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"Petrus Romanus" prt 1 Are Catholics Satanic?

The Book "PETRUS ROMANUS" by Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam, has glorified Satan as a god giving him power like that of the one true God by saying that the devil has come up with a way to manifest power and uses it to do his evil.  This is a lie.  The truth is that God has created a way to manifest power and the devil has learned this and put it to use so that he can take this power to himself and accomplish evil in the world. 

There is a common misconception out there that I have just recently seen put into print once again.  The book "Petrus Romanus" just came out and while I think there is some important information in that book, some information is greatly distorted.  The author(s) write that Catholics are satanic or at least in league with satan and the proof is in that Catholics practice rituals within the faith.  The book goes on to say that the occult and satanism use rituals in the practice of their "religion" and so do Catholics.  The Catholic faithful, especially the priesthood, is accused of using sorcery and using magic and in fact is leading a coven under a spell cast by sorcerers.  It says that Rome would put a curse on someone who does not accept dogma, Catholics consort with the dead in necromancy, that the church banned bibles from being read and thus hid the true word of God, that the church is enslaved to rituals, the dogma of purgatory was created to take peoples money and allow the clergy to become rich,    

It goes on to say in the chapter on "Priestcraft, Sacraments and Sorcery" that Catholics use ceremonies, recitations of spells, charms, incantations and other ritual.  It also says that the use of Holy Water, blessed Salt and 7 sacraments are proof of witchcraft and sorcery and that prayers of intercession from the Saints or from Mary are likened to Necromancy, which is consorting with the dead.  I plan to dispel all of these untruths and fabrications showing how the author(s) has misinformed the reader through his lack of understanding of the faith and it's teachings but more importantly how the book has taken the power away from God Himself and given the power to the devil by saying that the devil is powerful and has created a means by which to manifest power independent from God and faith.  The greatest lie in all of this? That the devil could create anything or that the devil can create his own he can't.  

The devil has not some how created his own means and methods to manifest power.  Only God can create.  The devil is not God and therefore cannot create anything.  The devils only "power" is to plagiarize the truth.  The devil being a great legalist knows the rules that God has created in terms of how to manifest a spiritual power in the physical realm and the devil, being the great legalist, follows those rules to achieve the same result.  By the same result I mean only to manifest a spiritual power in the physical realm.

Let me give you an example. In the Old Testament God told man to take a spotless lamb and sacrifice it, specifically through the killing of the animal by draining it of it's blood and then putting the blood on an altar to be burned.  This was the "ritual" in which the people of God performed.  The altar is part of the ritual (satanists replace the altar with the body of a woman)  the blood is part of the ritual, the spotless lamb is part of the ritual (satanists use a newborn baby boy), the way in which is which the lamb was killed (this is called Kosher) with a certain kind of knife for the offering, all of this was given to us  the way God told us to do it and it followed by the devil because everything means something and matters.  The Church continues to offer the mass as ritual because it manifests powerful spiritual grace while the black mass manifest powerful demonic energy. 

Another example is Circumcision.  It was a ritual.  It followed a very specific "ritualistic" way in which it was done including the words spoken by the Rabbi leading up to it, during it and after it.   God is the one that declared that blood is a means of which to consecrate something, to bind up something.  God is the one that told us in the Old Testament to sacrifice the spotless lamb by burning it's blood on the altar. Just like the original sacrifice there was blood shed.  The victim was a male child, spotless as a newborn just as a male lamb was said to be spotless.  God ordained blood to be a binding substance or agent.  There is something mysterious about the shedding of blood that manifests a spiritual reality in the physical realm.  Why? Because God made blood a powerful means of which to enter into covenant or to consecrate something.  This is God's truth. 

In the New Testament the tradition of consecrating His people to Himself continues but rather than the consecration taking place in the line of men as in circumcision it now is carried in the line of women.  I recently had a priest explain to me that this is why the hymen is present in women.  When a married couple enter into the marital embrace, the blood shed when the hymen is broken seals the couple, it enters them into a blood covenant with God as they consummate the marriage in the one flesh union.   

Jesus Christ shed His blood in a sacrifice and this sacrifice is what manifested the spiritual power of saving us.  He stood in our place as the sacrificial victim.  Why? Because God's truth was that a spotless victim was a worthy sacrifice.  You cannot get more spotless than Jesus Christ. His blood was shed as a victim for mankind.  

