Saturday, August 11, 2012

The 5 Senses Of The Spirit

We have lost our ability to hear in the spirit, to see in the spirit, to taste in the spirit, to smell in the spirit and to feel in our bodies in the spirit. 

There has been a twisting or disorder of the connection of the body the soul and spirit. When we begin to understand our personhood, we then discover we are our bodies, we are our souls. 

We are both AND, not one or the other. Our spirit can utilize the senses of our body  to understand the spiritual realm. We will smell roses on a saintly person, we will feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit washing over us, we will taste  the sweetness of His words on our lips, we will hear truth when someone speaks prophetically in our presence, we will see visions that will guide us on our journey to Him. 

So too will we hear the lies of the devil even when they are cleverly twisted in a truth, we will smell sulphur on a person who is under the enemies influence, we will see shadows, angels, demons, dreams and visions so to cut us free from the enemy and his minions. 

We will feel in different places on our bodies (goosebumps for truth of Gods words being spoken) which will reveal what and how we (or others) are being oppressed.  This will also enable us to help be intercessors for others. 

We will taste the bitter poison in our mouths when the enemy is entering into our thoughts, or words or when we come into agreement with the enemy alerting us to renounce the lie before it can have ill effect.

We are being reconnected through an outpouring of healing from The Great Physician. This reconnection can and does happen. It has always meant to be so and begun on the day of Pentecost.  

This was the outpouring of grace through the Holy Spirit which enabled the redemption of the body (which took place at the resurrection) to be more fully operational. 

The Spiritual gifts become operational when we are made whole by receiving this outpouring and healing.

Many of us, through the devils works of inflicting great wounds, have become fractured.  The enemy has created a chasm in us so as to  prevent us from living out our missions and from using our gifts to bring freedom to others. 

 I talked about this at the last mass we had in Florida at the Theology of the body healing and training center. Http://

I had my senses "reconnected" in a healing experience from the conception to birth experience prayer we did. I received the gift of praying in the spirit (tongues) which Monica and Lila helped me to receive through a prayer intercession healing they did with me that same night

At the Mass the next day I experienced the Mass " in the spirit"
It was like no Mass I had ever experienced before. I was attuned to what was happening beyond the veil.

 That's when Angie (I think that was her name) said she tasted the sweetness of cherries on her tongue after communion.  Perhaps that was a confirmation of what I was discerning at Mass, that when we are made more fully "whole" our senses are able to more fully receive and with it even our soul may be reconnected.

If we are able to smell roses on a person of Saintly virtue then why could we not taste the sweetness of cherries upon reception of our precious Lord? Perhaps her tongue had been made new and reconnected to the soul. 

The enemy knows this truth.  It is why he induced a forced "receptivity" called a wound. It's the only way he fan gain entrance to purpose a lie. If and when we agree with the lie a stronghold is made. Now he can begin to oppress us.  The more wounded and infested we become the more fractured our personhood grows. This is the goal because we will be cut off from hearing lies, feeling God's presence, seeing prophets or rafting the venom of our own words that can slay our loved ones in a moment of anger. This is what happens when we operate out of woundedness. 

Theology of The Body reveals the beauty of Gods plan for the body, in the body, with the body.  The senses are not just somatic and subjective experiences. The senses are means from which the soul receives the Holy Spirit and in the receiving an effect is manifested in the flesh. 

The enemy gets all of this. It is why he sets out at our conception to bring woundedness into our lives.  It is why the new age movement is teaching the "opening of the chakras". The enemy uses a counterfeit means to open the soul through the body.  However, this forced means is a perversion and do the result is a deeper and more pervasive oppression or  possible possession. 

This is his way of becoming incarnate.  A mockery of God. 

Now is the time to pray for a triple portion if the outpouring of The Holy Spirit. Pray for the gifts! Pray for healing of body and soul. I have begun to use Holy Water to bless my eyes, my nose, my ears and my mouth when I enter a Church. I then say the words; "Come Holy Spirit Come".

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