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There's Something About Mary

When I tell people about my past, I often hear “How did you turn out so well?”

My mother was a German immigrant whose parents fled to the United States to escape the Nazi Regime. Her paternal grandfather was heavily tied to the Nazi Party, but her father would have nothing of it. My mother was taught simple prayers by her mother and occasionally attended Mass on Christmas and Easter.
My father was raised with no faith to speak of, though I heard that my paternal grandmother was raised Catholic. When my father was drafted in the Vietnam War, my parents, who were dating, decided to elope. Neither of their families supported the marriage. I was born just after my father returned from the war.
My mother had me baptized (against my father’s wishes) at a beautiful cathedral in San Jose, California. My godfather was a drug dealer, and my godmother was the woman who talked my mom into leaving my father.

They divorced when I was just 3 months old. My earliest memory is of being sexually abused by a man whose wife babysat me, I was three years old. My childhood was anything but functional. I was physically, sexually and emotionally abused growing up and this culminated until I was removed from my home in the 8th grade and placed in foster care. The abuse I endured growing up had created a huge father wound that led me into a life of promiscuity as well as a mistrust for anything masculine. I became pregnant when I was 18 years old and while I am profoundly grateful for my daughter, I often say she was not given the mother she deserved because of my many inadequacies and the life of rebellion I was living against anyone or anything in authority.

While there are many things that led to my conversion, Our Blessed Mother had a major part in all of them. God sent his Mother to me to ensure that the way to him would not be lost. He knew me intimately and because of this, He understood the deep woundedness of my heart from the many men that had failed me.
Mary's role was and still is one of bringing Christ to others. For me, it was the perfect way to be invited into relationship with God.

My first encounter with Our Lady was when I was about 6 years old and it was extremely powerful. I did not even know who God was, or who Mary was but that did not matter because He knew me.

I was walking down the road one afternoon when suddenly, a car stopped alongside of me. The passenger side door opened and I was pulled into the car by two strange men. The man in the passenger seat grabbed me and shoved me down under the dashboard using his feet to hold me down to the floor. It happened so fast, I did not really have time to think. I do remember crying and I remember the man that was driving was screaming at the other to make me shut up. I vaguely recall one of them trying to calm me by telling me that they were friends of my mothers and she told them to pick me up and go to the store to get some milk.

Then, I heard her. She was in the back seat of the car. I could not see her face but I could hear her and when I listened to her, I could no longer hear the men. I remember now, as an adult that I could see their mouths moving but I could not hear what they were saying, I could only hear the lady in the back seat.

She talked to me in a soft and gentle voice and this is what she said.

“Christina? Can you not hear me? Can you not hear my voice?” she asked.
“Yes, I can hear you.” I answered. The men were getting more angry at me now.
“Don't listen to them, only listen to me. Christina, do you know what a lion looks sounds like when it roars?” she asked me.
“Yes.” I said all the while trying to twist and turn so as to see where this woman was sitting because I could not see her but I could hear her. I thought perhaps the headrest behind the men's heads were some how blocking her from my view but whenever I tried to move to see around them, the man shoving me would hurt me more.
“Christina,” she continued...”..I want you to pretend that you are a lion. I want you to roar and shake your hair like a lions mane like a wild and angry lion. I want you to roar as load as you can!”

I listened to her and then I roared like a lion. I shook my hair and flailed about screaming and roaring while I whipped my hair back and forth.

“Good Girl!” she continued. You are such a good lion! Now I want you to take your lion claws and I want you to scratch like you are sharpening your claws on a tree. I want you to scratch up and down until you feel the bark peeling under your fingernails and the slippery sap flows out”.

I continued to listen and I roared and I scratched until I felt the wetness that she described to me. The men stopped the car and threw me out and drove away. I later discovered that my mother had no knowledge of the men I told her about.

It is my belief that this was the Blessed Mother, and I was under her protection. As an adult, I know now, the best thing to say to a child being abducted, so as to protect them from the horrific situation that they are in, would be to do exactly what I believe Our Lady did for me. God could have done any number of things that day. I think that in choosing to act through the feminine, through a mother, I was best able to receive Him and all that He has for me and that is the premise of why Mary is a unique mediator of all graces to mankind.

There are many things I could share with you in regard to how Mary has manifested God in my life but perhaps I will share the most significant. It was years later, when I was in college and exploring fertility goddesses and Indian charms, and tarot cards when my live in boyfriend invited his Todd, a friend he knew from high school to his graduation from college. Todd brought his girlfriend, Shannon, with him. They were both devout Catholic. At the time, I thought it odd that they slept separate and that they went to mass while visiting but hey, to each his own right?

On one of the days they were with us, Shannon and I where driving to the store when I noticed a beautiful deep blue charm around her neck. I noticed that under the blue enamel, there appeared to be a figure of a woman. So I asked her, what is that thing around your neck? Well, she proceeded to tell me that it was called “The Miraculous Medial” and that it was cast as a medal hundreds of years ago. Mary appeared in a vision saying that the rays that flow from the jewels on her hands are of all the graces that her son desires to pour out to those in need but they are being wasted because no one is asking for them. She told me of many miracles from this medal and that when it is worn, the person who wears the medal and says the words cast on it “Our Lady, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee” she will intercede, she will protect and guide them. Every thing in the image had a significant meaning, and I LOVED that about the medal.

Well, I was hooked. A beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that had an awesome story that went along with it was right up my alley! I asked her how to get one and she said she would send me one. I had almost forgot about the whole thing when a few weeks later I received a note in the mail. It had two Miraculous Medals, with the blue enamel in it. One for me and one for my daughter Maegan who was about 3 years old at the time. Unbeknownst to me, they were also blessed. I immediately began to wear mine and put the other around my daughter's neck. The next few months were an express elevator of faith. All of a sudden, there welled up inside of me this deep ache and longing for God. I began to go to Church. I became so hungry, so longing for something that I was consumed by this desire to be in relationship with God.

This desire grew and grew. Before long, we were married, we moved to Appleton, where my husband grew up and I met the mother and sister of his best friend from high school. There names are Pat and Kara. They taught me the rosary and brought us to their church. To make a long story short, Pat is my husbands God mother, (he was raised Jehovah's Witness and so was never baptized) and Kara became our first child's Godmother. We had our marriage blessed on the day our 2nd child was baptized.

By putting on the Miraculous Medal, I demonstrated a mustard seed of a yes. When I opened the door of receptivity, the floodgates of Mercy poured in and washed over me. God will not trample on our free will. He will not force himself on us. So my small yes, became an opening for which He could flow into. Mary is our model of receptivity. She is open and it is in her that God has entered and fills so full that she is full to her capacity and then overflows to all around her. It is a gently means of evangelization and it was perfect for someone like me who would have ran in the other direction if He had come to me in any other way.

I believe Mary is Our Lady of Divine Mercy because she both reveals and demonstrates what Divine Mercy is. God's Mercy is a deep ocean of unfathomable depth. God desires to bring this love to the those in misery, not because I say so, but because God has said so. Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen also said that it was through Mary's yes that the savior was born and from which the very hands and feet were provided to us so that they could then be nailed to the cross so even in this most significant aspect, Mary had been invited in.

I had many spiritual mothers who loved me through my youth. Had I not, I may not have believed that their could possibly been a Father in Heaven who loved me. I was so broken and so wounded, that it was Mercy that I needed and Christ in His Mercy, responded by gently sending Mary, the Mother of Divine Mercy to my side. She helped me to open myself to Him.

This invitation from God through Mary, includes those of us who feel burdened and unworthy. Remember that Jesus hung out with a woman who as a prostitute, He touched lepers, He ate with tax collectors in fact, it was those who were the littlest that were able to see Him and hear Him as He invites us through His Divine Mercy to accept the invitation. Just as the prodical son was lovingly embraced and celebrated upon his return so to will of us who allow Christ's Merciful love flow out of the font of His pierced heart and wash us clean, heal our wounds and quench our thirst for love from God. This truth is revealed through the Icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego.

Saint Augustine interprets the word “misericordia” as meaning miseris cor dare –to give oneself to, or to pour one’s heart out over the weak, the outcast, and the fallen. I have heard others define it as "one who gives itself in love to those in misery". I think I like this one the best. 