Now let's look at these truths and how the occult, how satanists use these truths not because they are the source of the power, but because they know how to plagiarize these truths to accomplish their own dark purposes.  The devil uses blood in his rituals and he uses sacrifice not because Catholics are satantist but because satanists use what works and there is power in the sacrifice of the mass and the devil knows it and uses that power in his own rituals.  

God is truth.  If God manifests power through blood sacrifice, He will not change that truth just because the devil wants to copy it, that would go against the nature of the truth being spoken in the act or substance thus nullifying it's power.  The power comes from God not from the devil.  To say the devil manifests power is to make the devil powerful and the devil is not powerful.  The devil merely is a great legalists and follows the "ritual" turned spell, to manifest power.  For example, if a child is conceived inside of rape, God still infuses a soul into the person.  God does not change the truth that a person was created in the act of rape just because someone created the child out of evil.  

Satanist sacrifice newborn baby boys because they understand that there is power in sacrifice, power in that sacrifice being male and spotless (thus the newborn free from sin to mock Jesus Christ).  The spilling of that child's blood using a ritual would be likened to a spell.  The power from this spell is not because the devil creates power but is because the devil has followed a recipe of truths creating or achieving the result that would have to follow when the ritual is used.  These spells are a perversion of ritual.  When you pervert the truth the result would be perversion. 

Jesus created the priesthood as he was the most high priest.  Peter was the first Pope.  The first Pope  ordained the subsequent priests and we can show an unbroken lineage of ordination of all our validly ordained priests in unbroken succession through the laying on of hands and the sacrament of Holy Orders all the way to Jesus Christ Himself.  The power of the priesthood is not the priests power of the Churches power, it is the power of Jesus Christ.  In the book the author says that;

"When a priest pronounces his tremendous words of consecration, he reaches up into the heavens, brings Christ down from his throne, and places Him upon our altar to be offered up again as the Victim for the sins of man.

Read in this way it sounds as if the priest is coming up the words.  In fact the words he says are the words of Jesus Christ in their exactitude.  In fact, if the words are not exact it invalidates the mass.  There is not a lot than can invalidate a mass.  There are things that can make a mass illicit, but to be invalidated the words of consecration must be altered.  Why? Because the words are Jesus' words and the power is His not ours so as long as the words of Jesus Christ are pronounced upon valid form/substance by a priest who has been ordained by the unbroken succession of priests that Jesus Christ Himself began, it is considered valid. 

 God once again humbles himself and become incarnate.  Yes, the omnipotent God came down from Heaven and became man, that was very humble and the act of obedience began with Mary's yes.  She was free to say no but perfectly responded to God's call even though she could have been stoned to death if found unmarried and with child.  To then tell others it was the Alpha and Omega in her womb would have been immediate death for blasphemy!  

There are many throughout the world, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims etc that do not believe that God could incarnate Himself  and become fully human and yet fully divine.  Yet we as Christians profess this belief.  That God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten (not made) son.  God became incarnate as a child in the womb of a woman, Mary, more on her later.  

Why is it hard to believe that God would give us His flesh to eat? In the words of the last supper Jesus Christ said "Do this in remembrance of me" the words in hebrew actually meant to re-member, to not just recall as if a memory but to do the opposite of dismember, but to remember which meant to re-manifest His body and blood.  We do not believe that Christ is being sacrificed on the altar AGAIN, there is and only will be one sacrifice on Calvary but because God is free from space and time, Calvary is "re-membered" and we are brought to the foot of the cross to see God's love for us as He asked us to and the words spoken as part of this ritual manifests the spiritual power of Jesus Christ in the physical form of bread and wine because God is feeding our souls with the spiritual food of His salvation.  

If God created us as body and soul then why would He not give us nourishment for the body and soul? Why is it so hard to believe that a God that created us with a body and senses from which to engage the world around us would give us a sensual faith in which we could encounter and experience God in and through the senses of the body? To give us the washing waters of baptism, to give us the words "You are forgiven" to have us smell the burned incense reminding us of the offerings of our prayers going up to Heaven, the anointing of the bodies with oil etc? Clearly this man needs to read Theology of The Body because it is this amazing writing that reveals how the spiritual is made physical and our sacramentals are signs of this.

