a spiral, yet we may be at that point in biblical history that too few souls are crying out, too few souls believe, too few souls are fasting, praying or offering sufferings for the conversion of sinners. If this is true, it may be that another seal will be opened taking us deeper into the spiral of God's plan for the world.

It may be chastisement will be needed to re-awaken the many souls that have become blind to sin and evil. So even chastisement is a mercy of God just as wheat is threshed to bring forth it's fruit, we are experiencing the ocean of mercy of God as he attempts to burn through the many layers of unbelief that have made so many of us numb to the spiritual realm.

My birthday was March 2. I fasted all day for Charlie's conversion, even from my birthday cake I fasted so that in some small way, I could participate in the suffering of Christ whose heart must be in anguish over the suffering of his son Charlie Sheen. I pray that whatever graces could have been merited from this sacrifice will be given as a gift of love to Charlie so that through the intercession of Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen, Venerable John Paul II and Blessed Mother Theresa, that he be converted and healed so that he can reveal to the world his freedom from the enemy so that all will believe and so that will be saved and become the man of God, the father to his children and the man that he is called to be. Amen

Thursday, March 3, 2011

BORN THIS WAY; Lady Gaga's new video

I will be referring to this musical artist by her birth name, the one given to her and sealed in baptism to this child of God which is Stefani. When I refer to Lady Gaga, I am not referring to the woman from whom God has created to live out her yes, but I will be referring to the manifestation of evil that has corrupted this beautiful woman and convinced her that she must use her awesome voice and talent to further confuse the culture today about who they are and why they were created. I must also say that in an interview with 20/20, Stephanie referred to herself as Stephanie especially when speaking about her in relationship to her family life i.e. her grandmother and her mother and father but that she "becomes" someone else when she is on stage and performing or with her fan's which she affectionately refers to her little monsters.

For the record, it is my sincere belief that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has been made in the image and likeness of God with dignity and value and worth. All of us fall short, all of us struggle with failures and weaknesses I myself know the truth only to well of my own shortcomings. This article is not to "judge" or "condemn" Stefani, but to identify how Lady Gaga is a manifestation of the enemy and his power over people in this world. In this article I will be focusing on the actions and the message in Lady Gaga's video so that we can see that the enemy is at work using the gifts and charisms of God's children to destroy our faith and to destroy our belief in the sacredness and dignity of the human person.

My hope is that those of you who recognize this woman's gifts, will say a prayer that the people who are using her as a puppet for their own agenda, loose their hold over her and that she will experience a profound conversion so that the scenes involving the raping of men, the killing of men that burn up in her bed during the video's and the blasphemous images cease to be answer to God's love which is obviously a rejection of all that is holy. Her message is acceptance, yet there is no acceptance for those who have faith or those who believe sex is a sacred act of union and communion meant to solidify the love between a man and a woman within the continental promise of marriage.

As a woman who was raised in an all girls Catholic School, she would know of this imagery and of the image of the trinity painted much like what she tries to depict herself in. There is a demonic entity that profanes and that blasphemes Mary and that exalts itself as god and this is 666. The fact that one can see what appears to be rosary beads down the robe of the priest like form is even more disconcerting for it sets the tone of the entire message of this video.

The video opens with a unicorn within an inverted triangle. The unicorn symbolic of an ancient demonic entity for perversion of the flesh through the human senses. This is not my opinion but has been documented as such through a number of religious practices. The book "The Secret History of The World" by Mark Booth has numerous photos of the unicorn used throughout time in occultist practices. One example would be Hindu symbolism of the Moon phases which they believe corresponds with affecting the material world, most notable the waves, the forms of plants but also human consciousness. Lady Gaga has even tattooed this unicorn on her body after releasing "Born This Way" so it seems this image has some kind of connection to her. While I realize that many people find power and acceptance by Lady Gaga for to them she seems to provide no judgment, the reality is that she herself is an ideology, a religion, a way of thinking.

The triangle, used in masonic imagery, satanism and Aleister Crowley's work not to mention that the demon constellations of Draco the dragon, Hydra the serpent and Scorpio the scorpion, when connected make an inverted triangle.
The acronym for the outer space government owned space territory where she will “birth” this new race while we watch? G.O.A.T. Another in your face statement that incorporates occult symbolism and language into her music.

So let's get to the actual dialogue. So the dialogue begins with:

“This is the manifesto of mother monster. On board a government a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place. But he birth was not finite, it was infinite. As the wombs numbered and the mitosis of the future began, it was perceived that this infamous moment in life is not temporal it is eternal and thus began the the beginning of the new race, a race within the race of humanity, a race which bears no prejudice, no judgment, but boundless freedom," "But on that same day, as the eternal mother hovered in the multiverse, another more terrifying birth took place: the birth of evil. And as she herself split into two rotating in agony between two ultimate forces the pendulum of choice began it's dance it seems easy to imagine to gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good, but she wondered, how can I protect something so perfect, without evil?” (see my translation at the end)

It begins with her appearing to be seated on a throne. The amount of Catholic iconic imagery is scandalous. The placement of her upon what appears to be a cross of the trinity, her in the placement of the person of God the Father the words she uses is that she is the mother. This occurs within just the first few frames.
At the 38 second mark you see her in the position of God the father with a veil over her head and you see standing before her as if it were a priest with it's own outstretched arms superimposed over the shape of a cross, is a man facing her, dressed in robes, like that of a priest that would be standing at an altar in a Latin Mass (they face the altar during consecration towards the crucifix. If you watch the video sequence and slow it down you will see what appears to the be the spinal cord of the “evil” thing that she had birthed and pulled out of herself with red fingernails grasping to expel the thing between her legs. The same spinal chord like image with a skull head seems to be the image in front of her as if the person of Christ or in persona Christi..in the person of Christ which again is a Catholic theology.