God the Father desired an intimate and personal relationship with with me as His daughter. He desired to protect and care for me and did so through His mother's intercession that day when she spoke to me in the car and continues to do so today.

God the Son desired an intimate and personal relationship with me as His Bride. He brought Mary through the Miraculous Medal which gave me the courage to say yes and give my fiat as Mary did and once I opened myself to Him, I began to love more rightly.

God the Holy Spirit desired an intimate and personal relationship with me as a doctor to heal my wounds, counsel my heart and to lead me into deeper communion with Him.

There are so many things that Mary revealed to me about God through her example and through her direct intercession. Perhaps the most beautiful lesson I learned, was the words uttered by Blessed Pope John Paul II “Be Not Afraid”. For so many years I was afraid. While I still continue to heal and grow in receptivity to God, I am so thankful that Mary showed me how merciful God is as well as how to follow the example she gave to be brave amidst the sufferings of life. She taught me His Mercy, by demonstrating how God introduces Himself to us in a language we can receive and that He will go into the darkest and ugliest of places to find us. She taught me how to be brave through her example of enduring so many sorrows for the sake love. I thank God everyday for sharing his Mother with us because if it were not for her, I might have missed His invitation.

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Amy Winehouse; A Deeply Damaged Soul is Dead at 27 UPDATED Nov 2011


An initial autopsy taken in the wake of the singer's death was inconclusive, though no drugs were found in her system at the time. But according to both Greenway and pathologist Suhail Baithun, plenty of alcohol, sadly, was.
Baithun told the inquest committee this morning, where their findings were revealed, that Winehouse had consumed "a very large quantity of alcohol" and that her blood-alcohol limit was more than five times that of the drunk-driving limit.


Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home July 23, 2011. Her cause of death is not known yet but the family will get the results of the autopsy within the next four weeks.

Mr Winehouse, who broke down in tears at the service at Edgwarebury Cemetery in North London, spoke on behalf of his ex-wife Janis and their son Alex and insisted she had made a ‘fantastic recovery'.

Her Father is making plans to set up a foundation to help struggling drug addicts in their daughter’s name.

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I have not heard much from her mother other than her saying that she had seen her daughter a few hours before her death and she seemed "out of it".

In an interview in 2008, her mother Janis said she would be unsurprised if her daughter died before her time.
She said: 'I've known for a long time that my daughter has problems.
'But seeing it on screen rammed it home. I realise my daughter could be dead within the year. We're watching her kill herself, slowly.
'I've already come to terms with her dead. I've steeled myself to ask her what ground she wants to be buried in, which cemetery.
'Because the drugs will get her if she stays on this road.
'I look at Heath Ledger and Britney. She's on their path. It's like watching a car crash - this person throwing all these gifts away.'
In addition, there was a website set up called When Will Amy Winehouse Die?, with visitors asked to guess the date of death with the chance of winning an iPod Touch.
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What a tragic statement about our world that a persons life and even their death is made into a form of entertainment, a mere commodity for our use and consumption.

Amy was a deeply damaged soul. Once, while being interviewed by Spin magazine, she broke off talking to carve her then-boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil's name into her stomach with a shard of mirror. What a voice. What a unique personality. What a horrible waste. But what could anyone have done? Amy Winehouse had plenty of people trying to help her, plenty of chances to turn things round. Ultimately, the bleak truth is that the forces driving her to get blitzed were stronger than the ones driving her to write and perform." said Luke Lewis about the death of Amy Winehouse.

It is believed the drug that that killed her was ecstasy. Interestingly this drug is supposed to make you happy, feel like you can do anything, even fly. This young woman, raised by Jewish parents, who I have noticed would wear the Jewish Star around her neck, was anything but happy. Her addictions, eating disorders, cutting and other self abuse all screamed out to the world through her body that her soul was beyond pain and was desperate for love. In the Catholic tradition "Ecstasy" was something experienced mystically by the saints when they entered into a mystical union with God. Some would even levitate. Is it no wonder then, that when a drug comes along promising mystical experience, that those most in need for God would accept this counterfeit? In a world that has lost it's belief in the supernatural, we keep seeing gifted artists, perhaps with unique charism and gifts of a supernatural kind, perish in search for the ultimat high yet accepting the lie instead of what they really desire?

This video displays this unique woman as well as her unique voice. The words always haunted me, "I cheated myself, like I knew I would, I told you that I was trouble, I told you that I was no good". I think they disturb me even more now.

At only 27 years old, she joins the ranks of other famous persons who died at the same young age. Among them, Jimi Hendrix who died after taking sleeping pills and alcohol. He asphixiated after inhaling his own vomit. Janis Joplin died from a heroin overdose, Jim Morrison died of an apparent heart attack, Kurt Cobain died from shooting himself with a shotgun, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones drowned in his swimming pool, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan who was a founding member of the Grateful dead died after alcoholism caused massive internal bleeding.

There are so many listed in fact that Wikipedia has a page dedicated to them called "The 27 Club". While we await her "official" cause of death, it has been reported that it is from some kind of drug overdose. This comes as no surprise as she has been hospitalized for what was reported as an overdose of ketamine, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin and alcohol in the past and has done many stints in rehap for her many addictions, one as recently as May of this year.

If you are unaware of who Amy Winehouse was, then let me try and enlighten you. Amy Winehouse had a voice that could, in one man's words, pin you up against a wall. It is true, her voice was like no other and that is why I liked her voice. Her throaty jazz vocals had rough and brassy infusion yet somehow her 60's style dress and hair as well as her hip-hop slang gave her a style all her own. He lyrics seemed to always be about her life which was about drinking, taking drugs and chronic infidelity and abuse either at her own hands or at the hands of her husband who is said to be the one who introduced her to crack-cocaine.

They say that artists write, sing or paint about what they know, I say it is the making visible the invisible. Her soul, deeply damaged and troubled, manifested itself through her music. I believe anyone who heard her sing or saw her perform or even just read her lyrics would say this woman was hurt and fill with an ache so deep that it was only a matter of time before her soul cried out and was either heard or was snuffed out all together.

We live in a troubled world where as I write this, children and their mothers are dropping dead in Somalia from starvation and dehydration, children are sold into sexual slavery and drugs have become the devils way of convincing people that life is so awful, they should try to enter the dreamlike state that drugs can give them so escape from it all. The temptation is powerful, especially if you have any financial or emotional issues that threaten to overwhelm you. The dreamlike state seems to be an escape that makes life more tolerable.

We start at out as innocent souls and then along the way, some of us become deeply damaged.

Why do so many amazing souls created with such talent check out so early in life? I thought that God would never give you more than you can handle? Well, this is true, however, God desires for us to be in a relationship with Him. I think one of the common factors amongst these tragic young deaths is a lack of relationship with God. Wait, hear me out now. If anyone reading this can give me the name of a person who had a belief in God and a relationship with God yet allowed the pressures of the world to overcome and take their life then please fill me in because I can think of none.

I have been praying for Amy for years and I will not stop now. I hope that before her death, she in someway was cognizant enough to ask God to forgive her for not believing she was made for greatness and that she was a gift. I pray that she asked God to help her, to take her home. I am hoping this happened but what I fear is that the enemy might have taken her. Drugs have a way of keeping a person unaware of anything. That is the great tragedy. Drugs are becoming a a greater and greater threat in our world. The antidote, is to find a way to bear the burdens of life. She was made for relationship, we all are. The thing is, most people don't realize that ultimately, they desire a relationship with the bridegroom who never disappoints and that is Jesus Christ.

I am sad she lost the fight. I pray her soul is at peace. If you know someone with drug or alcohol addiction, don't wait, go to them now and encourage them to fight for their soul before it is too late.
Q: What is the origin of "Rehab?"

A: "We were walking down the street, on our way out to the pool hall, and I sang out of nowhere, like a joke," she said. "And Mark was like, 'Who's that?' I said, 'It's no one, I just made it up.' He's like, you should do that as a song, it's funny. And I was like, it's true."

Q: Do you feel like you're a true romantic, or is there a cynicism that keeps you from being the ultimate romantic?

A: "No, I'm a very romantic person. I'm romantic about everything."

Q: I think people think of you as being...

A: "A miserable, cynical person."

Q: Do you ever feel like you'll let people down if they expect this raconteur who's wild and you don't deliver?

