Tuesday, October 30, 2012

33 Day Consecration; A preparation for battle

"In the end my immaculate heart will triumph".  


Those consecrated to Our Lady will become the heal that crushes the head of serpent.  The way in which we will be able to do this great task? By allowing her immaculate heart to empty us and form us in the perfect mold from which Jesus' Sacred Heart to pour Himself into.  

This is because her immaculate heart is the first step necessary in transforming our hearts more perfectly into Christ's own heart so that we can be christ's to others.  We, like Mary, are called to become tabernacles.  We are to become the hands and feet from which to bring Christ to a world that thirsts! When we are more perfectly formed, we will bring Christ in the tabernacle of our hearts and as our eyes are the window to the soul, we will see them in their nakedness and they will not feel shame.  Their own hearts will leap for joy like St. John in Elizabeth's womb in the presence of the living God. 

Each of us usually have a particular feast that calls to us and this is her choosing because it entails the graces and formation and a special seal, agreement or participation that will flow through us in our living out of that consecration.

Once we can identity the graces and messages, teachings and plan of each day through tradition, it becomes easy to "see" which feast day we are called or attracted to.  This is part of the new evangelization as much as we should go to college to learn the skills for a job we are called to do, not just any old job.  To be truly effective we must ask God to help us discern our calling.  St. Catherine of Siena said that we will set the world ablaze when we are doing what we were called and created for.  This is no different.

The 33 Day Consecration program enables those who have been "recruited" into Mary's army to begin their basic training.  The way you will know which National Guard, Army, Navy, Air-Force or Marine's you are called is to identify which Marian Feast day you feel drawn to consecrate yourself on.  

Just as there are unique and specific specialities in the military, so to are there in the New Evangelization.  Each of her feast days are unique and with it a grace flows to uniquely form the person who enlists on that day.

I am currently discerning all of the implications of what each feast day and what it will give or ready the person to carry out as the "Knights of the Immaculata",   "Church Militant" or "Slave Of Mary" but be assured, it seems that each of these days has united to it, a specific purpose.

I would speculate that the Marian Apparition Feast days are for those who are called to be part of the New Evangelization in a more public way either through an apostolate or ministry.  The other days are about personal transformation and sharing that particular charism and grace for the propagation of the kingdom to sow the seeds of receptivity into the hearts of the faithful who will then, hopefully, be called and select their own day and thus enlist as well.  

The only Marian Feast days I am confident in defining so far are the following.  As we prayerfully discern together (and you share in the comments) the Holy Spirit will open our eyes to see and our ears to hear the truth in this even more).

May 13, Our Lady of Fatima

The Call: To bring restoration to families.  To enable men to become the fathers they are called to be and the mothers to embrace motherhood. Devotions to the Holy Father.  Those promoting "offering it up" and offering themselves as a living sacrifice.  Those called to promote fasting and prayer as a means of uniting the body and the soul, our entire person to prayer.  The body makes visible the invisible so the fasting component enfleshes the spiritual prayer and enables the grace to become a reality in our physical world. Those who are called to free souls from purgatory. Martyrdom

Sept 15 Our Lady of Sorrows

The Call: Re-establish the dignity of the human person, assist those who have fallen slave to their passions particularly that of addictions.  A call to defend Humanae Vitae and all that it teaches.  Those who are promoting a deeper understanding of suffering and forgiveness as a means to heal and open their hearts more fully to Jesus and Mary. 

Dec 8th Feast of The Immaculate Conception

The Call: Co-Redemptrix and all that this truth brings.   Restoring the understanding of personhood. 

Dec 12th Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Call: This feast day and the Immaculate Conception feast day will be united in purpose and will cooperating together in their living out of their unique call.  The focus of this army will be to bring Inner healing through the lens of Divine Mercy, Theology of The Body and will be engaged in Spiritual battle using deliverance and sacramentals to bring freedom to souls that are infested and oppressed.  


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