Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Lady of Guadalupe; An Icon For Life, Love and The New Evangelization

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Our Lady of Guadalupe An Icon For Life, Love and the New Evangelization

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Our Lady of Guadalupe is revealing to the world an unprecedented invitation from God through Mary (just as He did when the incarnation was heralded through her virgin birth of Christ) and that message is that through the intercession of the Merciful Mother, Our Lady of Divine Mercy, Our Lady of Guadalupe is pouring out a grace of receptivity, of protection within her mantle for all of those who call upon her and ask for her to hide them within the crossing of her arms, the shadow of her protection and that found there within her mantle is the sacred heart of Jesus, pierced for all sinners and from it healing waters flow.

This talk takes the audience on a journey back to ancient Aztec 1531 and shows how this culture used human sacrifices to appease their many false gods and deity's in hopes to keep the sun shining and the crops bountiful. A history lesson in how Cortez landed on the day prophesied by the Aztec's quickly led to Bishop Zummaraga praying for Mary to intercede since the missionary efforts of the Franciscans were failing. Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to a simply laymen, St. Juan Diego, with a message uniquely communicated to the Nahuatl Indians in a language using picture glyphs within a miraculous image that appeared on his tilma.

This Divine Codex appeared when St. Juan Diego obeyed OL Guadalupe and picked a number of Castilian Roses which had miraculously bloomed in the middle of winter on a desert hill amidst the cactus. These roses were not indigenous to Mexico but from Spain and were the sign that Bishop Zummaraga had prayed for to show him that Mary would answer his prayers. When St. Juan Diego brought these roses to the Bishop, which was no small effort, the image on the tilma he used to carry them, appeared in an instant before the group gathered there as he opened his tilma allowing the roses to fall to the floor.

This talk explores each glyph, it's meaning and how it spoke to the Aztec people in a language they could receive and brought the knowledge of the one true God to them in a way they could see it, receive it and not just understand it, but believe it. God used a this image as a catechism to teach the faith. The result was over 10 million Aztec converts to Catholicism within 7 years.

I then answer Pope Benedict's call for art, particularly Iconography to be utilized to teach the faith. Through the understanding of what an icon is we see that not only is Our Lady of Guadalupe an icon, a NEW and unprecedented message is being "taught" to the people of the world today who just like the ancient Aztec's are in need of learning about the one true God. In a world of materialism, technology, information or intellect being the highest truth, we see that in pursuit of things, success and knowledge, we too have allowed the shedding of innocent blood on the temples of false gods.

In the 20th Century new discoveries were found in OL Guadalupe, the constellations of the morning sky exactly as they appeared in Dec of 1531 have been painted precisely in the position of the universe on her mantle. These constellations are revealing that a battle is at hand and that OL Guadalupe is a unique means of protection, healing and Evangelization that Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI trust in and is why both have called upon her for this "unique time in history" to protect the family, the Church and the America's. There has also been a discovery within her eyes using powerful magnification.

In her eyes is seen Bishop Zummaraga, St. Juan Diego, the interpreter in the room, a servant and an entire family including a mother with a child on her back. This is a message of Mary holding the family in her eyes as she peers into the eyes of Draco the Dragon constellation, who we know through scriptures to be the "great deceiver" the lier that comes to confuse, to deceive, to cause confusion and division. We are at war and through the lens of Iconography, I will reveal how Blessed Pope John Paul II is in the inner robe of OL Guadalupe, the divine mercy image of Christ's pierced heart flowing with water and blood are within the image, an unholy trinity of 3 demonic forces are working in unholy union to spread lies and deceptions that disorientate, divide and confuse (Draco the Dragon), to bring spiritual and physical death (Hydra the serpent) and to bring perversions related to masculinity and femininity causing deep wounds that bind the enemy there (Scorpio the stinging scorpion). Many, many more truths are contained within objectively proven symbols contained within the image that have never before been understood through the lens of Iconography. This talk reveals them.

Her arabic name, her jewish clothing, her skin revealing mixed heritages, are a vehicle from which the muslims can identify (she is linked to Fatima and this as well as the fact that Mary is revered by Muslims is key), her jewish clothing appeals to the Jewish people and the explanation of the incarnation through the constellations may prove to be a point in which to evangelize our Jewish brothers and sisters and because the corpus is hidden with the icon, it is a gentle invitation so that those who are not ready to see, can be gently invited in to the truth of Christ's sacrifice for all of those who will answer the call. Protestants will be evangelized for the scientific proofs of this supernatural image will allow the message contained within it to be believed.

Other interesting comments;

1. The shroud of Turin, when aligned with OL Guadalupe, corresponds perfectly over where the divine mercy image of the torso of Christ is within the robes of OL Guadalupe on the tilma. The shroud and the tilma are both linked to "marriage". The tilma is used in the marriage ceremony tying the two together during the ceremony, later it is even used to carry a child. The shroud, perhaps the table cloth used at the last supper, the wedding feast of the lamb that we are called two. Both are two pieces sewn together to create one piece of cloth. Both are geometrical in measurement. These are only a few examples of evidence linking the shroud and the tilma.

2. Through the lens of Iconography, the trinity is revealed within the image.

3. The themes of Theology of The Body can be found in the image and it is my belief, using Msgr. Eduardo and Carl Anderson's findings in their book "Civilization of Love" that it is a deliberate teaching of Theology of the Body through sacred art, through Iconography.

4. There is an unholy and diabolical "trinity" revealed in the image and TOB is the antidote to the perversion of masculinity and femininity that the third demonic entity is disseminating throughout the world in attempts to destroy the family.

5. The image is a topographical map of Mexico revealing the exact place of the apparition. Fr. Miguel Guadalupe's book "The Seven Veils of OL Guadalupe" shares that their are geographical locations of God's grace and receptivity to the divine and that the enemy knows this and attempts to claim this as his own so as to subvert God from flowing in those areas to the people of the world. Perhaps this is why the demonic goddess who is the antithesis of Mary had her temple on the very hill in which OL Guadalupe appeared and asked the church to be built. Perhaps this is also why the drug cartel has grown so powerful that many are afraid to go to Mexico now. It is I believe another attempt to keep people form the place upon which many graces, blessings and healing's are waiting to be received by those who would pilgrimage there.