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St. Hildegard of Bingen Visions Reveal The Battle Plan of Mary

St. Hildegard has been raised up for this time in the Church because when we read her visions, we will see that she is declaring what every approved Marian apparition has been telling us. (She also has music that is anointed and an understanding of healing which is meant for this time in the Church). 

O vis Aeternitatis

Power of Eternity
you who ordered all things in your heart,
through your Word all things are created just as you willed,
and your very Word
calls forth flesh
in the shape
which was drawn from Adam.
Power of Eternity
Power of Eternity.

As to her visions, they are descriptions of how the end times will play out. What is she saying? Well, there is a lot but the number one thing to note is that Mary is raising up an army. 

Dragon at War with Woman Clothed with the sun William Blake

Mary is the woman clothed with the sun and she is our intercessor. 

Mary is rising up a mighty army. Mary is making the way for her Son to come again.  Our Lady of Guadalupe is declaring the same thing. She is drawing up that Army and is revealing what we are fighting, how she is interceding and what the battle plan is.  The new finding within the tilma are an invitation from heaven to enter back into this icon of the new eve and when we look at what we have discovered we see that the constellations found there are telling us a story about how the enemy is brining about an end to the age of Mercy and ushering in the age of Justice.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is showing us that she will be our intercessor in the final battle.  Not only does she “hold” the family, the domestic church in her eyes, as she gazes into the eyes of the dragon (literally) she also hold the Church representative of the Bishop who is also seen as one of the 14 figures found in her eyes.  Mary is going to lead us, her army,  in this battle.


The other two “demonic” constellations are the scorpion and the serpent.  I say demonic because the dragon, the scorpion and the serpent are all terminology used in the bible to describe the operation of the devil at work in the world.  

The dragon is the one that lies, deceives, separates, divides and confuses.  

The scorpion wounds with it’s sting, it is also a perversion and the sign is considered “feminine” it also has a sign of “M” with a tail and sharp point.  It is the perversion of Mary and wounds through perversion.  Finally the serpent brings death.  

The serpent brings spiritual and physical death.  It works with the other two to infest, oppress and possess for the purposes of bringing death. 

It is responsible new age “Kundalini” spiritualism; it is responsible for abortion and more.  The sacrifice of abortion is a means from which this diabolical trinity manifests spiritual darkness into the world because it realizes that the spilling of blood is a powerful means of achieving this. 


If you have read through my writing on the demonic trinity at work in the world, you will see that the Whore of Babylon is an ancient entity that has been at work in the world since the beginning of time.  While she is neither male nor female her characteristics are feminine.  She has gone by many names throughout history, Ashtoreth, Jezebel, Isis and more.  The whore of Babylon is the antithesis of Mary.  Where Mary is open, the whore is closed, where Mary is receptive, the whore denies the gift, where Mary brings life the whore is barren and lifeless, where Mary is femininity the whore is feminism, where Mary is complimentary to man, the whore emasculates, where Mary accepts the invitation of the Bridegroom and opens her gates, the whore rapes and forces. 

The Whore of Babylon is NOT Mary it is The Scorpion, The Jezebel, Isis, Ashtoroth, Lilith
This is important because unless we understand the operations of the spirit of Jezebel, the spirit of the whore of Babylon.  


In St. Hildegard of Bingen's writings entitled: Scivia's, page 491, you see a picture of what Our Lady is revealing in the Scorpion constellation. It is the "anti-Mary" and her "opening" is that of a demon/beast head with gnashing teeth.  This is what this operational spirit is doing on earth.  Then on page 493, Vision Eleven, speaks of "The Last Days and the fall of the anti-Christ.  This describes this her "and from her waist to the place that denotes the female, she had various scaly blemishes; and in that latter place was a black and monstrous head.  It had fiery eyes, and ears like an ass, and nostrils and mouth like a lion's; it opened wide its jowls and terribly clashed its horrible iron-colored teeth."

There is blood, her body is beaten and the head of the beast is covered with excrement. The description goes on but notice that from the waist up she appears as beautiful as Mary and even wears a crown.



16. (10) Mary is called by St Augustine, and is indeed, the "living mould of God" . In her alone the God-man was formed in his human nature without losing any feature of the Godhead. In her alone, by the grace of Jesus Christ, man is made godlike as far as human nature is capable of it. A sculptor can make a statue or a life-like model in two ways:
(i) By using his skill, strength, experience and good tools to produce a statue out of hard, shapeless matter;
(ii) By making a cast of it in a mould. The first way is long and involved and open to all sorts of accidents. It only needs a faulty stroke of the chisel or hammer to ruin the whole work. The second is quick, easy, straightforward, almost effortless and inexpensive, but the mould must be perfect and true to life and the material must be easy to handle and offer no resistance.

Mary Forms and Nourishes us To become christ's like her son
17. Mary is the great mould of God, fashioned by the Holy Spirit to give human nature to a Man who is God by the hypostatic union, and to fashion through grace men who are like to God. No godly feature is missing from this mould. Everyone who casts himself into it and allows himself to be moulded will acquire every feature of Jesus Christ, true God, with little pain or effort, as befits his weak human condition. He will take on a faithful likeness to Jesus with no possibility of distortion, for the devil has never had and never will have any access to Mary, the holy and immaculate Virgin, in whom there is not the least suspicion of a stain of sin.

