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My talk on all of the revelations in the Tilma;


Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Blue Print To Ending Abortion


After reading the book "Demonic Abortion" put out by Human Life International, as well as my research, I have come to some pretty amazing conclusions that I will unfold over the next few days, weeks and months.

I will begin with saying, that beginning tomorrow, Monday Oct 31st of 2011 I will slowly lay the foundation to understand something very powerful.

Tomorrow at 10am Central, I will be interviewing Zachary King, a former Satanist in the largest organization of Satanism in the world.  He converted to Catholicism in 2008 and has a book coming out entitled "Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice".

However, today, I began to put into practice, to make physical the spiritual truth that I see so clearly.  Using the story of Jericho in Book of Joshua, I used the ancient form of warfare given in the Old Testament of walking around the walls of the abortion facility on the 7th day (Today is Sunday and therefore the 7th day) and walked around 7 times.

My daughter Elisha walked with me along with several pro-life prayer warriors and using exorcised salt I sprinkled the salt around the entire building.  I prayed the St. Michael Prayer while the prayer warriors prayed the rosary, the mysteries that ANNOUNCE the victory! The Kingship of Jesus Christ and the Queenship of Mary our Mother.  I took authority in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth and by virtue of my baptism, and claimed that land for Jesus Christ!  I asked them to get a priest out there, to have him privately pray the Exorcism prayer of Pope Leo, because if he does it privately he does not need to get special permission.

A priest praying this prayer, because of the authority of the Church and Jesus Christ, can and does create a chink in the armor, a whole that penetrates the spiritual dome or bubble that the demonic abortion creates.  You see as we bless our homes, we bind the enemy from being able to enter.  When he consecrates that place, in the blood of demonic sacrifice, the woman who enters there, by her own free will, submits to the authority there and in a sense, falls under the dome of the enemy and the prayers of the laity, in a sense bounce like a rubber ball off of the dome.

However! When a priest is present, because he is persona Christi, because of the power of the church and the Holy Spirit, he creates a hole in the dome, and through that hole,  our prayers, divine mercy and the power of the rosary flood in and wash over everything.

In the Rockford Diocese, 4 priests showed up and stood on all four corners of the abortion facility there that has been operating for over 30 years and has been said by Joe Scheidler, to be one of the most demonic places he has ever been.  They play cursing, profanity and slander and blasphemous words on loudspeakers to shock and embarrass the people who come to pray, they hand baby dolls by the neck and hand them up in trees, they put pornography in the windows to scandalize anyone who would come to pray with their children.

But! 4 priests came, they prayed the exorcism prayer on all four corners AND Our Lady of Guadalupe Missionary image was there, she is an ICON, a spiritual doorway of grace the reveals the incarnation and these two powerful weapons, CLOSED the Rockford abortion mill down!!!!!!  How? A woman had a dream from her recently passed husband.  He was an architect.  In the dream, he told her, to contact the building inspector.  She did, and the mill, which was not up to code, was closed.  God finds a way!

Seven Priests Cause Abortion Mill To Close!

I did this today, I used the salt that has the authority of the church to exorcise the devil and I cast it onto the ground of this place.  I then marched militantly around 7 times and claimed it for Christ.  I then "shouted" on the 7th time around the Victory of Jesus through Mary as I prayed out loud the Rosary!

Thank you to the Divine Mercy Project for allowing me to stop in and share in their apostolate.  Thank you Rich, Kathy, Maria and your husband and everyone else! What a pleasure to meet you!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DEMONIC ABORTION; Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Eucharist

I know you might be busy, but what if I told you I read a book that seemed to contain information that was revealing a battle plan for cutting of the spiritual legs of the enemy?  By enemy, yes, I mean the devil.   The way to do this? Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Eucharist and The Priesthood, particularly the exorcism prayer and the St. Michael Prayer.

After reading the book "Demonic Abortion" I was shocked another person realized what my own interior discernment was when researching Our Lady of Guadalupe and the message for the church of the 21st Century within her.