The power in substance is once again something God Himself ordained.  We have Holy Water and Holy Salt as sacramentals because the substance is something that God Himself has professed as powerful means by which to manifest a spiritual truth in the physical realm.  Original sin is removed with baptism with water but with the words "I baptize you in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit".  If these words are not said and if water is not used it might not be a valid baptism.  When a priest prays the words of exorcism blessing on salt, the salt is not a lucky charm but rather the prayers of the priest are answered and the Holy Spirit infuses the Power of Jesus Christ, the spiritual power, onto the physical substance of salt.  When a faithful Christian takes the salt and sprinkles it around their homes it dispels evil spirits because it "preserves us" from sin and demons.  The salt is the substance but when it is blessed, it carries with it a spiritual power of Jesus Christ that through the prayers of the priest (who has been ordained by the direct lineage to Jesus Christ) it is the power of Jesus Christ that is being wielded as a weapon, not the salts power, not the priests power, but the authority of the Jesus Christ that the devil flees from.  Listen to the blessing of the salt and you will see the power is rooted in the power of God not any one person and certainly not in a spell or a talisman of salt.  The invisible power of Jesus Christ is made visible.  It is also made accessible to the laity because Jesus Christ has given us all that we need to fight this battle with evil but the devil is confusing the Church through our own desire to be faithful or Holy or to not be superstitious.  So these confusions are to keep the faithful from understanding how very powerful the weapons we were given are because to know and to believe and to use them would destroy the devil. 

The sacraments are the outward signs we receive that minister to our souls the saving grace.  All of this was foreshadowed and spoken of in the bible.  Manna from heaven, the fact that Jesus was born in Bethlehem or the "House of Bread" and that He was laid into a manger which is a trough from which animals would eat.  In fact, Jesus said that His Flesh was true food and His blood was true drink and the words He used literally meant to Gnaw or tear.  There were many that left Jesus when He spoke like this because Jesus clearly stated that some how we were going to be eating His literal flesh. When they went away from Jesus He did not holler back "hey wait...I did not mean it! I was speaking figuratively" but rather Jesus clarified with making sure they heard Him say "Amen, Amen I say to you that unless you eat of the son of man you will not have life within you".  Amen twice? Jesus was making sure it was very clear.  

There is spiritual power in eating of flesh, why else do you think that there is cannibalism? The Aztec's ate the flesh of their victims hoping to embody the victims gifts or powers.  Why do you think the devil has found a way to get the people of China to eat the aborted babies in soup or to grind up aborted babies and put it into herbal pills for stamina? What about the companies using the aborted fetus as flavor enhancers? The reason is that the devil realizes that there is some kind of spiritual power manifested when there is the eating of flesh.  This is because the devil has seen the power of eating  the body and blood of Christ.  We are not cannables but rather we are doing what God has ordained.  Even in the Old Testaments the Jews that were saved from the pharaoh were told to take a spotless lamb, to put the blood on their houses to save them from the angel of death and then they were to eat the flesh of the sacrifice.  

First of all Betty Brennen, an ex-satanist says that a true satanist would be able to identify which host was consecrated out of a 100 unconsecrated hosts that would surround it.  Why? Because there is a spiritual reality manifest in a consecrated host, the power of Jesus Christ because it is the body of Christ manifest in the physical realm through ritual that Jesus Christ Himself gave us at the last supper. 

At a black mass the crucifix is present but is upside down to mock God and to disorder the ritual.  There is an altar because an altar is upon which the sacrifice is made.  There is a priest performing the black mass because it is understood that the priest is in the person of is "in persona christi".  To get an ordained priest to celebrate a Satanic ritual would make the spell even more powerful.  Why? Because a priest, by virtue of his ordination has a supernatural authority and grace and to pervert it would multiple the effect of the evil committed.  Why? Because it is the truth of the language that would be spoken.  The actions of the ritual is it's own language.  As the body makes visible the invisible, a ritual makes visible the invisible power of God and when the devil uses a ritual for evil, the invisible perversion of truth is magnified and made visible in some dark power.  It would be a power that is the antithesis of grace. 

Catholics are not satanists, but rather satanists have stolen the power given to the Church because the devil cannot create anything nor does he have any power himself but rather he must use the power of the one true God to manifest anything.  The devil is a liar and he is about selling us all as many lies and confusions as possible.  

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