Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Pill Is Good For You; Like a Vitamin

“The Pill” is good for you? Perhaps if you want to become infertile.

Do the research.  I am not being biased by "religious" beliefs, I believe the science.  It is unfortunate that more women want to believe the lie then wonder why they cannot have children.  If they used this amazing internet to actually do the research rather than believe the places that are PAID to market the stuff they are putting into their bodies then we would not be where we are today, which is in an infertile mess.  

The pill is an artificial hormone.  It is a drug. It is a drug that is designed to make your body do something it was not supposed to be doing.  Usually we take "medicines" that help our bodies what they were designed to do, not the opposite.  If you make your body do something it was not designed to do there will be a repercussion, there will be a consequence.  This is the law of nature.

Am I the only one noticing that almost every teenager who begins to cycle is put on on birth control?  My daughter first pointed it out to me when she told me that all of her friends are taking birth control, even the ones that are not sexually active.  They are taking birth control almost like one would take a vitamin, as it is now being perceived as something that PROMOTES gynecological health.  Young people believe the pill is good for them. 

There are many reasons they believe that being on birth control is good for them.  They believe that it helps them to regulate their cycles; it regulates their hormones so they do not have mood swings.  They believe the pill helps them to have clear skin and will control acne breakouts.  They believe that being on the pill will enable them to avoid painful menstrual cramps.  They also believe that being on the pill will help them have lighter periods so they don’t have to deal with such long or heavy cycles. In fact, some of the birth control methods can cause a young woman to stop having periods entirely.

So if we understand this correctly, young women believe that the pill will regulate cycles, clear up their skin, help them be happier and will make their periods become almost non-existent.  Who doesn’t want that when they are 15?  Clear skin alone would have sold me.  I also had horrific cramps that made me miss school so getting rid of pain? I would have been all in. In fact I was.  I was sold that tripe when I was only 14 years old.  My dad was upset I missed school because of cramps and the doctor said the pill would help regulate my cycles so I was not so crampy. 

I believe this mentality of the pill being good for you has now bypassed just being something that can help you, like a medicine helps you but is now being promoted like a vitamin.  Vitamins are good for you.  They are necessary for us to be healthy.  Many of us do not get the daily vitamins we need so we take a man made vitamin to help promote health and well being.  We take vitamin c so we don’t get sick, calcium for strong bones etc.

Just like a vitamin, birth control is now being understood by the next generation of mothers to be as a “good thing” that every young woman should be taking.  It is no longer being seen as a medicine but as a vitamin that will help their reproductive organs develop the way they should, almost like our bodies have it wrong and this little pill helps our bodies to get it right.

We are facing an uphill battle where our arguments that the pill can cause breast cancer are falling on deaf ears. We are no longer talking to people who know that the pill is a drug that has side effects.  We are now talking to people who believe the pill is actually good for them.   To make matters worse, the young women who ARE having sex are not usually using the pill but are implanting their bodies with devices, which are also being promoted as being “good for them”.  One example is ParaGard and it is being promoted to every college student that walks into the health center on campuses across the country.  It is almost always FREE and is explained as a very small device that uses absolutely no hormones at all and can keep them pregnancy free for up to 12 years.  When they are ready to start a family they can have it removed and get pregnant the very next month!  (Planned Parenthood website).

What they are not telling young women about ParaGard is that they creating human life in their bodies when they have sex but because this device is in the way, they lose their babies.  They are having one miscarriage after another.  There are many young ladies that have the device attach to the uterine wall and cause infertility, in others it perforates the wall all together.  It is a little tau cross that the babies in the womb are being crucified upon and the women who put it there do not even realize they have become a mother.  Ultimately, they will never be able to hold a living baby as this device has such a high rate of infertility. One of the main reasons of infertility is from infection.  Having a device in the uterus that has strings hanging out allows infections to travel up the chords and cause scarring to the uterus.  Still don't believe me? Just check out the ever growing list of law suits against the manufacturers of these "good for you" devices.  LAWSUITS AGAINST IUD MANUFACTURORS

Women are offered free birth control like never before with the help of planned parenthood and ObamaCare.  As we continue to get "healthier" by quitting smoking, cutting out fat and exercising more the promotion of birth control like Paragard as a hormone free option gains more ground.


We better wake up and begin dealing with what is happening on college campuses around the country or the infertility phenomenon is going to increase.  I predict we are on the verge of a huge epidemic of infertility caused by these “all natural” and good for you birth control devices.  If I am right, this will open the door to Frankenstein’s laboratory where we will see the creation of human life through means of which we never could have possibly imagined.  It's coming folks, what are we going to do to stop it?