During this manifesto we see multiple images. We see stars in the shape of what appears to be the ovaries and uterus and it gradually turns into Lady Gaga giving birth Lady Gaga as a extra terrestrial giving birth above the earth's surface to a new race of perfect people.

The imagery is of afterbirth and slime and water gushing forth as we see what can only be the birth canal and an open leg shot of Lady Gaga as the amniotic fluid gushes out from what also appears to to finally vomit out a monstrous head.

Upon the birth, we Lady Gaga floating in outer space with what appears to be an erect penis with a rosary hanging from it down the front. Where is that exactly? Well, there are two legs slightly apart, if you go upwards there it is. There are pink roses floating around her in a shape of a figure eight or sign of infinity.

Upon the statement that the birth of evil has occurred, we have watched a multitude of red bodies that act as a kaleidoscope creating images of a beasts head and more

we finally see above all of these red bodies a Lady Gaga clad in black leather and with bright red finger nails we watch her claw between her legs while she sits spread eagle upon two steal poles until finally a skeleton head is shown as it pushes through a membrane of some sort and she continues to pull a long mass out of herself . She goes on to wield a large machine gun which she fires repeatedly.

Throughout the video we are subjected to the birthing scene as it is varied and slowed down, we see Lady Gaga as one of the heads that are being created in mass quantities as if in the matrix.

Between birthing shots and Lady Gaga dancing in her underwear that rides up her backside, we also see Gaga made up in make up that paints her to be that of a skeleton woman in a suit being held by a skeleton man, who is Rick Genest and is actually tattooed on almost every inch of his body with symbolism of death and the occult.

Throughout the video he is shown without emotion or reaction as she gyrates and grinds on his reaction-less body.

As a mother of 8 children that has experienced the miracle of giving birth,

my reaction was one of deep sorrow that this woman has mechanized the human body to be nothing but a hole that spews fluids as it expels a robot like race of perfect persons that live without judgment. The rainbow at the end of the video was not a rainbow that reveals the creator to the creation, but it felt more like a statement one finds in the new age movement which blurs the lines between right and wrong and evil and good so that soon, there is no truth but the truth we decide for ourselves.

If you have a teenaged son, do not watch this for it could only bring disgust to him and without understanding the gift of a woman's body, I fear it's purpose, which clearly seems to be that of turning a woman's body into something grotesque, could leave it's effect in a young mans mind. If you have a teenage daughter, then I ask you to consider watching this video with your daughter so you can interpret it through the lens of faith. For our daughters to see this without faith, they too could be deceived and loose their sense of awe and privilege of being made a woman. It is my opinion that the reason these things would happen is because this video is representative of the worlds view of woman.

To the world, there is no mystery. This video is the utter profanation of femininity. The video reduces the womb and the receptivity of woman's body (that speaks of union and communion)to a mere bodily function that emits not life, but slime and drones. This imagery blasphemes the very part of a woman's body that reveals she is woman that has been made in the image and likeness of God by denying the very dignity inherent in this profound truth.

To be sure, there is nothing truly feminine about this video, there is nothing receptive or open or beautiful or inspiring. It is instead a horror show using woman as a satanic altar in which to desecrate the sacredness of life. I have no doubt that this video was well thought out and a deliberately choreographed, as were her other videos, so that it becomes an act of worship to some false god that Lady Gaga continues to glorify through her music. May God have Mercy on Her soul for she knows not what she does. I pray that she may come to see with new eyes what it is she is doing before the age of Christ's mercy passes into his judgment, because as much as she tries to deny or run from it, judgment awaits us all.

The truly most beautiful image of femininity is that of Mary the Mother Of God.

“This is the manifesto of mother monster the demon is speaking through her. On board a government outerspace alien territory G.O.A.T. Which is a satanic, masonic and occultic image for the beast, beastiality and perversion a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place perhaps this should be spelled magick because the demonic often refers to itself as being of magick, sexual magick being that of Aleister Crowley's handiwork (Here is a Documentary on Crowley below)

that many musicians have invoked into their music. But he birth was not finite, it was infinite once again, she is referring to the fact that the devil was a god and or some how equal to that of Christ or of man.. As the wombs numbered and the mitosis of the future began perhaps this relates to divine providence as we are always marching forward towards the arrival of the anti-christ and of the redemption of man when Christ comes again , it was perceived that this infamous moment in life is not temporal it is eternal it is true that we are eternal beings in that our soul, once created will exist for all eternity either in heaven or in hell and thus began the the beginning of the new race, a race within the race of humanity it could be she is speaking of the demonic race that has tried to inbreed itself into humanity through satanism or through possession in both cases though, this race desires to manifest itself in the flesh, a race which bears no prejudice, no judgment, but boundless freedom this is our tip off that this “race” is actually demonic, boundless freedom is the opposite of chastity and temperance etc..true freedom cannot exist without us placing boundaries on it. As for judgment, we must always judge things in light of our developed conscience so that we discern and then impose our will onto our actions so to a race could exist without judgment would be a race that seeks not to be judged, this is antichristian. " "But on that same day, as the eternal mother this is a blaspheme against God the Father. Gaga is rejecting God the Father and is declaring that the eternal mother is creator, hovered in the multiverse, another more terrifying birth took place: the birth of evil. And as she herself split into two rotating in agony between two ultimate forces remember, that although we may choose good or evil, there is not an equality between them as if merely two forces from which to choose the pendulum of choice began it's dance it seems easy to imagine to gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good, but she wondered, how can I protect something so perfect, without evil?”the way this ends, we are led to believe that evil is more powerful and is necessary some how.