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Healing Wounds through The 7 Sorrows

The Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary

What if I told you that if you pray the rosary of the 7 sorrows, the one Our Lady of Kibeho says are for this time in the Church, that you would be healed.

Praying the rosary of the 7 sorrows helps to heal us because it untwists the lies of the evil one.  When we see the lies we understand the judgments our hearts have made and even the inner vows we may have made in order to protect ourselves.  

No wonder people are free from addictions when they pray this rosary, it is because when lies are exposed and the vows are renounced the strongholds are removed and we are delivered from oppression. 

Click this link to print out your copy of the Rosary of The 7 Sorrows

The Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary
Exposes lies, judgments and Inner vows , which Heals Wounds, Which frees people from addictions, Strongholds and oppression.


1st Sorrow: Prophesy/Simon;
Heals idolatry of relationship. She went to be purified.  It undoes the impurities of our hearts.

Heals Wound=Rejection


2nd Sorrow: Flight Into Egypt;
Heals idolatry of fear, mistrust and idol of materialism.  It teaches detachment from worldly goods.

Heals Wound=Mother and Father Wounds (identity or shame issues) that resulted from neglect or abuse


3rd Sorrow= Losing Jesus;
Heals idolatry of control. Rather than being angry, she gave up control and realized that being
powerless was really about allowing God to be powerfully working doing His will.

Heals Wound=Powerlessness and Abandonment


4th Sorrow=Carrying The Cross;

Heals idolatry of fear or desire to use substance to avoid pain or suffering.  He picked up his cross, he did not avoid the pain he embraced his suffering and the task at hand.

Heals Wound=Fear identity issues, abuse in childhood can create a way to self medicate when anxiety becomes overwhelming.  Anxiety disorders are from being unable to face, for whatever reason, that which causes pain or suffering.  


5th Sorrow=Mary at the Foot of The Cross;

Heals idolatry of self.  Mary’s pain was her own as her heart was pierced but her concern                      was not for self but for Jesus.  The shame of being seen naked, the disgrace of our
Savior being killed on the cross did not become disordered in her heart, she did not focus on
self but she suffered at the foot of the cross experiencing what must have been the most difficult
moment in her life to bear.  She knew who God was, she knew her Son was part of God's plan of love and she fully trusted in Him at that painful moment.

Heals Wounds=Shame and identity issues, vanity issues and intellectual pride or importance to allow the self to control value rather than turn to the Father for identity


6th Sorrow= Receiving The Body of Christ;

Heals idolatry of substance for pleasure.  It rightly orders our need of spiritual and physical food to                    
fill the place inside with Him rather than false food, drink or substance.  We are called to Union and Communion, we are called to connections, relationships with others so that we can be seen.  We must be this vulnerable in order to be healed.  

Heals Wounds=Vulnerability Issues, Addictions and dissociative disorders, fear of abandonment


7th Sorrow=Christ's Body is Laid in The Tomb

Heals the idolatry of Status.  Christ was not laid in a tomb for a King, nor was he even laid in a tomb that was prepared for himself.  He had no place to lay his head, neither in birth nor death.  The King of King's and Lord of Lords was given the resting place of another because Christ had no status, he was crucified as a criminal and buried as a common thief would have been, in a tomb shared with others without status. 

Heals=Wound=Shame, Neglect, Identity feelings of not being seen or heard or being valued

 Here is the first of the four videos that pray the 7 Sorrows given to us by Our Lady of Kibeho and prayed by Immaculee Ilibagiza, the woman who survived the genocide in Rwanda and wrote the book "Left To Tell" and "Our Lady of Kibeho"


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