If you turn to page 169 to see the TRUE Mary, then you see her womb is the place we are to go, entering in through the pierced net like openings, those who are "black" are then groaned up to her mouth and expelled. 

This is a tying of Mary's army, consecration and formation through and in her womb; Our Lady of Guadalupe is referred to in so many ways I cannot count.

In fact the rest of her vision talks about 5 epochs or "times" and it they are depicted by the 5 animals and ropes that come from their mouths tied to the hill.  On page 494 it is once again re-iterated that the Church will be victorious and Hildegard uses the analogy of the Bride and The Bridegroom to tell the story.  

Hildegard says, "All things on earth will hasten to their end, oppressed by the weakening of its forces and its May tribulations and calamities. But the Bride of My Son, very troubled for her children both by the forerunners of the son of perdition (Hitler, Stalin, Lenin etc.) and by the destroyer himself (the final anti-Christ) will never be crushed not matter how much they attack her.  But at the end of time she will rise up stronger than ever (through Mary's army) and become more beautiful and more glorious; and so she will move sweetly and delightfully to the embraces of her Beloved."


The five epochs are;
1. The fiery dog;
Fiery but not burning, people with a biting temperament, fiery in there own estimation (Pharisees?) but not burning with the justice of God.

2. The yellow lion;
Martial people, instigating wars (Stalin, Lenin, Hitler?)  But do not think of the righteousness of God, kingdoms will weaken and tire like the yellow color shows.

3. The Pale horse;
People drown themselves in sin (60's on), and licentious and swift-moving pleasures neglect all virtuous activities. Kingdoms will lose strength, grow plea with fear and ruin, hearts will be broken. 

4. The Black Pig;
Leaders who blacken themselves with misery and wallow in the mud of impurity (President Clinton?). Infringe the divine law by fornication and other like evils (legalization of Gay marriages?); plot to diverge from the holiness of God's commands. 

5. The gray wolf;
People who plunder each other, rob powerful and fortunate; divined and conquer rulers and realms, many will be ensnared, the error of errors will rise from Hell to Heaven. The Children of light will be pressed in the winepress of martyrdom; and they will not deny the Son of God, but reject the son of perdition (anti-Christ personified in someone who is coming) who tries to do his will with the Devil's arts.  


1 Thessalonians 5:5
For all of you are children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to darkness.

The Children of light are Christians,  more precisely, those consecrated to Mary through the last enlisting through Our Lady of Guadalupe as she is the woman who is covered in rivers and those rivers are rivers of light! The rivers of life giving waters of baptism of the Holy Spirit which comes to be espoused to our virginal hearts that the immaculate heart of Mary creates within us so that the Sacred Heart of Jesus can pour itself into, infusing us with his own washing water and his own merciful love.

That the love pressed out of the Children of Light through the winepress of martyrdom will be reclaim the ground and make it fertile for Christ, there will be many spiritual graces that flow to the entire world through it.  Not all are called to martyrdom but those that are will bestow upon us a great grace of receptivity and fertility to the Holy Spirit. 


ST. Hildegard’s visions tell us that we do not need to worry because Mary will lead the battle against the anti-Christ.

Finally, on page 496 St. Hildegard says this;

 "The Church will shine in her justice until the time of the Antichrist”.

“So now you can see him from the waist down; for now you see Him in the strength of His members who are His elect, and He will flourish as Bridegroom of the Church, with many obscure signs and wonders, until their number is complete. And from the waist down to the place that denotes the male he glows like the dawn; for until the time of the son of perdition, who will pretend to be the man of strength, His faithful members will be perfected in fortitude and He will be splendid in the justice of His righteous worshippers.  So, in the same place, a harp is lying with its strings across his body; which signifies the joyful songs of those who will suffer dire torments in the persecution that the son of inequity will inflict upon the chose, torturing their bodies so much that they are released form them and pass over into rest.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe is revealing that torso of Jesus Christ is being revealed in the inner robe on the Tilma.  The shroud of Turin is the icon of the new Adam and when it is laid over the Tilma the dimensions are exact.  Divine Mercy is also exactly aligned with the shroud but of course it is because this is what OLG is heralding to her army was the weapon that will defeat the Anti-Mary.  The message of Divine Mercy is in fact a message of the incarnation, the enfleshment of God become man, it is the message of co-redemptrix as it is the body of Mary that gave us the body of Christ from which to hang on the cross, it is a message of the body making visible in the invisible reality of who God is (love) and our call to love like the trinity and how God pre-destined this from the moment Mary gave her fiat at the Annunciation. 

There are common themes throughout every approved Marian apparition in Church history that connect it to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Why? because Mary is rising up a mighty army.  Through her immaculate heart we will be perfectly opened and formed, she will bestow a virginal emptiness into our hearts from which Christ’s sacred heart can pour itself into.  This is the victory of her immaculate heart.

Mary’s army is the heal that will crush the serpents head and her immaculate heart will triumph because it is through her heart we will be given Christ’s heart from which to witness Him to the world that is in thirst. 

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Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks for this very insightful article! Pope Benedict XVI referenced these prophecies of St. Hildegard on many occasions, and clearly believed that they were directly related to our times. I've written on this subject myself:

Stephen Walford also forwards a really convincing interpretation of the five ferious epochs in his book Heralds of the Second Coming.