A: "No. If someone goes 'Amy, let me buy you tequila,' and I'm like 'No, no, I'm not drinking,' if they ask why, I always say that I'm on antibiotics. Because I'm ashamed to just go, 'You know, I'm just not drinking.' I have to say that I'm on a course of medication, because I feel ashamed (about abstaining)."

Q: When your first album came out, someone asked where you'd be 10 years from now, and you said...

A: "Dead. Dead in a ditch, on fire."

(Q&A by Chris Willman of Reuters)

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Icon of the New Adam and New Eve: The Shroud and The Tilma

The Shroud of Turin and The Tilma with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Both images are Icons.

What is an Icon? An Icon is said to be "written" not painted because it is sacred art that has a purpose. It is a Catechism in color. Every line, every detail means and teaches something. That something is a theological truth about God and man's relationship to Him. Icons are spiritual doorways because when we contemplate them, there is an internal movement towards God incarnate, which is what Icons are, and when we move toward God, He moves towards us.

Icons are God incarnate because they are the physical manifestation of theological truth. They make visible the invisible. It was said that every man and woman are icons because we are made in the image and likeness of God, male and female He created them so to see a "persons" is to see the likeness of God. Perhaps that is why we greet one another with a gesture of reverence. Some cultures shake hands and some bow in the presence of others.

So now, in a world where the belief of the supernatural is almost lost, we are once again in need of a simple catechism. Like children, we need to be re-engaged through the beauty of pictures. "Beauty will save the world" and perhaps sacred art is the very beauty Dostoyevsky was speaking of.
(This Icon "written" by Michelle Leonille Jennes using the shroud as her guide and Divine Mercy)

So what do I think they are Icons of? Well, several things but here are four of the biggest. I believe they are Icons of these four things.

Icons of;

1. The Wedding Feast
2. The Eucharist
3. The Redemption of Man and Woman
4. The Song of Songs

1. The Wedding Feast:

TILMA; Tilma worn during marriage ceremonies, worn on the body as a covering. Bridegroom and Bride are tied together as a symbol of their union during ceremony of wedding. It also is used to carry children later, in the fold which is then tied around the waist of the person. The Tilma is worn by average people therefore revealing that ALL are called to Union and Communion. Two pieces of cloth were sewn together, in fact the center of this cloth is the exact middle of the image. It is where two have become one. Two pieces of cloth become one garment. This also brings dignity to male and female he created them as marriage is only between a man and a woman. In the image, I content the exact center of the tilma is also where the divine mercy image is in the robe. But that is another thing.

SHROUD; The Shroud is believed to be the table cloth of the last supper. This is the wedding feast of of the lamb, the table an earthly banquet but the feast is on Jesus Christ, the true food and true drink. This last supper is THE wedding feast and we are ALL called to the Wedding feast. The cloth of the shroud is two pieces sewn together. The two become one once again revealing the theme of "marriage". Also revealing the dignity of male and female he created them as marriage is between a man and a woman.

2. The Eucharist

TILMA; The image of Mary, with Christ incarnate, is God made flesh. This is a Eucharistic image. She is the tabernacle that brings us Jesus. She is the ark of the New Covenant that holds manna for us. Even the words of Juan Diego "is this the land of the flesh, the land of the corn, the land of my people" is indicative that the food of his people is linked with flesh. Fr. Miguel Guadalupe wrote in 7 Veils of OLGuadalupe, that even the image is shaped like a ear of corn, the fruit!

SHROUD; The image of Jesus, on the tablecloth is the very meal upon which we are receiving. The miraculous impression, a foreshadowing of what would continue on earth at the hands of the priest. Jesus uttered the words over the cloth upon which hours later he would be covered. He broke the bread and gave it to us as true food and true drink. Later, his body, broken would be laid upon the cloth once more, and at the moment of his consecration, of the fulfillment of scripture, he rises and in an instant his glorified body manifests the image, makes visible the invisible, onto the table cloth.

3. The Redemption of Man and Woman; The New Adam and The New Eve

TILMA; Not only do the constellation's placed precisely over her image where theological truths are conveyed, but she reveals that her immaculate conception is woman fully participating in the redemption of man. Just as Eve took of the apple and ate, so did Adam and so BOTH fell from the glory of what God had intended for them. In God's plan for the redemption of man, He could have done it by any means He saw fit, yet, He chose for the participation of mankind, and begun so through A woman. Male and female He created them, so would not God make it known that male and female they are redeemed? If we are made in his image, male and female, then we see how beautiful it is that before Christ takes His flesh from her, the merits of His sacrifice are applied to her at the very moment of her conception. OLGuadalupe appears to St. Juan Diego on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, linking this truth to the image.
Sts. Joachim and Ann, Icon handwritten by the iconographer, Nancy Lee Smith, IHM
(Copyright, Saint Ann Catholic Church and the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary)

The truth of Redemption "written" in this icon is that God makes all things new. Eve, of her own free will, in the garden of paradise, free from concupiscence and free from sin, she took from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, the fruit and ate it. She brought it into her body, through an act of the will and it bore death to the world.

This image reveals through Iconography, that Mary, The New Eve, free from sin (immaculately conceived) brings into her virginal garden (an icon of eden) with an act of her free will, she brings into her garden the fruit of ALL KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL and through her yes, brings life into the world. Not just spiritual life but the physical life of Jesus Christ full man and full God. "The Body makes visible the invisible".

Even the process of Iconography reveals a theological truth and Our Lady of Guadalupe is no exception. For instance, her inner robe is a rose or earth color and is understood by the Nahuatl Indians as meaning she was created from the dust of the earth. Through the lens of Iconography we can see that ALMOST ALL OF THE NAHUATL GLYPHS hold a message NEVER BEFORE considered because we have not looked upon the image through the LENS OF ICONOGRAPHY.

Through the lens of Iconography, we would first understand that the clay bole used on the image as well as the gold leafing found there have a HUGE message and symbolic meaning!

The clay symbolizes the earth from which Adam (and all humanity) was created. With
the gold leaf, you "breathe life" into the clay, as God breathed life into Adam.

Just as raw clay is fired into a handsome and durable pot, applying gold leaf "fires"
the clay bole into luminous beauty, reflecting earthly and heavenly light. So through the lens of Iconography, the message found in OLGuadalupe reaffirms that She is the New Eve and that where I see the torso of Christ in her inner robe which is done in these clay tones, IS the New Adam and the gold leafing, reveals the breath of God, the Divine Light.

SHROUD; The New Adam, free from sin, with an act of his free will allows the manifestation of our sins, the spiritual depravity, to make itself visible upon His body so as to bare it and then birth us all through his sacrifice into His Father's heavenly kingdom. The New Adam's glorified and redeemed body is what created the image onto this holy cloth.

4. The Song of Songs

"Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, and come with me.

See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.

Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
is heard in our land."
(Song of Songs 2:10-12)

It is as if Mary is being invited to rise and be assumed into heaven! To demonstrate the redemption of woman as well as man has been accomplished. God unties all of the knots that Adam and Even tied. He makes all things new.

Tilma; Mary is both sister and bride as well as Mother. As sister, she has provided the flesh and blood, without a biological father, thus acting as a twin might. The splitting off from one person and the creation of another. This is what took place when Adam was asleep and Eve came from His side. There was not a union of two become one flesh. So in the tilma we see Mary, offering her side, her flesh, for the Son of God to be given the hands and feet upon which to give His life for the Redemption of the world. The constellation of Gemini is over her torso. The Nahuatl indians wrote in glyphs and not letters. There way to write the most beautiful of love songs and poetry was the glyphs of flowers and flower clusters. Music, was the highest form of prayer and to dance and sing was the highest form of worship. The flower glyphs on the robe of our lady is "written" by God revealing to the indians this is a divine love song of the greatest form of love and of worship of the one true God. To love, free from concupiscence.

Even now, I have been told that Msgr. Eduardo Chavez has placed pins into the center of the flowers and tested his theory to see if a song or melody would manifest and indeed, there is. I have believed this from the moment I began to see that OLGuadalupe is an Icon of the New Eve. She is the Bride that sings her beautiful song to the Bridegroom. That song is an invitation for the world to ponder the biblical book of the bible and discern and contemplate the love poetry of our God in the Song of Songs. We are called to love our sister and our bride. Jesus himself, desires for us to be nourished at his mother's breast, as we see in many pictures of the saints that had mystical experiences of this. We are called, to be brothers and sisters by sharing in His mother's milk and in fact her protection under her mantle. She is His sister , His mother and His Bride. I have also found significant writings of Blessed Amadeus as well as Fr. Miguel Sanchez that believed this image had a message for the church as the lady of the apocalypse. He believed that she would be a great intercessor of healing and evangelization to the world. He even speculated that the flowers on the hill, which were many, held great significance to the story. I have researched these flowers and agree. There were many flowers gathered on Tepeyac hill and I believe they are all significant to the story being told through Iconography to the Church of the 21st century.

