Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Hidden Meaning In The Song of Songs

This is something I wrote after a Marian retreat a few years ago.  I now realize that this is why Marian consecration is important. This is what she does.

"In the song of songs (Song of Solomon chapter 8 vs 1 & 2)

I see the image of our Lady of Guadalupe. "Drink at my mothers breasts and to enter into the chamber of her that conceived me is her womb "

 OLG is a pregnant mother and her breasts are already leaking colostrum as a mother close to delivery does. The image is Mary ready to give birth. 

Colostrum is that special fluid that which protects against disease by infusing within it the mothers own immunity. Her immunity she passes through her colostrum to her baby, or in this instance, to her spiritual children. 

We, her spiritual children are invited to enter in to her protecting Mantle and to receive her, her colostrum which will be our protection through by and with her, her immunity, her freedom from concupiscence providing us remedy for ours. 

In the images of our Lady of Leleche, she demonstrates in pictorial form the mystical reception of that saving fluid from her breasts as it sprays out upon the saint in front if her. Just as the centurion was sprayed by the gush of fluid under the cross, this fluid is transformative.

A mothers fore-milk is mostly water and electrolytes. It quenches a baby's thirst.

 Her fore milk quenches our thirst. When we except the invitation written in the Song of Songs, we become the sister and bride.  To be the brother or sister of Jesus and suckle at his mother's breast is to accept the invitation of Mary as our Mother.  Our consecration to Mary is like a baby latching on to drink from its mother.

 When we latch on, her milk let's down and we gulp. Our initial desire to be fed will be satisfied as we quench our "thirst".
When we move past the initial passion of physical hunger, it is them that she nourishes us with her hind milk. 

We become fattened and satisfied. A sleepy and comfortable peace permeates us as we are transformed. 

Hind milk is known to be of the highest fat content. We grow fat, transforming us from spiritual newborns into spiritual adulthood. When we are ready, the next gift she bestows is honey.
Honey is a traditional remedy used among the ancient Indian cultures and even today as a natural Cure or antiseptic an antibiotic for things that cause disease. 

We are now living in the times of spiritual leprosy due to the loss of the dignity of the human person.
Theology of the body and what it reveals about our whole person is like honey, its an antiseptic and antibiotic.
Those of us that are late to the banquet  are offered the breast of Mary. 

We bring with us our broken,  wounded, diseased or unclean hearts. 

What does she do? She opens herself- feeding us not only the honey but the honey comb itself where the royal jelly is found.

That special honey reserved for the queen herself and yet she's giving us her all and her everything not the leftovers but the very best, her own portion and we are healed. If we are in need of medicine we are cleaned. It becomes an antibiotic that with time eradicates all that is in us that keeps us in our sickness. We are made whole. she seals the places we were unable to retain graces for ourselves but more importantly where grace has seeped out of our wounds making us incapable of bring tabernacles, like herself, to bring Christ to a world in thirst and in hunger.

Mary bestows a supernatural grace if receptivity because she herself was perfectly receptive. Mary nurtures us so that all of the places we are unable to receive or retain grace are healed up. 

Mary enables us to become the bride. It is then that those who know the secret will encounter the living God in the Person of The Holy Spirit and will be mystically betrothed and then joined and in the consummation, the two will become one. 

It is in this fulfillment that we are filled up so that we overflow onto all around us so that they too will hunger and thirst for her milk and honey. It is in her care we are able to one day grow up so that we may eat true food and drink true drink, the body and blood of Jesus.

Come Holy Spirit Come

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