I had already come to see an ancient and diabolical religion was set up from day one to mirror or profane the one true faith, the one true God in the trinity and to profane the beauty and purpose of being made man and woman.  How this "religion" is set up is laid out in this book while to reveals how it is a profanity of all that is good and true.  Even the sacrifice of the mass, designed to be the outpouring of spiritual grace to be received by the faithful is profaned and flipped upside down and inside out by the enemy through abortion.  According to Aleister Crowley who helped to develop formal satanic practices, a infant male child sacrificed while still inside the "woman altar" is the highest altar and the highest sacrifice.

Pages/PHOTOS From "Demonic Abortion" published by Human LIfe International and written by Fr. Euteneuer. 

If abortion is the diabolical gasoline fueling the continued wounding, delusion, schism, division, destruction of dignity the person, family and the church, then shouldn't we try and take out these centers of empowerment so as to turn the tide?

I just had a speaking engagement in Maryland and a woman gave this book to me after hearing me speak on Our Lady of Guadalupe and how within the image through the lens of Iconography, reveals which and what entities we are at war with as well as what we need to be doing through her direct intercession to protect the remnant church during the season about to be unleashed onto the world.

The woman I stayed with gave me the book "Demonic Abortion" and I believe it is inspired by God and that the priest who wrote it was taken out out because his book not only reveals the battle plans of the enemy, but contains the blueprint to winning the war against abortion which is the gasoline and fuel that is driving the dark forces forward in their mission to destroy the church and humanity through the loss of dignity of the human person.

(Here is a summary on the book check it out)

After reading "demonic abortion" I realize that Fr. E must have had a huge target on his back because that book has blown my mind.  NOt only is like he read my mind and was present for each and every one of my private discernments but he put them into print.  It is a wonder that he is still alive but I can see now why he has been removed from the front lines of the battle, he was way to dangerous because he clearly has uncovered and put into print some of the key aspects of the enemies methods, gasoline and endgame.

There are many things within this book that I know we must some how get out to the rebels that are working in the trenches to thwart the ongoing slaughter of the enemy and so I am going to point out some of the main points that I think we must discuss.

1) The Battle of Jericho in the bible, he compares and contrasts the old testament and  how we need to use this battle plan as the Church seeking to build the new Jerusalem.  I am going to attach a picture I took of the graph for the battle plan and while it is very good, I see additions and changes needing to be made there. I would actually elaborate on and have done so below*.



2) He has a graph of the Religion that has been set up.  He compares it to the Catholic Church and rightly so because the enemy is the great counterfeit and that is exactly what this is. I will elaborate on this as well and the graph is attached above.  When you compare and contrast the findings within the Tilma and the meaning of the Icon of Our lady of Guadalupe, one can more easily see that not only is Fr. E right about the demonic presence and it being ancient, but there is an actual force at work.

I often say if God were a number 333 would be a number that represented him being 3 within three in this way.

So then we see 666 is a counterfeit mockery of the trinity in which many or "legion" manifest themselves.  However, I wonder why the dragon, the serpent and the scorpion on are the 3 "demonic" constellations present on OLG and they represent 6) Dragon/Draco: Deceiver, schism, confusion, division 6) Scorpio/Scorpion; The wounder, the perverter, the emasculation of men, control, domination of sexuality and of the sex (noun) 6) Hydra/Serpent: The tempter, the infestation, oppression, possession, death.  Look at the constellation over OLG above and you will see they form a demonic inverted triangle over her body with the head of the dragon being stared down by her as she protects the family and the church (as represented in the figures of her eyes).

As for the remainder of his model, I believe I would say the flip side of "grace" in his model in the Religion of the enemy is the opening of the portal, a thinning of the veil for the demonic to enter through and an increase in strength or influence.  As for the surgical tables being the altars, I would disagree and say the Woman is the altar as layed out in formal satanic practices as the highest altar from which to offer a sacrifice which is why you see rape, incest and other acts of violence utilized within these sick rituals.  