SHROUD; There has been the discovery of the flowers within the image. Not only has there been similarities to iconography, but there is even some experts that believe that there are "cartoon" shaped flowers on the image. I suspect that they also would play a song if pins were placed into the centers and that if played while the tilma song played, would create a melody and harmony. These images are receptive and the parallels and similarities are great. These are only SOME of what I have found and I am a nobody, a no one, a mother of 8. But, St. Juan Diego was also an average everyday person, and perhaps sometimes, the littlest ones are the ones that hear. I could be wrong, but I believe we are all being invited to contemplate the images of the Shroud and the Tilma in light of one another (also with Divine Mercy).

For more info on other areas I am developing, please read the other articles related to this on my blog.

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Mexico is being held hostage by Santa Muerte

Mexico is being held hostage by Santa Muerte. Well actually, she goes by many names. Santa Muerte, Isis, Jezebel, Ashtoreth, Mother Earth are just some of her names. Why Mexico? because there are many graces, conversions and healing's are waiting to pour out to the world through Our Lady of Guadalupe as well as the location having a geographical significance. There is also a well of healing waters attributed to St. Michael the archangel within a few miles of the apparition site which is approved by the Catholic Church and has many healing's and miracles associated with it. BUY MY BOOK ON THE NEW DISCOVERIES

Our Lady of Guadalupe was a gift from heaven to earth revealing the truth of God's love for His people through a series of events leading up to it's miraculous image appearing on the tilma of a simple man by the name of Juan Diego. The culture that surrounded him in what is now known as central mexico, was the place of demonic worship of false gods that demanded the ritualistic sacrifice and cannibalism of hundreds of thousands of human beings on the altars made to deity's that the Aztec people believed controlled everything from the success of crops to even the sun coming up in the sky day to day.

It is interesting that one of them, a goddess by the name of Tonatzin or Cihuacoatl. The relevant point is that this "goddess" that had occupied the hill in which OL Guadalupe would later appear once Bishop Zummaraga destroyed the altar's previously occupying it, was in fact a goddess of that herself had been murdered by her children, her head being severed and two serpents heads grew back in it's place. Her breasts, flaccid, convey that there is no life here, but that she is devoid of life. Her sacrifices, babies, preferably male, smeared in maize (corn) in which she also was believed to be controller of (fertility and crops of corn which was the food that they depended upon for survival) were killed upon her altars, it was said that the more the child screamed or suffered before death was pleasing to this goddess and therefore it made the offering even more efficacious.

This is important for two reasons. One, it shows the parallels to the Aztec culture of 1531 and the culture of 21st century modern man. We too have embraced false gods of materialism, technology and more. There are even false gods, of the demonic kind wherein persons like Aleister Crowley, developed formal acts of worship and invoking of demons, along with black masses and sacrificial murder of infants, preferably male and the child was tortured first for optimal suffering.

The second reason is that we are in need of evangelization by means of a simple catechism and that is what pictures can do, specifically Icons. They are sacred doorways and it was through the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that 10 million Aztecs were converted in 7 years and I am confident that through the lens of Iconography as well as another miracle from Our Lady of Guadalupe, this will be accomplished again.

So many of us lost our understanding or even our belief in the supernatural, much less of the Divine Creator and His plan for mankind's salvation, this was true for the Aztec people as well. I have a theory based on my research with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the tilma. It is actually based on history as well as the tilma, specifically the 3 constellations found placed on the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Draco the Dragon, hydra the serpent and scorpio the scorpion. The dragon is poised just under her head, it head and eyes being stared down by Mary. Hydra the serpent, is crawling up her belly as if to devour her unborn child. Scorpio the scorpion is just over her left shoulder on the right side of the tilma. This particular constellation is of significance. While the bible speaks of the dragon as the great deceiver, the one that brings confusion, disorder, division and schism, the serpent brings death and the scorpion brings wounds and perversions. Scorpio has always been catagorized as having feminine attributes. If you have ever seen the movie "The Star Of Bethlehem" you will be in awe as you see the scientific documentation of the constellations being placed exactly where the bible says they were for all of the major events in salvation history.

So it seems that once again this diabolical "trinity" of evil is at work in Mexico. Santa Muerte is back this time as the saint of death that the drug cartel have embraced as their female goddess of protection and offer her formal satanic worship and blood sacrifice so as to continue to work their evil deeds in Mexico. What they do not realize is that "she" has an agenda of her own.

Throughout history there has been an anti-mary prowling about the world seeking the ruin of souls continues to be verified. She, this feminine demonic entity is seen throughout history, she just is given a different name. We need to pray, like never before in the history of the church for the intercession of the true Queen of Heaven and Earth, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to interceed and bring her children out from under the oppression of this false goddess by the name of Santa Muerte and her "Bishop" promoting her worship is Bishop David Romo Guillén, a former priest of the Catholic Church.

This demonic false goddess has now manifested once again in Mexico, this time she is Santa Muerte, I believe she was called Tonantzin or Cihuacoatl. This translates as snake woman. The hill in which she demanded the that hundreds of thousands of children and women to be sacrificed to her during the Aztec rule was the very hill that Our Lady of Guadalupe reclaimed for Christ. Fr. Miguel Guadalupe, who wrote "The seven veils of Our Lady of Guadalupe" believed that this was because geographical locations of divine receptivity exist in the world. That is why particular places are where Mary appears and asks for a church to be built. The enemy claims them for himself to deprive mankind of these graces, setting up a counterfeit. This lie is being exposed by Our Lady of Guadalupe and I pray we listen to her.

Tonantzin or Cihuacoatl, is the same demonic goddess that has achieved cult status and official worship in Mexico. Is it no wonder that so many are afraid to travel there because of the increase in murder and drug related crime?

In the above image, you see Santa Muerte wearing a blue robe like mantle as if she were some how equal to that of a holy saint. To cover ones head is a sign of humility, of being under authority, neither of which this demonic profanity would be capable of. She profanes all that is holy and her worshippers offer her bouquets of grapes and bread as well as candy and cigarettes at her altars in exchange for miracles which have been attributed to her.

Tonantzin or more precisely Cihuacoatl, is depicted much in the same way as Santa Muerte. While one is depicted with flacid breasts, connoting that she is not only devoid life but is incapable of nourishing anyone or anything, the other is a skeleton making her look like a grim reeper.

Santa Muerte stands upright in a long flowing white dress making a mockery of purity and her followers place a crown on her head as if she is worthy of queenship. Some of her images depict her nursing a crucified Jesus Christ on her knees. You can see from the image above that her followers wear scapulars of her image, they keep statues and shrines in their homes to her and they attribute miracles through her intercession. The color of red on these statues insinuate martyrdom. All of these things are typical of satanic worship which was somewhat formalized by Aleister Crowley's writings. The highest of all sacrifices is that of innocent blood, it takes what is holy, the innocent sacrifice of the lamb, Jesus Christ, and it profanes it by by offering unholy "Black Masses" which mimic a Catholic Mass, shedding the blood of the innocent, a male child being the highest sacrifice and a "woman altar" being the most unholiest of places to offer these dark gifts to the enemy himself. This is strangely similiar to abortion is it not?

The Santa Muerte cult has become the Icon from which the drug traffickers in Mexico call upon and venerate. They believe the female "saint" protects them from death or arrest and can in fact intercede on their behalf and behalf of their loved ones who need help getting out of jail.

The cult is growing in popularity. People from all backgrounds are beginning to worship this death saint. "The Mercy Church" was founded in 2000, and the Traditional Catholic Church Mex-USA was officially recognized as a religion by the Mexican government in 2003. Followers deny they practice witchcraft or satanism. The people who worship this death goddess her as kind of angel who kills people on God's orders, akin to Archangels Gabriel and Michael. They have even picked a festival day for her, Aug. 15. Vendors now sell Grim Reaper T-shirts, complete with the "Prayer to Saint Death," outside the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico's holiest shrine.Worried by the trend, Catholic priests in central Mexico City are giving sermons about Rome's take on the issue: that death is a phenomenon, not a saint or an angel. Last month, 500 Catholics from three parishes held an outdoor Mass near one of the St. Death shrines to show they reject the movement, Roman said.

