Monday, August 6, 2012

The Jezebel Spirit

Queen Jezebel was the rebellious manipulative wife of King Ahab. It was actually the Spirit operating through Queen Jezebel which had cause tens of millions of Hebrews to bow down to baal.  Baal was the false god that the required the sacrifice of children and women.

Queen Jezebel had caused them to forsake their covenants and to destroy their altars and to kill their prophets. This one spirit was responsible for corrupting an entire nation.  The Jezebel is independent, ambitious and controlling.  The Jezebel Spirit likes to dominate relationships.  The only time the Jezebel Spirit would ever be submissive or service like would be for the taking of advantage of someone's heart.

Although the Jezebel Spirit is considered a "she" the spirit is without gender.  It is important to understand that the spirit targets women because of the feminine prowess and women's ability to manipulate  men with their sexuality. This enables control without physical force. 

The Jezebel Spirit likes to target women that are bitter towards men, have been neglected or abused by men in  authority.  The Jezebel Spirit like to prey upon women that are insecure or jealous or vain.  It prefers to attach or oppress women who like to dominate others.  Many women who were under the influence of the Jezebel Spirit like to humiliate their husbands.   The Jezebel Spirit likes to use the power of sexual passions to conquer men and the usual attack of Godly men is pornography.  These men become secret prisoners of the Jezebel spirit that deeply embeds them into bondage.  

The Jezebel Spirit will attack women by giving them fantasies about other men or to get them to focus on the spirituality of their husbands as compared to other men. The Jezebel Spirit usually seeks highly refined qualities found in pastors, priests, professional musicians or anyone that has an  opportunity to be in a leadership position. The Jezebel hates repentance, it hates humility, it hates receptivity, it hates submission or accountability.  It especially hates intercessory prayer.

Ashtoreth, Lillith, Jezebel, Isis.  These "feminine" spirits desire to twist femininity into feminism and in our culture they are doing it.  The Jezebel is the opposite of Mary. Mary is Virgin, Jezebel is the whore.  Mary is receptivity and waits for it to be done, Jezebel controls and takes as she will it, her will be done. Jezebel seeks sex for manipulation and uses carnal passions to seduce and entice,  Mary reveals intercourse of the heart and with it deep intimacy and love.  

The Jezebel is the third person of the Unholy trinity at work in the world as revealed by the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Tilma.  The Jezebel is the scorpion.  She comes to wound and pervert through sexuality and of sexuality.  The dragon is the deceiver that comes to bring confusion, division, schism.  The serpent brings death.  Together in unholy alliance they are bringing great confusion as to what it means to be a man or a woman.  There is great wounding of our personhood happening because of pervasions of love and of sexuality (noun and verb) and through this alliance, spiritual death and physical death is manifested in the world. 

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