3) He reprints the way in which Planned Parenthood is marketing their abortions, even shows how they now call it a blessing and a "sacrament" thus revealing what we already knew, that it is a blasphemous act.  Please watch my videos in which I read them out loud.

4) My theory on the Aztec connection is also brought up as he shows a picture of the newest facility in TX, and one of the largest of Planned Parenthood, and it is built like a Aztec temple.  This is because (my theory) the shape is a conductor or demonic energy.  Aleister Crowley talked about the shape of buildings being like pyramids and also obelisk's being conductors of this spiritual energy.  Here is Wikipedia's description: An obelisk (from Greek ὀβελίσκος - obeliskos,[1] diminutive of ὀβελός - obelos, "spit, nail, pointed pillar"[2]) is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top, and is said to resemble a "petrified ray" of the sundisk. A pair of obelisks usually stood in front of a pylon. Ancient obelisks were oftenmonolithic, whereas most modern obelisks are made of several stones and can have interior spaces.

Interestingly these shapes, structures and the like are often utilized in the Old Testament.  In Hebrews Chapter 11 we see that the physical often is a manifestation of a spiritual reality. 

Fr. Euteneuer was right about paralleling the Diabolical Religion that the devil set up in the beginning and paralleling it with the Catholic Faith to reveal how the enemy only distorts, profanes and blasphemes the truth, but he missed some key elements that reveal how it all ties together.  This is what the enemy realized and so, Fr. E was taken out in such a way that his book "Demonic Abortion" would be scrubbed from the shelves and thrown into obscurity.   Even more interesting is that his main piece of work was forwarded by Fr. John Corapi, who ALSO has been, in my opinion, attacked by the Jezebel spirit, Ashtoroth, Isis, the scorpion, whatever you want to call this 3rd entity of the this diabolical trinity I keep saying Our Lady is revealing to us through her image.  Why? Because we must know who we are fighting to name it, to cast it out by it's name. 
(If you have time, open the attachments and check out the "battle plan" set out in a graph by Fr. E in his book.  I attached copies to this email). 

*I am wondering if you noticed what I did, which is the inspired plan of seeing the the battle of Jericho by Joshua is perhaps the very battle plan for the pro-life movement to destroy these modern day temples.  Did you know that they actually built a huge Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Texas shaped as an Aztec Pyramid?  Me thinks that perhaps this Our Lady of Guadalupe thing IS uncovering a dark secret!

In the plan layer out in Joshua regarding the walls of Jericho, there is a step by step plan along with the modern day equivalent.  

Particularly the utilization of the holy of holies which would be the ark of the covenant; Our Lady of Guadaupe's missionary image as well as the the Holy within it which is the Eucharist (St. Don Bosco). 

Then there is the picking of troops which is in my opinion 40 days for life because it is infused with Divine Mercy, your love and mercy seeps and pours out and this is the antidote against the evil one.

The power of the priest and the authority of his priestly office, and the prayer for the conversion of those working there…that concept was introduced to me in about 1999 when we brought Msgr. Reilly to our town and established the Helpers of God's precious infants along with Fr. Peter West who at that time was with Priests for life.  

Could it be possible, that the actually walking around the center/mill or the entire block if the building can not be encircled, could be the very thing we are called to do?

In the Catholic Answers bible, it says that the walking around for 6 days with these things (for us it would be Eucharist, OL Guadalupe Missionary Image and Priests along with the Church Militant in SILENT prayer) then on the 7th days walking around 7 times and then shouting is actually an ancient warfare tactic that God blessed because it was a test of the peoples obedience and faithfulness and that the walls fell because they honored that in their physicaling the spiritual reality in the warfare tactic.  

If you did not know this, then what do you think of trying it?  I am sure they thought Joshua was nuts, but he did it anyway, I am sure they thought David was nuts when he went to fight goliath, but he did it anyway…and they won. 

Here is the key to it ALL FOLKS! ARE YOU READY?

We need the "picked troops" referred to in Joshua to be apostolates and ministries based and seeped in Mercy.  There tender and merciful love of God is the answer.  All of the horrific sins of the world, the holocaust and every other evil are but a drop in the ocean of God's mercy!