But, said Romo, "to the people here, Death offers friendship, hope, and miracles. We're the church of the people, down here among the people ... and that's why the Roman Catholic Church sees us as a threat."

"The people who live here are people who have problems, and death is a very real and close thing to them," said Arturo Garcia, one of Mercy Church's priests. "For us, Saint Death is an angel of God, a messenger."

Devotees regard Death as a kind of angel who kills people on God's orders, akin to Archangels Gabriel and Michael. They have even picked a festival day for her, Aug. 15. Vendors now sell Grim Reaper T-shirts, complete with the "Prayer to Saint Death," outside the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico's holiest shrine. Notice in the image of this anti-mary priest offering some sort of "blessing" with out stretched arms, there is an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the background, perhaps used in some sort of desecration ritual?

Fr. Gabriel Amorth of the Vatican, who specializes in exorcisms has said that demons are drawn to blood. So in the Aztec world, perhaps these pagan gods were not just a made up pretend entity but was perhaps a demon, offering intercession for the continued sacrificing of innocent blood on the altars consecrated to them. This shedding of blood, spilled down the stairs and coated the walls, it was considered sacred to the priests of the aztec culture. So much so that the heart was ripped out while it was still beating and some of the priests ate the bodies of the sacrificed vicitims. This again is a profanation of the mass. The sacrifice of the innocent lamb shed for all so that sins are forgiven and we are to eat the body and blood of Christ so that we may live in him and he might live in us.

We see this being paralleled in our own culture as abortion on demand has grown and is now legal in Mexico. Abortion on demand parallels the ritualistic sacrifices of innocents on the altars of these false gods as does euthanasia. I contend that the enemy is up to his same old tricks and it is business as usual.

One example of abortion being a practice of satanical ritual was revealed to the world by Abigail Seidman. She was interviewed on saying that

"The account according to Seidman, her mother’s descent into the abortion culture was not motivated by the usual social talking points - to save women from dangerous back-alley abortions, or to “help” women in difficult situations - or even for the money. It was a religion – literally. Seidman described her mother’s abortion clinic as “pervaded with occult imagery and practices.” The workers considered “abortion to be a form of sacrifice,” would perform the procedure as a sort of ritual, and worshipped deities embodying death, she said. Pro-lifers must acknowledge abortion’s connection with the occult - and recognize it as a key part of pulling out the abortion industry by the roots."

Seidman says that there was ritual drug use, “sacred prostitution,” and ritual abortions performed after-hours, involving clinic staff who had intentionally become pregnant.

To have a truly Black Mass, this unholy Santa Muerte would require someone who knows the beautiful traditions of the Catholic Church so as to best profane what is sacred and holy right?
They say people from all backgrounds worship the death saint, at ceremonies that include an altered version of the Roman Catholic mass.

Well, they have that covered as well. This former priest of the Catholic Church has joined this dark cult and become the self proclaimed ArchBishop in this diabolic faith. He is reported to have over 5 million followers. He is believed to be a part of the Gulf Drug Cartel (aka Los Zetas).

David Romo was arrested 3 days prior to the Jared Loughner shooting in Arizona. Jared was a member of this satanic cult and it is believed that he was used to murder the Judge who was overseeing the case and prosecution of David Romo.

At Romo's church, chains are hung on walls as examples of favours granted by the saint, often including getting out of jail.

The church's website features ceremonies to help prisoners get out of legal problems.
It is not the first time the church has come into conflict with officialdom. In March 2009 city workers accompanied by army troops toppled and crushed more than 30 death saint shrines on a road in the city of Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Laredo, Texas.

The group has registered with the interior department in 2003 so as to allow it to raise money. It declared its purpose was to conserve the Tridentine mass of the Roman Catholic church. The group did not mention in its registry application that its main activity is to pray for the intercession of Saint Death.

So you see, it seems this death saint, this anti-mary has once again manifested herself in an attempt to thwart salvation history. But just as she failed as Isis, Jezabel, Astoreth, Cihuacoatl, mother earth, and others, she will once again fail because the true Queen, Our Lady of Guadalupe will triumph, her Immaculate Heart will triumph! The reason why Mexico is under attack is that this death saint knows how powerful Our Lady of Guadalupe is and how she will be the triumph of the Church and so this death saint is once again trying to subvert God's plan.

Pray for the Intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, trust in her and she will protect you, heal your wounds, open your heart to Divine Mercy. She precipitated the coming of Jesus Christ into the world once and now, she is doing it a second and perhaps final time. Our Lady of Guadalupe; protect us, hide us, heal us and open us to the Divine love and will of Jesus Christ. Amen

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Creados para el amor, la Virgen de Guadalupe

Creados para el amor, la Virgen de Guadalupe

La semana pasada fue la fiesta de la Inmaculada Concepción, así como la fiesta de Juan Diego y la Virgen de Guadalupe. Hace aproximadamente un año, tuve un encuentro con la imagen de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, que cambió mi forma de entender quién y qué está María, que Dios ama al mundo y mi lugar en esta revelación entera.

Yo estaba en Filadelfia en la Teología del Instituto del cuerpo y fue invitado a cenar con una pareja, Ryan y Lisa, que vivía cerca. En la cena que hemos visitado y compartido nuestro viaje como padres de familia, educación en el hogar y mucho más. Me gustaron tanto al instante. Al mismo tiempo, Lisa me preguntó si alguna vez miró de cerca la imagen de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Tuve que confesar que yo no tenía, después de todo, siempre he pensado que esta imagen era sólo una imagen de la Virgen ya que apareció en México, nada más y nada menos. Muchacho que fue una sorpresa muy grande.

Salió de la habitación y volvió con una vela, ya sabes los que tienen las imágenes en ellos? Este tenía una imagen pegada en la parte exterior de la Virgen de Guadalupe. Ella procedió me dicen que un día, cuando estaba mirando la imagen, que discierne lo que parecía ser una línea en el vestido interior que era comparable a la que se encuentra en el vientre de una mujer embarazada que se llama una línea negra. Este es el oscurecimiento de la piel debido a los cambios en las hormonas, que se extiende desde el ombligo a la zona de la pelvis y es muy común que las mujeres que están esperando.

Mientras miraba la ropa interior, sentí una profunda visión de la imagen que me dejó sin aliento. No sólo tenía que ver lo que estaba viendo, pero no vi más. Vi que la túnica de todo parecía un torso, pero no cualquier torso. Me pareció que el torso de Cristo. Derecho en el centro del torso es la línea que se encuentra en el tejido mismo de la misma tela. Esto es considerado por muchos expertos como el centro exacto de la imagen original, ya que se ha cortado a la medida los marcos en los últimos años, cambiando así la forma.

Si seguimos la línea, de hecho, hay una zona oscura de la que el ombligo se, la línea que va hacia abajo, conduce a una zona de sombra que se ve como dos muslos se unen en la zona púbica. Mientras seguía la línea oscura desde el ombligo, vi que justo a la derecha de la misma, en donde la flor en forma de corazón es (y donde se podría esperar un corazón para estar dentro de un cuerpo), vi el corazón perforado de Cristo , incluso hay una línea curva como la de la corriente de agua y sangre que sale de la curva del corazón y en los pliegues justo debajo de la flor de jazmín cuatro pétalos que es un glifo de la verdad y por el único Dios verdadero.

Me quedé pasmado. Justo en frente de mí, yo estaba viendo el torso de Cristo, cuyos brazos extendidos hacia arriba y se convierten en sus brazos, como si simbólicamente fueron el transporte que están unidos en el propósito de terminar con sus meñiques cruzados en la cruz de San Antonio. También me di cuenta cómo sólo cuatro de sus dedos en cada mano mostrar al igual que el sudario de Turín es de Cristo crucificado, otra imagen de Santo dice que es una imagen milagrosa. Desde entonces, he tomado dos imágenes superpuestas y ellos y descubrí otras coincidencias hermosas.

