Monday, August 20, 2012

Unveiled; Discovering The Great Mystery In My Marriage

This past weekend my husband and I traveled almost 6 hours to a marriage retreat in Faribault Minnesota. The Lay Faithful Foundation sponsored the retreat along with many lo.  Dr. Bob Schuchts,  of the Theology of The Body Healing and Training Institute, gave several talks.   The talks given were on Discovering “The Great Mystery” in your marriage, Becoming One, Barriers To Unity; Core Wounds and Marital Conflicts, Reconciliation and Healing and Passion and Deeper Intimacy.

We arrived Friday night at about 6:30pm and entered the old church that was hosting the retreat.  For those of you who have read my research and my theories showing how Our Lady of Guadalupe has announced herself as the protector of the new evangelization as well as a unique intercessor of the gift of receptivity (and so much more) you will smile when I tell you that “by chance” they had decided to place a large Our Lady of Guadalupe statue in the front of the hall surrounded by cut sunflowers.  

There was also an extremely large, almost life sized image of Divine Mercy on the wall with the words “Jesus I trust In You” on the wall by the stairs leading to the hall.  I do not believe in coincidence and knew immediately this was another affirmation that in following my inspirations, I had arrived precisely where I was supposed to be.

There is so much I desire to share about this unique gift from God, by this I mean the work of the Theology of The Body Healing and Training Institute, but I have limited time so I will highlight 5 things from this past weekend that are so magnificent I will be sharing them when I go and speak form this moment forward. 

1) The Great Mystery revealed in the wedding ceremony
3)Prayer of Mutual Submission
4)Zakar and Neqebeh
5)Reconciliation and Healing

I will be posting my observation on the 5 highlights one blogpost at a time so stay tuned.  If you would like some background then please read through my "Healing The Whole Person" post, My "Undoing Post" and any of the others related to healing.

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Wow! Congrats wish you all the best more Blessing to come and God Bless you always.

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