But, the enemy has a powerful hold on the places where these abominations against God are committed and he knows the power of blood being poured and so we MUST have the priests to wield the authority of the church over these demons.  WE need to Pray the St. Michael prayer and bind the spirits attached to the women who enter, we need Our Lady of Guadalupe who is the Arc of the New Covenant embodied in a supernatural image of receptivity and we need the Eucharist there so that the graces abound and the mercy can be received by those who enter.

When we combine the two...we see how we have the formula for winning the battle and overcoming this demonic stronghold.

Pray that more will see that both are integral.  We have some organizations doing this.  Fr. E says the demonic trinity is 1)Abortion 2)Contraception and 3)Sex Education.

1) Abortion; The means to conquer this evil is to remove the fuel, bring an end to the amount of abortions and then eliminate it all together. The organizations that I see being able to do this are;    40 Days for Life, Helpers of God's Precious Infants and Priests for Life to name a few.

2) Contraception; The Gift Foundation to help couples comprehend the gift and dignity of the marital embrace.

3) Sex Education; Theology of the Body and the Theology of The Body Institute, are the antidote for this because it reveals the gift of being made a man or a woman and what our sex (noun) reveals about our very call to love in and through our bodies.

All of this combined with Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Eucharist and the priesthood especially through The Exorcism prayer and the prayer of St. Michael The Arc Angel!

St. Michael the ArcAngel, defend us in battle

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Blessing Our Food Is More Important Than Ever!

Certified Halal meat is now the standard for all U.K. Subway's.  Do you know what Halal means? It means the food that has this stamp has been "processed" in in the lawful way that a Devout Muslim is able to eat it.

However, this is not comparible to "Kosher" meat.  In fact, it seems as if the food is not just being processed in any special way, but is instead being consecrated in a special way.

Do you want to eat meat that has been consecrated to Allah?  

Before you decide, read this short excerpt that was sent to me and then my commentary which follows.  



Halal is the Islamic term that 
      basically means the meat is lawful to eat  
for a devout Muslim. 
      What makes it lawful or acceptable is that the meat  
has been 
      processed in a very specific way. Now, you may think that this  

is no different than meat that is acceptable to the Jewish people 
kosher. Unlike kosher food, where the physical processing of 
      the meat is  
the focus, for Islam it is the spiritual component 
      that makes the meat  

For lawful (halal) meat in 
      Islam, the animal must be killed while the  
butcher faces Mecca , 
      and either the butcher cries “Allah Akbar” or a  
      plays the words over a loud speaker. Understand, that when they  

face Mecca , they face the black stone, the very definition of 

I am glad that Costco is finally 
      telling us plainly that the meat is  
halal or sacrificed to an 
      idol, but I have a feeling that this not to  
benefit the 
      Christian, but rather the muslim. I will state again that I  
      not fear of a lifeless false god, but the book of Acts plainly  

tells us that we are not to eat meat sacrificed to idols. The 
religion of Islam continues to make inroads into America 
      as they attempt  
to force some of our communities to submit to 
      Sharia law and demand that  
halal food be sold in mainstream 

I checked online to make sure that in fact these things are done.  It is in fact "consecrated" to Allah. 


Halal meat is the one derived from an animal that is otherwise
permissible to ingest its meat within the shari'a; not only that,but it
should have been rendered,or slaughtered,in accordance with Islamic
guidelines.That is,in summary;the animal should be slaughtered by a
sane,adult,using a sharp object to sever the throat and two neck vessels
whence the animal is lying on its left side[in the case of dextral
individuals] facing the Qiblah.A spear is used to render the camel,and a
knife to slaughter the sheep,goat,cows etc.The declaration of Bismillah,
'In the name of Allah The Great',should precede the actual act of


I always found it curious that the bible says we should not eat meat consecrated to idols.  I always assumed that passage was outdated and no longer pertained to the people of the 21st century.  After all, who consecrates their meat to idols?  Muslims do, that's who.  But is the name of this god pronounced over meat really consecrating it or effecting any real change that we as Christians should be aware of?   