Al salir de la casa las parejas de la noche, me dieron un libro sobre la imagen de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de leer. Estuve despierto toda la noche leyéndolo. Estoy seguro de que algunos de ustedes están sacudiendo la cabeza hacia mí diciendo: "No sabía que se trataba de un códice o una lengua en forma de imagen a los indios náhuatl?" No, pero lo hice y ahora me estaba empezando a conseguir un mucho más. Al leer el Manual de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, empecé a descifrar el códice con el objetivo de la Teología del Cuerpo. Algo estaba pasando, empecé a ver un mensaje relacionado con nuestros propios tiempos. Empecé a ver un nuevo propósito revelado de la imagen y fue un mensaje al mundo que hemos sido creados para el amor. Este mensaje se llena de la divina misericordia y la gracia que estaba literalmente emana fuera de la foto mientras yo miraba la Virgen de Guadalupe.

Los glifos de la imagen, hablaban una lengua en forma de códice a los indios náhuatl. Este mensaje de significado el fin de los sacrificios humanos y que una nueva civilización había llegado (la forma del corazón transmite colina o montaña, la "deriva" de la flor eran un signo para el río o el agua y juntos se revela la civilización) en esta imagen Se reveló que ella era lo que el único Dios verdadero, que era mayor que cualquiera de sus dioses (que tapaban el sol, por lo tanto los rayos procedentes de detrás de ella).

El glifo de la cara del "hombre sabio" que se puede ver en el 9 flores en forma de corazón grande dijo otra verdad para mí. Ya que cree que la línea curva que emana de la flor del corazón en forma de glifo es el de la fuente de la Divina Misericordia, (después de todo lo que vino desde el corazón al igual que la imagen de la Divina Misericordia y que también se originó en el vientre de la Virgen en la encarnación del Cristo estaba en el interior de su vientre) el resto de la revelación vino a mí en una ola de pensamiento.

¿Qué pasa si la cara del hombre sabio era Juan Pablo II, que no sólo canonizada Sor Faustina, dando así el mensaje de la misericordia divina para el mundo, pero lo que si esta "nueva civilización" estaba a punto de hacer que nuestro corazón derecho, destrenzado ellos, poniendo una "persona" o la cara en nuestros corazones para que no se objetivan los demás como él escribió en Amor y responsabilidad y en la Teología del Cuerpo.

Incluso su nombre, "Guadalupe" que comparte con el nombre de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe en España, esculpida por San Lucas y se titula "La Reina de la Misericordia" porque protegía a los que buscaban su intercesión.

En la imagen de España, es una madre, sosteniendo al niño Jesús. En la imagen de México, ella es una mujer embarazada con el Dios encarnado. La misericordia de Dios, la razón para que cada hombre. Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe dijo estas palabras a Juan Diego en el cerro del Tepeyac "¿No estoy aquí yo, que soy tu Madre? ¿No estás bajo mi sombra y resguardo? Soy un no a la fuente de tu alegría? ¿No estás en el hueco de mi manto, en el cruce de mis brazos? ¿Necesita algo más? No dejes que nada más te preocupa o te moleste. "Ella es la fuente de nuestra alegría. También llamó a sí misma nuestra madre misericordiosa. Lo que está en la Reliquia de su manto? La misericordia de Cristo, el amor de Dios se demuestra en la encarnación. No es de extrañar que se nos dice a nosotros mismos en el lugar de santificar su manto, porque aquí es donde la Trinidad.

Hallazgos más milagroso han sido revelados en el siglo pasado. Para instanct, en sus ojos, utilizando microscopios de alta potencia y equipos de imágenes de San Juan Diego, el obispo y los demás se han encontrado en sus ojos. Se trata de una interesante nota al margen de que sus ojos muestran una reflexión triple (Samson-Purkinje efecto) característica que se encuentra en un ojo vivo. En uno de sus ojos un descubrimiento de un hombre y una mujer con varios hijos se encuentran, lo que representa una familia. Me parece que las imágenes de la familia extraña reminiscencia de los temas del pontífice de JP2. Si la familia se ve en los ojos de María, esto revela mucho de nosotros sobre el futuro de la "iglesia", ya que María es la madre de nuestra iglesia y estamos a su iglesia.

"La familia es la iglesia doméstica". El significado de esta idea cristiana tradicional es que el hogar es la Iglesia en miniatura. La Iglesia es el sacramento del amor de Dios. Ella es una comunión de fe y vida. Ella es madre y maestra. Ella está al servicio de toda la familia humana, ya que avanza hacia su destino final. De la misma manera que la familia es una comunidad de vida y amor. Se educa y conduce a sus miembros a su madurez humana plena y sirve al bien de todos a lo largo del camino de la vida La familia es la "célula primera y vital de la sociedad". A su manera, es una imagen viva y una representación histórica del misterio de la Iglesia. El futuro del mundo y de la Iglesia, por tanto, pasa a través de la familia ". Homilía del Papa Juan Pablo II 30 de noviembre 1986.

Juan Pablo II nos ha traído estos mensajes en la Teología del Cuerpo, el Amor y Responsabilidad. Dentro de ellos, que deseaba compartir con nosotros la relación de Dios, que es la Trinidad (Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo). La trinidad revela profundas verdades teológicas con nosotros acerca de quién es Dios. Estamos llamados a "conocer" a Dios. Así como dice la Escritura "y María no sabía que el hombre" este conocimiento es una de la intimidad y la relación y es la forma en que Dios desea "conocer" a nosotros (la unión y la comunión).

JP2 desea revelar que cada uno de nosotros estamos llamados a esta unión y comunión. JP2 también trabajó incansablemente para compartir la dignidad de toda vida y nuestra vocación al amor libre, plena, fiel y fecundo. Así es como queremos conocer, amar y servir a Dios para que pudiéramos entrar en unión y comunión con Dios, no sólo en el Cielo, pero ahora en la tierra. Creo que todas estas verdades son reveladas en esta imagen.


He empezado a leer todos los libros que puedo en la imagen de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. He llegado a ver muchas cosas en los glifos, en el códice, en el icono como imagen de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. ¿Cuál es la cosa más importante que creo que se revela en la imagen? Yo tendría que decir que la imagen más importante que veo es abrumadora símbolos de la trinidad.

Dios el Padre (creador y dador de vida, expresado en su receptividad de la maternidad) de tal manera amó al mundo que Él se humilló y se hizo hombre (encarnación de Cristo en su vientre). Dios el Hijo, (puesto de manifiesto durante el embarazo que significa faja, así como el torso de Cristo se ve en la túnica interna) de tal manera amó el Padre que se dio como un regalo de vuelta al Padre (el flujo de sangre y el agua de la traspasaron "corazón" sale de la "boca" del glifo del sabio se encuentra dentro del corazón) el flujo de las cascadas de sangre y el agua por el 3 pliegues (símbolo del Dios único y verdadero trino?) justo debajo de la flor de cuatro pétalos de jazmín (la verdad , Dios) nos muestra que el Padre recibió el don del hijo. Este amor fue tan completa y total que se da la vida (los tres pliegues, así como el hecho de que su embarazo es el resultado de ser eclipsado por el poder del Espíritu Santo).

Los gemelos idénticos resultado de la división de un único embrión, una sola carne se convierte en dos comparten el mismo ADN. En esta imagen vemos que Cristo tiene su humanidad de la carne de María está sola (sin padre biológico) y, al hacerlo, las ganancias de las manos y los pies en el que darse a sí mismo como un sacrificio para la humanidad. El Arzobispo Fulton Sheen dice que "desde que una mujer juega un papel tan grande en la caída del hombre, que no de la mujer y luego jugar un gran papel en la salvación del hombre?"

Curiosamente, la constelación de Géminis, los gemelos, se encuentra en el torso indica esta profunda verdad que Dios hizo el cuerpo que hizo que su cuerpo. Son carne de la misma carne, unidos en la unión propósito de transporte de propósito y de amor, así como la comunión ya que no sólo cada participio de su ADN existen dentro de Cristo, sino que también está llevando a su forma infantil en su vientre, dándole la sangre y agua en la que le dan vida. A continuación, retribuye al darnos su sangre y el agua en el que nos lleve a todos, a través de su misericordia hacia el otro mundo.

