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A triple Portion of The Holy Spirit Comes Through Mary


 Joan of Arc by Hermann Anton Stilke

We are headed towards a battle.  Can you feel it?

I don't care what denomination you are, if you love Jesus Christ you will take a few moments to see that this is not blasphemy, this is not idolatry, this is God's plan of redemption of the world and that Mary has something to offer us.  We do not worship her, we worship God alone.  We do not believe Mary has magical powers.  What we do believe is that God chose Mary to begin the plan of redemption in, with and through and so she offers us a way in which to follow so that we can be deeply permeated by the Holy Spirit, espoused and penetrated in a life giving way because Scripture says so.  Scripture tells us that Mary was cable of being so receptive, so open to the Holy Spirit, that she was espoused and thus conceived of the Holy Spirit.

We are called to beg for this receptivity.  We are called to open ourselves so completely that the Holy Spirit can find a dwelling place in which He can espouse Himself and conceive divine life within us.  We are called to bring life into the world, to make the incarnation known and visible by becoming the body of Christ.  Are you radiating Christ? Are you a Star of Bethlehem? 

What I love about the 33 Day To Morning Glory program is that it harnesses the power of receptivity to the Holy  Spirit in such a way that all of us can yoke ourselves to it.  Consecration to Mary has been said to be the fastest and most effective means to become like Christ.
St. Louis De Montfort said this;

"In this battle, those who follow God will conquer with one hand and build with the other. The saints of the end times will be formed by Mary in their devotion to her. She will shape them and teach them even as she formed the body of Our Lord in her womb."

The mother of God formed Him in her womb and so she is the perfect mold from which to pour ourselves into.  We could allow the hammer's to shape us, the knives to whittle us out to make room for Him, but to pour ourselves into the mold that shaped Christ is perhaps the quickest most effective means to do such a thing as this.

We are like a a field ready to be planted for a rich harvest.  St. Joseph is like the farmer that leads the horses, he makes ready, he makes the way clear.  St. Joseph, terror of demons binds up any obstacles, operational spirits or barriers that may prevent receptivity.  Mary is like the plow.  She is the grace of receptivity and fertility that opens our hearts like the plow does the earth.

Her son is the seed that will be planted deep inside of us so that it may burst forth new life within us and bear fruit.  Seeds can grow without first having the soil prepared but the harvest is not as abundant, the protection from the rains and the elements is not as great since the roots are more shallow and without the farmer to watch for the rocks or weeds (St. Joseph) there can be obstacles that threaten as well.

If Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and conceived by the Holy Spirit then we see that Mary has a gift of perfect receptivity to the Holy Spirit that we should all long for.  She was permeated, espoused and penetrated into the depths of her very soul which was Immaculately Conceived.

Mary herself was an icon of the trinity as St. Joachim gave himself as free, total, faithful and fruitful gift to St. Anne and she received his gift and then gave herself to St. Joachim in the same way.  The fire of the rightly ordered love between them was so great it was a third person, Mary.  The two became one flesh, they co-operated in bringing her into existence (matter) but God alone infused her spiritual soul.

But Immaculate Conception? How is that possible and why? For me her Immaculate Conception is further proof that God is indeed outside of time and space.  He is pure spirit so He is unaffected by time and space which exists in a physical world.  It is logical that God could take the graces of Calvary and apply it to Mary as her soul was infused into her at the moment she was conceived in St. Anne's womb. He created a perfect vessel, Christ makes all things new and she became the under of knots.
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, detail (Karlsbad 1745 - Rome 1829), Peter Wenzel, Vatican Museum
Eve was Immaculate, free from sin in the same way that Mary was.  That is why we call Mary the New Eve.  If Christ as the new Adam makes all things new then of course he would untie the knots tied by Eve's sin and make this new also.  Christ makes ALL things new.  God has a plan for the Redemption of the whole world and He began with Mary before He began with Jesus.  Why? Because it began with Eve before it began with Adam.
Sistine Chapel Michelangelo  

Eve was Immaculate as was Adam.  They began in a virginal garden of Eden.  They were not alone because love is a gift and must be given away.  The tree of Knowledge was in the garden because love must have a choice, without choice love cannot exist as it must be a free, total, faithful and fruitful gift.  Eve's no began when she took (of her own free will) the fruit of the tree of knowledge in that virginal garden of Eden, into her body and with it bore spiritual death to the world.

Mary was Immaculate as Eve was because Christ makes all things new.  Mary was free to chose as Eve was, to undo Original sin, all of the knots must have been untied and so they were.  It began in the virginal garden inside of her womb.  She too was given a choice to love.  Mary's yes began when she "let it be done unto her" and the fruit of all knowledge, the Alpha and Omega was given to her and in this garden of her womb, Jesus was the fruit of her womb and with her yes and with the hands and feet from which she would form in her body would come  spiritual life to the world.

Mary is the undoer of knots, she is our hope because she was mere creature.  She was no different than Eve.  She was completely capable of sinning and yet she did not, she is our proof that we can give our yes to God and be transformed, permeated and espoused by the Holy Spirit.

If you want to be more fully espoused and penetrated by the Holy Spirit then first call upon St. Joseph as terror of demons and ask him to remove the barriers and obstacles in yourself or a loved one that seems in capable of even opening themselves.  He will make way for Mary.  Then pray for Mary as undoer of knots to come and bestow a grace of receptivity into your heart or the heart of your loved one (heck you can and should do this for your enemies as well!) Finally, pray "Come Holy Spirit, Come!" so that the sower of the seed can come and plant Jesus deep, deep into the hearts of the world.
 Theotokos, the “Mother of God.

If you desire a double or triple portion of the Holy Spirit, then Consecrate yourself to Mary, she opens you wider than we can do on our own because she undoes the knots, she was what God chose to start with when He set into motion the plan of redemption for the world.  He could have dropped Christ naked in the street, He could have chosen to come in flesh in any way He desired, yet the plan He chose was to undo the knots of the fall way back in the beginning.  When Christ makes All Things New, He makes ALL THINGS NEW.

Mary, I ask that you intercede and show me how to open my heart to love like the Trinity and to help me to open myself in a bigger and more vulnerable way so that the Holy Spirit will find a home in my heart from which to bring life to the world in and through my yes to the Fathers plan.
Jennings 08
Come Holy Spirit Come!
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.

O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

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