It got me to thinking.  A couple of months ago there was  reading in which Jesus came out to a fig tree and with a "word" cursed the plant.  The fruit withered and died.  This got me to thinking.  I happened to have read a book through Tan Books that extols all of the blessings that come from uttering the name "Jesus".  The spoken word is POWERFUL.  Perhaps we do not realize that the mystery of the word being made flesh is revelaing the very concepts that Theology of the Body tried to share with us.  

If the Body makes visible the invisible, then we see that the the tangible, the somatic can reveal a spiritual yet invisible reality.  


How does this tie together? Well, as Christians we "bless" our food.  Yes we are thanking God for providing for us be we also bless our food.  "Bless us oh Lord AND THESE, THY GIFTS, which we are about to receive.  We then do this in HIS name! 

The Halal meat is done not only in the name of allah, but by the name spoken over it, sometimes over and over by loudspeaker.   Okay, so what's the big deal, I don't believe in Allah so it won't affect me. Maybe your thinking this all sounds new age or goofie.  Well guess what folks, while I believe the New Age movement is not only dangerous but something we must avoid, this is not New Age, this is quantum physics.  Dr. Masaru Emoto is just one of many persons who has conducted scientific experiements that have demonstrated that the spoken word can affect matter.  While some commentators have criticized Emoto for insufficient experimental controls, not sharing enough details of his approach or for designing his experiments in ways that leave them open to human error influencing his findings, I have read many of his reports and find his studies facinating.


As I read through scripture and even contemplate my faith as a Catholic, I realize that the power of the spoken word is revealed by God to His people time and time again.  But wait, there is more!  QUANTUM PHYSICS!

(What these images show is not only these “building blocks” of all that exists, but also the mechanism of the machine that makes them visible, thereby demonstrating that our vision of the subatomic world is conditioned by and dependant upon instrumental extensions of our sense of sight. There were two very disturbing consequences of this development. The first consequence of quantum mechanics was that chance was seen to play a fundamental role in the way the world works. This annoyed Einstein to the point where he remarked: “God doesn’t play dice!” Up to that point in history, physics had been “deterministic” with a definite cause for all effects, a material fact that was not only discoverable, but there was also no room for uncertainty about that cause. This was one of the central tenets not only of classical physics, but also the doctrine of materialism in all its various forms.)

 What?  Yup, the invisible can be made visible and thanks to Einstein we now realize that for every action there is a reaction and just because you can not see it with the naked eye does not mean it does not exist.  Ever see the movie "Horton Hears a Who"?


This is where Dr. Emoto comes in.  He conducted an experiment to see if the spoken word creates a noticable effect on the molecular structure of water.  What he reports is fascinating.  For those of you who have always suspected that listening to heavy metal music can change a person, pay attention this is about to get interesting.

Dr. Emoto placed glasses or vials of water in front of speakers  in which all things considered "dark, blasphemous, evil, demonic or just plain bad" where played over the speaker or spoken to the glass of water.  Words like, hate, curse you!, Satan, etc where spoken or played to the water.  (Check out my article on my blog entitled "Good Vibrations" to see the evidence that all sound creates unique vibration patterns and that these vibrations affect our bodies and our wellbeing in a profound, yet scientific way). 

 Another glass of water was placed in front of a speaker in which positive or "good" words were spoken.  Words like; I love you, Bless you, Joy, etc were played/spoken to the glass of water.  

Then the water was tested on a molecular level.  

Guess what? The water molecules changed.  In fact, when they crystalized the water to see what patterns or forms where made, proved that very strange and abstract patterns were formed from the "bad" words and elaborate and beautiful patters where formed from the "good" words.


Okay so now let's put this together.  If we already know that sound travels in waves and that these waves have specific vibrations and that our bodies react to those vibrations in measurable ways then perhaps the intensitiy, decibal level or other factor of sound can and does effect what it comes in contact with.  But what if the word itself creates a change?