Eva, fue traído al mundo a través del don de sí mismo y por la carne de Adán llegó a ser. Ahora, el nuevo Adán, a través de la donación de sí mismo y el don de la nueva Eva, recibirá su carne de la carne de María. Así que parece que Dios realmente hace nuevas todas las cosas. En un principio, en la víspera que no, de su propia voluntad, tomó, con su no a Dios y al hacerlo, trajo la fruta (conocimiento del bien y del mal) de la muerte en su cuerpo y, posteriormente, causó la muerte a todos sus descendencia.
Todo se hace nuevo, cuando la nueva Eva, María, de su propia voluntad, se entrega como un don y en obras por lo pone en su cuerpo el fruto de la vida y de todo el conocimiento, en su cuerpo y posteriormente dio vida a toda la humanidad. María es el arca, que es la primera parte del tabernáculo y la vemos de pie en la luna como si se tratara de una patente, suspendida por un ángel que se la venera.

Encontré muchos "secretos" que no he visto documentado en ninguna parte. No estoy seguro si son para mi propia fe o para otros. Yo pensaba que iba a compartir este conocimiento, porque uno a saber que he sido creado para el amor y la misericordia de Dios es tan grande que haría lo que fuera necesario para llevar este mensaje a mí, parece demasiado grande el tesoro que guardo para mí. De hecho hemos sido creados para el amor. Espero que la temporada de Navidad se llena con la revelación de que Dios está con nosotros y vino a estar físicamente con nosotros en la carne de la humanidad para que podamos participar en la salvación de la humanidad. En la imagen de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Dios revela que no hay cuerpos en que él no iba a revelar su amor al mundo. [Imagen]

El icono de la nueva Eva y El Nuevo Adán, Cantar de los Cantares en la tilma

El icono de la nueva Eva y El Nuevo Adán, Cantar de los Cantares en la tilma

Una de mis últimas "de discernimiento" de que el Cantar de los Cantares "escrito" (icono no están pintadas, pero por escrito y este es uno de mis argumentos principales, que hay un mensaje escrito en la imagen de la tilma de la Iglesia de la 21 ª siglo a través de la lente de Iconografía) en la imagen ha sido confirmada, al menos para mí. El sacerdote de la imagen es el padre. Tim, alguien a quien creen que María se va a revelar parte de su plan a través de los próximos años, por favor, oren por él.
[Imagen] [Imagen]

Esto sería una demostración más de que la era tecnológica que tiene el equipo para detectar, sería re-invitados a discernir la imagen de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Hasta el momento, a causa de un microscopio, se ha encontrado el efecto Purkinje, los efectos de un ojo vivo, así como 14 personas entre ellos una familia, y el obispo Zummarago y San Juan Diego, todos ellos considerados como presentes en la sala en la la época de San Juan Diego abrió su tilma y la imagen de repente "apareció". El segundo es el que las constelaciones tal como aparecieron en la latitud y longitud exacta de la aparición son depuestos en la tilma en la ubicación exacta de la mañana del 08 de diciembre 1531 por medio de las estrellas en su manto exterior. Matemáticas avanzadas Kepler y super computadoras y programas de software son necesarios para este descubrimiento se encuentra y luego confirmado. Ahora, una canción, puede estar presente y descubrió sólo después de entrar en el siglo 20 en el que los dispositivos de música se han inventado para escuchar la canción? ¿Soy la única persona a la pregunta de "¿Puede haber un mensaje en la tilma para el siglo de la Iglesia que se parece más a la cultura azteca? Somos, después de todo, una cultura con dioses falsos, derramamiento de sangre inocente y en la necesidad de la intervención divina, así como el catecismo de un pobre hombre a re-evangelizar el mundo pagano no es así?

Por lo tanto, sostengo, estamos haciendo descubrimientos en una imagen que siempre tuvo que estos nuevos hallazgos, pero que estaban por la que se inactiva hasta la edad en que más lo necesitan, no sólo lo descubriría, pero, a través de un regalo de la efusión del Espíritu Santo habrá una efusión de la gracia y la receptividad al mundo para que nosotros, a través de la puerta sagrada del arte, descubre el mundo espiritual. La de los aztecas fueron catequizados a través de los glifos, a través de imágenes que hablaban un idioma para ellos. A través del lente de la iconografía y la ciencia, la teología y la tecnología están revelando las enseñanzas de nuestra fe una vez más, y espero ver a millones curado, convertido y protegido a través de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.


Acabo de ser informado por un amigo que viajó a México y se reunió con Monseñor. Eduardo Chávez. Mi amigo me dijo que monseñor. Eduardo ha tomado pines y ponerlas en cada centro de cada flor y luego lo había analizado y puesto a través de algún tipo de dispositivo para probar la teoría de que una canción o melodía que existe dentro de la imagen. No estoy seguro si eso es un dispositivo como el joyero pequeño tuve que cuando lo abrió, el cilindro de metal que, cuando se volvió, se giro y los pasadores de la que sería arrancar en un peine de acero creando una bella melodía, por lo general, una canción de amor. Bueno, tengo entendido que mons. Eduardo Chávez encontró encontró que hay una canción o una melodía en la estructura de los racimos de flores que cuando las clavijas están arrancadas, crea una melodía. No tengo todos los detalles sobre esto, pero estoy trabajando en conseguir ellos y actualizar esta cuando lo haga.

Tuve este mismo discernimiento y lo compartió en mayo de este año con el padre. Pedro Damián Fehlner, el director del Santuario de Guadalupe OL en La Crosse. Fr. Peter es un Fehlner Marionologist, un experto en Teología en lo que respecta a María. Yo le dije que yo creía que hay un mensaje de María es tanto la hermana y la novia. Hermana, que al igual que un hermano gemelo, que se separó de su lado y le dio su carne, toda ella, a Jesús. Hermana, que en el Cantar de los Cantares, se nos invita a contemplar el amor de la novia y el novio como la hermana primero y luego novia. Es también un mensaje de amor con razón, sin el desorden de la concupiscencia. La constelación de Géminis es el doble por encima de su vientre.

Yo le dije que yo creía que había una canción en la imagen, en el manto. No sabía cómo lo confirman, sin embargo, cree firmemente en el hecho de que Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe es el icono de la nueva Eva, y que creía que la Sábana Santa es el icono del nuevo Adán. He leído la investigación de los antiguos indios náhuatl, y que escribió / pintó en los jeroglíficos de flores para representar las canciones de amor y poesía amorosa.

Los racimos de flores para representar los más hermosos poemas de la oración y la música. Yo le dije que yo creía que oculta dentro de los grupos de la bata, se encuentra una canción. Es una canción de la música sagrada. He basado este en el hecho de bailar en su cultura es una forma de oración o de entrar en la oración.

Ella es la mujer en el Cantar de los Cantares.

El hecho de que Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe se está bailando significaba que ella está participando en la canción que revela que ella es la novia. Sin embargo, ella está haciendo la música porque ella está llevando a cabo por la reproducción del Marruecos que se está llevando a cabo en las palmas de las manos (sin embargo, es la música sacra ya que su dedo meñique se encuentran en la posición de la cruz de San Antonio). El hecho de que ella está haciendo la música muestra su papel en la redención del hombre como su propia concepción fue concebida inmaculada (1 ª fecha de la aparición) y que a través de su Fiat, su sí, el nuevo Adán se le dio la carne y la sangre de la que para dar nosotros su Fiat. Así como Adán fue libre de la concupiscencia, cuando de su lado el 100% de su ADN se utilizó para crear a la mujer. Al igual que un gemelo embrionarias que divide, fractura de Adán y el aliento de Dios en su mujer creada. Así que ahora tenemos la nueva Eva, libre de concupiscencia, compartiendo su carne para dar vida al nuevo Adán.

Esta teología es compartida gráficamente en la que está llevando a cabo Marruecos en la mano (su inmaculada concepción y su Fiat, su participación se valida). María revela a todas las mujeres que también están llamados a la redentor. Ella es la redención de la mujer y para todas las mujeres tienen la esperanza de ser cantado por el novio.
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María participa en todos los niveles, así como Cristo hace nuevas todas las cosas, también es elevada al cielo para que lo femenino receptivo es redimido y hasta que su cuerpo está glorificado y resucitado a los cielos, así como Cristo fue para mostrar al mundo que mientras el hombre y la mujer cayó en el jardín, hombres y mujeres que fueron creados, y adivinar lo que la tilma y el sudario contar la historia a través del arte sagrado, que hombres y mujeres que son redimidos. Es la historia del hombre escatológico. Se trata de la Teología del Cuerpo. Es por eso que el glifo del Beato Papa Juan Pablo 11 es que, así como el Cantar de los Cantares.

