Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5 Things I Am Thankful For This Year


What?  No, I am not thankful that they wrecked my house.  My life has been filled with trying to function as a mother of 8 and a wife of 18 years while still trying to sort out the horrific reality that Bank of America wrongly seized our home, destroyed it, acknowledged they made a mistake, but not before their negligence destroyed our home.  We were featured on NPR news but I cannot get the local media to put anything on about it.  I guess the fact that our home was destroyed and that the ground water might be contaminated as a result for anyone living nearby just is not newsworthy enough.  But my 14 year old put it in perspective for me.  She said, "I bet there are other people out there that had there house taken away (wrongly) that actually lost their kids because they had no way to take care of their family".  I suddenly felt ashamed of myself that I have been focusing on how our house was taken and ruined, forgetting that at least we have a place to live and are together and healthy.  I am so grateful for children that many times, help me get my priorities straight.  I am Thankful that despite the real difficulties our family is going through, that we are together and that we love each other and that we are healthy.
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My Radio Show "Embracing Your Greatness" went national on Monday.  I am so grateful that God has some how found me worthy to be a part of growing the kingdom of Christ.  This week my radio show "Embracing Your Greatness" went national on World Family of Radio Maria.  How do I know it is working? Because within an hour of the show (I live Ustream my show's then upload them to my YouTube Channel) I began to get comments from all kinds of Atheists commenting and dialoguing with me and so, the new frontier of evangelization is something I am proud to embark upon with Radio Maria! 
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I was as psychology major in college and when I was there I remember being taught that every human being has needs that must be met or else there will be consequences to the very "psyche" of a person.  These needs, according to Maslow, are hierarchal in that there are particular needs that must be met in order for a person to begin to develop and grow as a "healthy" person.

Because I have had such a dysfunctional childhood, there are things at my base, that were not there and so there are  consequences as a result.  In terms of faith those consequences are very severe.  

I have always had an impediment to entering into relationship with God the Father.  Over the past couple of months, The Father has been healing me by showing me that he will meet even my most basic of needs.

Just when I thought we would be homeless, the Father found us shelter.  In case I would some how miss that He had a hand in it, He moved me into a Rectory with the Blessed Sacrament within feet of my families new home.  There is so much more as result, but let's just say He continues to surprise me each and everyday in this way and I am grateful and feel like his little daughter.  I am grateful that God the Father has revealed Himself to me in such a real and obvious way and that He continues to do so everyday!


 My kids have been pointing out to me that when I get frustrated, I tend to be less than charitable.  I thank God He showed that to me so I can begin to make the correction in my language, in my behavior but more importantly in my heart.  I want to also add that my kids's friends call me "mom" or say things like I am their "other" mom, well that just makes my heart want to burst out of my chest.  The things my kids have been saying lately have been like a deep salve on my heart encouraging me to WANT to be a better mom and a better woman.   The saying "Out of the mouth of babes" have truly been a something I am thankful for this year. 

My husband was raised Jehovah's Witness.  For him to embrace the openness to life, children and the love that flows from that shows not only love for me but courage.  We now live in a world where people can get an abortion in the 9th month and it is called "choice" and people applaud this but for me, a woman who has  8 children, I have people in restaurants tell me I am disgusting.  Just yesterday I had someone say to me "8 Children? Despicable baby factory! Your body works but your brain doesn't!"
I am so very grateful for a man who loves me so much that he tells me everyday.  He has a woman who has emotional scar's that make it hard for me to show physical affection outside of the marital embrace, yet he patiently loves me through this and waits and loves and waits and loves.  He constantly makes sacrifices after sacrifices.  He is a much better man than I will ever be a woman and for that I am so grateful.  I love you Shawn, you are my bridegroom and you are joy and my treasure.  Thank you for loving me. 

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