What If speaking a word that is "bad" or "good" over a substance can change the molecular structure or composition of something?  Well, if this is true then we should be paying attention to what we eat and should in fact say a blessing over it if we plan on putting it into our bodies.


This got me to thinking, perhaps those who think God wants us to bless our food because he wants to be thanked, are missing a more beautiful truth.  Maybe what is acutally happening is that with the spoken word of Jesus Christ, we are blessing our food and effecting a change in it.  I  do not mean we are making it Jesus Christ, but what I am saying is that maybe the name of Jesus Christ actually effects a change on the food that will in turn, bless our bodies in more perfect way.  Why not?  

If the words of consecration, manifest a spiritual reality then perhaps by saying a simple blessing at our meals, we are entering into a mysterious reality that not only will protect us from what ever ill that may be done to food consecrated to false gods or any weird curses or incantations that someone  might have been performed over the food we eat.  We have heard that drug dealers hex or curse the drugs that they sell to ensure the person receiving it will stay bound in their addiction.  So we we know that those in the occult do many things you and I see as outlandish or perhaps ridiculous to the food they sell us.  So why not say a blessing the next time you are the dinner table.  It might just transform it into the gifts from God that it was always intended and nourish you body AND soul.

Define Necessity.  Air, Water, Food, Shelter, Sleep, Medicine are all things we can and should agree are necessities and not luxuries.  Every human being must have air to breath, water to drink and food to sustain their bodies.  We can not even begin to address the very reason we were created, which is to love and be loved, when our basic human needs are withheld from us.

Imagine not being able to paint a picture, write a poem, sing a song, or create anything that inspires yourself or others.  If you do not have water to drink, you will die within a few days.

What if you could not fall in love, watch a sunrise, listen to the birds sing or smell the roses.  It would  not matter if you do not have food to eat, your body will die within a few weeks.

Yet, here we are living out our lives falling asleep to the reality that for much of the world, they can not get water to drink or food to eat and give to their children while many of us, myself included, feel deflated that the new iPhone came out because now our phone is obsolete.

Really? I can't believe I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach because Apple announced they are rolling out their new product and I just got the old one.  I have also been chewing my finger nails over which computer to get, a PC or a Mac (I got a Mac).

I am not saying that technology is bad, in fact, we MUST be learning and growing in all things technical because otherwise, we will be left in the dust as the spammers, the inventors of viruses as well as those involved in the internet porn industry continue to find new ways to get their "message" into the homes of every person who owns a computer.

We have this great technology yet I have noticed most of the news channels I get on my cable network, featuring shows like Jersey Shore and The Family Guy, do not focus on the reality that there are people starving to death in the 21st century and THAT is unnacceptable.

Right now, today, there is a crisis in Africa.  There are mothers who have to decide which children to leave to die by the side of the road because if they stop, not only will that child die, but the baby on her back, the 2 year old in her arms and the 5 year old she is carrying will die as well, so instead of sitting down in the dirt to doom her family to death, she leaves her 4 year old son, who can not walk any longer, by the side of the road as she continues on to the refuge camps where there might be food and water, if the radical islamic groups there have not confiscated it.

This is not a "scenario" but is a reality and is going on right now.  It is interesting that in 3rd world countries there are lines forming outside of buildings where people stand all night long so that in the morning they might have a chance to get a very necessary thing; food.

We have these lines here in the United States as well, however, after standing all night long, the people in these lines, hope to get in to a theatre, hope to get the latest greatest gadget or perhaps tickets to some great event.

We are living in a time where it is very easy to become distracted.  There is a magician on stage and his hands are quick.  All the while we watch one hand, the other is doing something that in the end, we will be accountable for.  Do not fall asleep, stay ready! It is very easy to become fixated on things that in the end, really don't matter.  The only thing that matters are human beings.  

While cars are necessary to get to work, is getting a new car every year a necessity?
While living in a home is necessary, is living in a home beyond our means necessary?
While having a phone is necessary to keep track of our families and communicate, is having the best and latest phone as soon as it comes out just because it is the best, necessary?