Ruego, si se puede compartir cualquier información sobre esta nueva investigación sobre un tema real que se encuentra en la imagen que se puede compartir conmigo la forma de encontrar esta información. Tengo más ideas tantos para compartir acerca de lo que la imagen de OLGuadalupe es cantarle a todo el mundo porque dentro de la imagen, es un mensaje para la Iglesia del siglo 21.
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Por cierto, hay un mensaje sobre un impío y diabólico "trinidad" del dragón, la serpiente y el escorpión en la imagen también. Están trabajando en una profanación de la falta de santidad que todos se burlan de Dios, pero, sin embargo, desde el principio han estado llevando sobre el engaño, la división, la confusión y el cisma (el dragón / draco) la pérdida, el asesinato, la muerte, de la dignidad de la persona y de la vida y el derramamiento de sangre actúa como la gasolina en llamas a esta entidad (la serpiente / hydra) y la perversión, por último, heridas, la profanación de la feminidad y la masculinidad (el escorpión / Escorpión). Incluso el signo de Escorpio con la M y la cola bifurcada parece que hablan un lenguaje vulgar.

Esta perversión impía y diabólica forma de un triángulo invertido sobre la imagen con la cabeza del dragón se miró por María como ella mantiene a la familia en sus ojos. Ella es el poder sobre el que vamos a estar protegido contra esta fuerza de trabajo en el mundo, y ha sido en el trabajo (Osiris, Isis y Horus), ya que mi opinión es que han estado trabajando desde el principio del tiempo, se va para traer la curación de heridas profundas a muchos y que va a ordenar correctamente a sus hijos a fin de prepararnos para nuestra confrontación final que creo que es muy pronto. Creo que estamos en un fin de una era y ella desea ser nuestro intercesor, con su hijo de la misericordia divina.

The Icon Of The New Eve and The New Adam; Song of Songs on the Tilma

One of my latest "discernment's" that the Song of Songs is "written"(Icon's are not painted but written and this is one of my main contentions, that there is a message written in the image of the Tilma for the Church of the 21st Century through the lens of Iconography) in the image has been confirmed, at least to me. The priest in the picture is Fr. Tim, someone I believe Mary is going to be revealing much of her plan through in the next several years, please pray for him.

This would be one more demonstration that the technological age that would have the equipment to detect it, would be re-invited to discern the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. So far, because of a micro-scope, we have found the Purkinje effect, the effects of a living eye as well as 14 people including a family and Bishop Zummarago and St. Juan Diego, all considered to be present in the room at the time St. Juan Diego opened his Tilma and the image suddenly "appeared". The second is the that the Constellations as they appeared at the exact latitude and longitude of the apparition are deposed on the tilma in the exact placement of the morning of Dec 8, 1531 by way of the stars on her outer mantle. Advanced Keplers mathematics and super computers and software programs were necessary for this discovery to be found and then confirmed. Now, a song, may be present and discovered only after entering into the 20th century upon which the music devices have been invented to hear the song? Am I the only person asking the question of "Could there be a message in the Tilma for the Century of the Church that is most like the Aztec culture? We are after all, a culture with false deities, shedding of innocent blood and in need of divine intervention as well as a poor man's catechism to re-evangelize our pagan world are we not?

So, I contend, we are making discoveries in an image that always held these new findings but they were laying dormant until the age upon which would need it most would not only discover it, but through a gift of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, there would be an outpouring of grace and receptivity to the world so that we would, through the sacred doorway of art, discover the spiritual realm. The Aztec's were catechized through glyphs, through pictures that spoke a language to them. Through the lens of Iconography and science, Theology and Technology are revealing the teachings of our faith once again and I expect to see millions healed, converted and protected through Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I have just been told by a friend who traveled to Mexico and met with Msgr. Eduardo Chavez. My friend told me that Msgr. Eduardo has taken pins and put them into every center of every flower and then had it analyzed and put through some kind of device to test the theory that a song or melody exists within the image. I am not sure if that is a device like the small jewelry box I had that when I opened it, the metal cylinder that when it turned, would spin and the the pins on it would pluck a steel comb creating a beautiful melody, usually, a love song. Well, it is my understanding that Msgr. Eduardo Chavez found found that there is a song or melody in the structure of the flower clusters that when the pins are plucked, creates a tune. I do not have all the specifics on this but am working on getting them and will update this when I do.

I had this same discernment and shared it in May of this year with Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, the director of the Shrine of OL Guadalupe in La Crosse. Fr. Peter Fehlner is a Marionologist, an expert in Theology as it pertains to Mary. I told him, I believed there is a message about Mary being both Sister and bride. Sister, in that like a twin, she split from her side and gave her flesh, all of it, to Jesus. Sister, in that in the song of songs, we are invited to contemplate the love of the bride and bridegroom as sister first then bride. It is also a message of loving rightly, without the disorder of concupiscence. The constellation of the Gemini Twin is over her belly.

I told him that I believed that there was a song in the image, in the robe. I did not know how to confirm this, yet believed it strongly based on the fact that OLG is the Icon of the New Eve and that I believed the Shroud is the Icon of the New Adam. I have read research of the ancient Nahuatl Indians and that they wrote/painted in flower glyphs to depict love songs and love poetry.

Clusters of flowers were to depict the most beautiful of prayerful poems and music. I told him that I believed that hidden within the clusters on her robe, lies a song. It is a song of holy music. I based this on the fact in their culture dancing is a form of prayer or entering into the prayer.

She IS the woman in the Song of Songs.

The fact that OLG is is dancing meant that she is participating in the song revealing that she IS the bride. Yet, she is making the music because she is performing by playing the morroco which she is holding in the palms of her hands (yet it is sacred music since her pinky's are in the position of St. Anthony's cross). The fact that she is making the music shows her role in the redemption of man as her own conception was immaculately conceived (1st date of apparition) and that through her Fiat, her yes, The New Adam was given flesh and blood from which to give us his Fiat. Just as Adam was free from concupiscence when from his side 100% of his DNA was utilized to create woman. Like an embryonic twin that splits, Adam split and the breath of God into her created woman. So now we have The New Eve, free from Concupiscence, sharing her flesh to give life to the New Adam.

This theology is shared pictorially in that she is holding the morocco in her hand (her immaculate conception and her Fiat, her participation is validated). Mary reveals to all women that we also are called to the redeemer. She is the redemption of woman and so all women have hope of being sung to by the Bridegroom.

Mary participates on every level as Christ makes all things new, she is also assumed into heaven so that the feminine receptive is redeemed and even her body is glorified and risen into heaven just as Christ's was to show the world that while man and woman fell in the garden, male and female they were created, well guess what the tilma and the shroud tell the story through sacred art that male and female we are redeemed. It is the story of Eschatological Man. It is Theology of the Body. That is why the glyph of Blessed Pope John Paul 11 is there as well as the Song of Songs.

I pray if you can share any information on this new research about an actual song being found in the image that you can share with me how to find this information. I have so many more insights to share about what the image of OLGuadalupe is SINGING to the world because within the image, is a message for the Church of the 21st Century.

By the way, there is a message about an unholy and diabolical "trinity" of the dragon, the serpent and the scorpion in the image as well. They are working in a profanation of unholiness all to mock God, but yet, since the very beginning have been bringing about deception, division, confusion and schism (the dragon/draco), murder, death, loss of dignity of person and of life and the shedding of blood acts like gasoline on flames to this entity (the serpent/hydra) and finally perversion, woundedness, desecration of femininity and masculinity (the scorpion/scorpio). Even the sign of scorpio with the M and the forked tail seems to be speak a profanity.

This unholy and diabolical perversion forms an inverted triangle over the image with the head of the dragon being stared down by Mary as she holds the family in her eyes. She is the power upon which we will be protected from this force at work in the world, and has been at work (osiris, isis and horus) since it is my contention they have been at work since the beginning of time, she is going to bring healing of deep wounds to many and she is going to rightly order her children to prepare us for our final confrontation which I believe is coming soon. I believe we are at an end of an age and She desires to be our intercessor, with her son of divine mercy.