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St. Joseph Terror of Demons & Our Lady of Gudalupe

Why is St. Joseph CRUCIAL to the victory of the 

Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sacred Heart of Jesus?

St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, pave the way for Mary as she paves the way for her son, Jesus Christ into the world, our families and our hearts.  You protected Mary, your most chaste spouse and in doing so, did what Adam did not do in the garden. Therefore, St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, bestow upon all men the grace of authentic masculinity and purity of heart so that they too can be defenders of the faith and of the family.  Prepare the way for Mary by driving out all demons that might prevent our hearts from being receptive and open to the will of Our Father.   St. Joseph, Prepare us for Mary so that she, who IS receptivity, may pour her graces into our hearts enabling us to receive, retain and radiate the merciful love of our Lord and savior,  Jesus Christ.  St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, Intercede For Us and for the whole Church.  Amen

Using advanced technological equipment, The Universal Church, represented in the by the finding of Bishop Zummaraga in them using, and the domestic church, represented by the family have been found in the eyes of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  She is revealing that she holds the key to how the enemy will be defeated and the Universal Church will be protected. 

How will this be accomplished? Our Lady of Guadalupe is revealing the natures of the demons we are fighting against and how we will be victorious through her particular intercession.  The first thing an exorcist asks a demon he is casting out is “What is Your Name?” so should it surprise us she is revealing the names and the operations of the demons we are at war with? She does this so we know how to take authority over, be delivered from and how to call upon the weapons of the Church to defend us in this battle.  Secondly, an exorcist priest asks, “How Many are you?”  Our Lady of Guadalupe reveals through the constellations present, how many they are?  When you draw a line between them, it creates an upside down triangle, a mockery of the trinity.  It is made up of many or a legion, each identifiable by a name but together making up three larger entitles.  They are The Dragon, The Scorpion and the Serpent.

The Demonic trinity is what she is revealing we are to battle with her direct intercession.  The first “operational entity” is the Dragon, is the liar, the divider, the one that brings division and schism and she holds the Bishop in her eyes because she is going to defend us against the Dragon.  The second “entity” is the Scorpion and is spoken of in the bible as the one that brings woundedness and perversion through sexuality. It is Jezebel, it is Lilith, and it is Ashtoreth.  It is the demon goddess on Tepeyac hill in Mexico that demanded the sacrifice of women and children.  The Third “entity” is the serpent.  It brings death both spiritually and physically.

These three, the demonic trinity work together as a mockery and blasphemy of the trinity, a blasphemy of the Father because where God says we are made in His image and likeness and our bodies have dignity, the Dragon and liar says we are nothing but animals and it does not matter what we do to and with our bodies. 

The second person of the trinity, the Son, first reveals the receptivity of Mary to receive and submit perfectly her will To God as a gift of love through a truly feminine heart Secondly, it is Jesus, true God and True Man, God enfleshed.  This is significant because it is demonstration of love.  God is love and Jesus reveals this in His life giving sacrifice poured out on the cross for the sins of the world as a gift, unto death that He Freely laid down.  The Scorpion closes the womb and does not accept but it denies the gift.  The breast would be flaccid, without sustenance.  The role of Mary is blasphemed, as it desires to emasculate men and stand in the place where on man is called to stand.  The serpent does not submit but consumes, rapes and forces itself.  It rejects femininity and counterfeits it with feminism.  The Scorpion then never allows the Word to be planted into the hearts of men.  Conception is never to take place and thus it paves the way for the serpent to bring death to humanity both spiritually and physically.

The Third “entity” is the serpent.  It brings death both spiritually and physically.  It is the spirit behind abortion because the blood sacrifice is a means of manifesting a spiritual reality and power in the physical.  God is the one that has made blood sacred as well as a means of bonding the spiritual and the physical and the enemy knows this “truth” and counterfeits it for his own dark purposes.  The serpent is also the kundalini spirit in that it works with the liar that first lies to humanity so as to bring wounding, the wounding then takes place and then the serpent who first infests the wound then can enter more deeply to oppress.  If the serpent has it’s way it then can attempt to possess the person. 

