Friday, September 5, 2014

Is the ALS Ice bucket Challenge spiritual?

The ice bucket challenge seems to mimic a baptism. It is interesting to me that all demonic rituals are based on Catholic Sacraments. I also read pouring water over a child's head to consecrate to satan was done by an ex-satanist before sacrificing them.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Performed By ALS

 There are a lot of people writing about ice bucket challenge being a demonic activity. The interesting this folks is that ALS does embryonic stem sell research. Yes, that is mutilation and desecration of unborn babies in the name of research. In fact, one of the crimes against the Immaculate Heart of Mary is in vitro fertilization so I would say embryonic stem cell research would have to also be linked to crimes against her immaculate heart. The enemy wants as many sins against the immaculate heart as he can get so as to call out for God's Justice and bring an end to the age of Mercy.

Crimes against the Immaculate Heart call out for God's Justice and Vengence

Are people who do this challenge (which supports an organization that performs abominations) be a bad idea? Are we creating a spiritual climate that is paving the way for the Black Mass which going to be held on Sept 21. What about 9/11 we here that there may be another attack on that day.  Perhaps this is a stripping away of spiritual protection as I believe Mary is interceding in protecting the Church in the United States while we watch Europe lose any belief of God they once had. If people are uniting themselves to an organization that performs research that desecrates human life and profanes the mother of God, are they entering into a spiritual reality that leaves them vulnerable to the evil one or am I just seeing to much in something that means nothing.  Can something mean nothing?

Founder of Ice Bucket Challenge Drowns.....

Then why did the founder of the ice bucket challenge, Corey Griffin who was a very successful student and philanthropist, dive off a building at 2am and drown? Guess what time he was pronounced dead? 3am That is very dark if you ask me.

Oprah "baptizes" herself "In the Name of ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge"

Why pour water over a persons head? Oprah Winfrey began her challenge by saying out loud "In The Name of Als...."  We baptize "In the name of....." One journalist commented "when Oprah baptized herself in the name of ALS was she baptizing in the name of the anti-christ, Lucifer and Satan?"

I know a priest that told me that baptism must have the water flow over the forehead to be valid. I have done a lot of research on spiritual realities tied to physical realm and I am telling you that the invisible is made visible through our enfleshment of it. There is a spiritual reality tied to everything. What is the spiritual reality of this thing? Is it a bad reality? If the organization it helps is doing bad things then isn't the promotion of that organization bad?

Would Jesus do the Ice bucket challenge?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The True, The Good and The Beautiful

We live in a culture of subjectivity,   Many believe that what is true for you may not be true for them. What is good for me may be at your expense.  The pursuit of beauty has created an ever widening divorce between the physical and spiritual.  Is beauty truly only in the eye of the beholder is something beautiful regardless of ones opinion?

Truth, goodness and beauty are referred to as transcendental because they transcend the limits of the places or times in which we live.  Each of these are rooted in "being" and are not contingent upon what religious beliefs you have or what culture you come from or what ideology you adhere to.

In fact, Truth, Goodness and Beauty are objective properties that that can be found in all creation.  So how can a person be so blind to the truth that they do harm and not good to themselves all for the sake of trying to become what they already are which is beautiful?  I believe it is because of the divorce that has taken place between the spiritual and physical realm.

The body makes visible the invisible reality of the person we see before us.  We are not just a material substance that can be nipped and tucked and implanted so as to "become" beautiful but rather we are a union of spirit and matter.  We are "embodied spirits" and our beauty exists whether we acknowledge it or not.

If the body makes visible the invisible than we understand that someone who modifies their bodies with piercings and tattoos has a spirit screaming to be seen and heard or is in fact could be so shattered that the modifications become a shield or costume to hide behind so that others will not truly "see" them.

What was Joan Rivers soul making visible to the world?  We know that she has had hundreds of plastic surgery procedures and has suffered with bulimia as well.  This is a serious identity issue that many women are struggling with and it starts with truth.  Our truth is being warped and manipulated into something very ugly.  It leads people to mutilate and abuse themselves until goodness is out of reach and beauty is unattainable.  For Joan, I would postulate that her truth was skewed. I would also postulate that she was deeply dissatisfied with herself and was a woman that desperately needed to hear that she was a unique and unrepeatable person made in the image and likeness of God and that her personhood was good.  

Let's pray for the world to rediscover the true, the good and beautiful because ultimately that will lead them to what they have been destined for. 

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her Oh Lord and Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her and May She Rest In Peace.