Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Blue Print To Ending Abortion


After reading the book "Demonic Abortion" put out by Human Life International, as well as my research, I have come to some pretty amazing conclusions that I will unfold over the next few days, weeks and months.

I will begin with saying, that beginning tomorrow, Monday Oct 31st of 2011 I will slowly lay the foundation to understand something very powerful.

Tomorrow at 10am Central, I will be interviewing Zachary King, a former Satanist in the largest organization of Satanism in the world.  He converted to Catholicism in 2008 and has a book coming out entitled "Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice".

However, today, I began to put into practice, to make physical the spiritual truth that I see so clearly.  Using the story of Jericho in Book of Joshua, I used the ancient form of warfare given in the Old Testament of walking around the walls of the abortion facility on the 7th day (Today is Sunday and therefore the 7th day) and walked around 7 times.

My daughter Elisha walked with me along with several pro-life prayer warriors and using exorcised salt I sprinkled the salt around the entire building.  I prayed the St. Michael Prayer while the prayer warriors prayed the rosary, the mysteries that ANNOUNCE the victory! The Kingship of Jesus Christ and the Queenship of Mary our Mother.  I took authority in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth and by virtue of my baptism, and claimed that land for Jesus Christ!  I asked them to get a priest out there, to have him privately pray the Exorcism prayer of Pope Leo, because if he does it privately he does not need to get special permission.

A priest praying this prayer, because of the authority of the Church and Jesus Christ, can and does create a chink in the armor, a whole that penetrates the spiritual dome or bubble that the demonic abortion creates.  You see as we bless our homes, we bind the enemy from being able to enter.  When he consecrates that place, in the blood of demonic sacrifice, the woman who enters there, by her own free will, submits to the authority there and in a sense, falls under the dome of the enemy and the prayers of the laity, in a sense bounce like a rubber ball off of the dome.

However! When a priest is present, because he is persona Christi, because of the power of the church and the Holy Spirit, he creates a hole in the dome, and through that hole,  our prayers, divine mercy and the power of the rosary flood in and wash over everything.

In the Rockford Diocese, 4 priests showed up and stood on all four corners of the abortion facility there that has been operating for over 30 years and has been said by Joe Scheidler, to be one of the most demonic places he has ever been.  They play cursing, profanity and slander and blasphemous words on loudspeakers to shock and embarrass the people who come to pray, they hand baby dolls by the neck and hand them up in trees, they put pornography in the windows to scandalize anyone who would come to pray with their children.

But! 4 priests came, they prayed the exorcism prayer on all four corners AND Our Lady of Guadalupe Missionary image was there, she is an ICON, a spiritual doorway of grace the reveals the incarnation and these two powerful weapons, CLOSED the Rockford abortion mill down!!!!!!  How? A woman had a dream from her recently passed husband.  He was an architect.  In the dream, he told her, to contact the building inspector.  She did, and the mill, which was not up to code, was closed.  God finds a way!

Seven Priests Cause Abortion Mill To Close!

I did this today, I used the salt that has the authority of the church to exorcise the devil and I cast it onto the ground of this place.  I then marched militantly around 7 times and claimed it for Christ.  I then "shouted" on the 7th time around the Victory of Jesus through Mary as I prayed out loud the Rosary!

Thank you to the Divine Mercy Project for allowing me to stop in and share in their apostolate.  Thank you Rich, Kathy, Maria and your husband and everyone else! What a pleasure to meet you!

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Laura Strietmann said...

God Bless you Christina!! Thank you for teaching so many of us on a daily basis!!!