If we want to make way for Jesus Christ, we must first have receptivity, which comes through Mary.  To have receptivity we must first have freedom from the operational demons that are blinding us spiritually, deafening our ears to truth and numbing our conscience. 

This is E.W. Bullinger, biblical scholar's writings about how the bible is played out in the constellations.  If you have seen the movie "The Star of Bethlehem" then you know this is not only true, it is beautiful because it provides scientific evidence to the legitimacy of the bible (Using Kemplers advanced mathematics and advanced NASA software they show what constellations were in the sky the night of Jesus birth and so much more fulfilled in skies through the constellations). 

This is to me, the proves that the new findings within the tilma, in the age of technology able to discover it, would be shown the battle plan ordained by God, pre-destined to be given to us through Our Lady of Guadalupe during the age in which her Army foreshadowed by St. Louis De Montfort, would need it to defeat the scorpion that wounds mankind through perversion.  


We come now right into the heart of the conflict. The star-picture brings before us a gigantic scorpion endeavouring to sting in the heel a mighty man who is struggling with a serpent, but is crushed by the man, who has his foot placed right on the scorpion's heart.
The Hebrew name is Akrab, which is the name of a scorpion, but also means the conflict, or war. It is this that is referred to in Psalm 91:13--

"Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder.
The young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet."
David uses the very word in Psalm 144:1, where he blesses God for teaching his hands to war.
The Coptic name is Isidis, which means the attack of the enemy, or oppression: referring to "the wicked that oppress me, my deadly enemies who compass me about" (Psa 17:9).
The Arabic name is Al Akrab, which means wounding him that cometh.
There are 44 stars altogether in this sign. One is of the 1st magnitude, one of the 2nd, eleven of the 3rd, eight of the 4th, etc.
The brightest star, a (in the heart), bears the ancient Arabic name of Antares, which means the wounding. It is called by the Latins Cor Scorpii, because it marks the scorpion's heart. It shines ominously with a deep red light. The sting is called in Hebrew Lesath (Chaldee, Lesha), which means the perverse. The stars in the tail are also known as Leshaa, or Leshat. (Antares seems also to have been known as Lesath).
The scorpion is a deadly enemy (as we learn from Revelation 9), with poison in its sting, and all the names associated with the sign combine to set forth the malignant enmity which is "set" between the serpent and the woman's Seed.
That enmity is shown more fully in the written Word, where we see the attempt of the enemy (in Exodus 1) to destroy every male of the seed of Abraham, and how it was defeated.
We see his effort repeated when he used Athaliah to destroy "all the seed royal" (2 Kings 11), and how "the king's son" was rescued "from among" the slain.
We see his hand again instigating Haman, "the Jews' enemy," to compass the destruction of the whole nation, but defeated in his designs.
When the woman's Seed, the virgin's Son, was born, we are shown the same great enemy inciting Herod to slay all the babes in Bethlehem (Matt 2), but again he is defeated.
In the wilderness of Judea, and in the Garden of Gethsemane the great conflict is renewed. "This is your hour and the power of darkness," He said to His enemies.
The real wounding in the heel was received at the Cross. It was there the scorpion struck the woman's seed. He died, but was raised again from the dead "to destroy the works of the devil."
To show us this; to prevent any mistake; to set forth the fact that this conflict only apparently ended in defeat, and that it did not really so end, we have the first two constellations belonging to this sign presented in one picture! Indeed, the picture is threefold, for it includes the sign itself!
If these pictures had been separated, then the conflict would have been separated from the victory; the deadly wound of the serpent's head from the temporary wound in the Victor's heel. Hence, three pictures are required, in which the scorpion, the serpent, and the man, are all involved, in order to present at the same time the triumphant issue of the conflict.

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