Friday, May 20, 2011

Scooby Doo and Cartoon Network Promote Wicca

Well, it seems even the lovable Scooby Doo is now being used to indoctrinate our children into Wicca, both a pagan worship of earth as well as an entrance into the use of dark magic.

I am currently watching a cartoon on The Cartoon Network. It is a Scooby Doo Cartoon. You remember Scooby Doo right? The Mystery Van, Shaggy, Scooby snacks and fighting crime by solving mysteries? Not this though as this episode is promoting witchcraft and earth worship. What?
"Come on!" you say.
"Christina, you just read into everything! Now it's cartoons!"

But, nope, not this time. I am not reading into this. This time, the language is as clear as you can get.

The mystery being solved in the episode entitled "Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost". According to Wikipedia, in this episode, Thorn (The leader of "Hex Girls" the leader of the all girls band) and Dusk and Luna (the other members of the band) are first seen as suspects of the mystery that is going on in their hometown, Oakhaven. After seeing them perform, the gang decides to follow them and see if they have anything to do with the mystery they are trying to unveil. Fred and Daphne even suspect that they are real witches, after seeing Thorn performing a strange ritual. Later, it is revealed that what they saw was just a trick that Thorn had come up to sooth their vocals, and they even explain that they are actually Wiccans.

Wiccans are explained earlier in the episode by "Ben" (voice of Tim Curry)a writer of mysteries featured as a special guest in this episode. He begins by explaining that the portrait above his fireplace is of Sarah Ravencroft, and was painted for by a grateful "patient".

He goes on to say;
"Sarah was not very popular amongst the towns doctors, Sarah was untraditional in her "approach" to medicine. She was a Wiccan" the man explains.

"Say What?" Freddy asks curiously.

"I've read about them, Wiccan's were people in tune with the forces of nature and used them for healing purposes." says Velma.

"Exactly!" confirms Ben Ravencroft a descendant from known witches.
"She believed in using herbs and other natural elements to draw on the "Earths powers" to heal the sick. Sarah helped many people who could not afford medical treatment. She treated her patients under a large oak tree, which she believed to have healing "powers".

Wiccan's have been misunderstood, accused of sorcery, in fact the word "Witch" comes from Wicca." Thelma finishes.

What we learn later is that those who have "Wiccan blood" have magical powers. This is demonic and evil indoctrination of youth. To give the power to the "bloodline" of Wiccans is to put the dark powers and one's one self above God. It may be true that those who consecrate their bloodline to the evil one are given dark powers but make no mistake about it these are dark gifts.

Later, the girls are revealed as just wiccan's who use herbs but are not "real witches". Whew...that was a close one.

Ben Ravencroft then uses dark magic and we hear him talk of ancient powers to summon the entity he calls "Sarah Ravencroft" when she stands before him, he begs for more power saying she owes it to him for conjuring her. He wants to rule the world and she turns on him. She appears all powerful as she concurs the evil sorcerer and threatens to take over the world. The Witch laughs at him saying only a "virtuous wiccan" can retrap her in the spell book.

Wow, subtle how they just turned Wiccans into virtuous AND more powerful than even a warlock and Witch but still convince us there is they don't practice witchcraft, yet Thorn is the one who casts a spell to defeat them.

In the end, the Hex Girls perform for the town to raise money to pay for the damage caused by the diabolical battle that everyone has just forgot about. In the film they sing two songs called "I'm A Hex Girl" (written by Bodie Chandler and Glenn Leopold) and "Earth, Wind, Fire And Air". Here are some of the words;

"I am a hex girl and I am going to cast a spell on you, you will feel a fog as I cloud your mind, you will feel dizzy when I make the sign, with this little cobweb potion you will fall into dark devotion."

"To love the earth is our desire. Love the earth its only fair, its one big earth we must share, love our earth with all our fire, its in our souls, its our desire. We may look bad but we dont care. Nature is a precious gift it will make your spirits lift. We ride the wind, we feel the fire."

Well, that sounds like the demons talking to me. They definitely feel the fire and I am pretty much sure they ride the winds prowling about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

The father's final dialogue with his daugther Thorn says it all.

"You did it! I guess you are a witch after all!" he exclaims while he embraces her proudly smiling (what kids would not want that reception from their father?).

Her response to this truth is another lie perpetrated against our youth.

"A Wiccan Dad! A Wiccan!" she says as if to correct him.

Make no mistake about it parents. This episode, although they seem to conquer evil, perpetrate an evil greater evil, they make it seems as if Wiccans are not practicing witchcraft. However, the truth is that the message given is that clearly, they do!

This is how it is done parents. Retrain the brain while it is 4, 5 or 6 years old to think that Witch comes from the word Wicca but Wiccan's don't practice witchcraft.

You be the judge. Is there anything here that I have written that sounds like it is painting the practice of Wicca in a positive or at least a benign practice? I would say absolutely. As parents, it has become apparently clear to me that we MUST be monitoring what our kids are watching. This month, Pope Benedict XVI's intentions are truth in media. Well, it is us to us to spread the truth. This is one thing I hope helps to promote that intention. If you know someone who has kids who watch Cartoon Network, please let them know that just because it is a "kids show" does not mean they are off limits to the agenda of the enemy. Clearly, nothing is off limits.

Here is where it really gets scary. More and more kids are beginning to get involved in Wicca and Witchcraft or the practice of dark arts. Harry Potter is partially responsible for making this attractive.

But now, some of these kids are killing themselves and Christians are being blamed for it. There is actually organizations that are now set up to help infiltrate the schools with literature to help stop the "persecution and bullying" of Christians who pray for, say prayers to or for someone who practices in the occult.

The Tempest Smith Foundation was established after a 12 year old girl named Tempest, who practiced wiccan beliefs along with her mother, killed herself after being "bombarded" by Christian hymns sung to her by classmates. While I absolutely do not condone the bullying of a child in any way shape or form, it is a down right tragedy to have organizations being able to encorporate their pagan or demonic beliefs and literature into our schools while prayer or the word "God" is forbidden.

Be aware, be active and KNOW what is happening. There is an indoctrination and an agenda here and we must do all we can to keep the faith.

Please say the following prayer for Tempest, because if her mother is a witch, I am guessing there is no one praying for her soul and as a mystical body of Christ, we can participate in the redemption of man with our prayers and sacrifice. For those of you who have lost a child, for those of you who could not have children, prayerfully consider spiritually adopting a child in danger of being lost to the occult and say a prayer for them or include them in your daily prayers. This is a beautiful gift we can give to Our Lord and I for one will begin to do the same now that I am aware of what is going on.

Eternal Rest Grant unto Tempest Smith Oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her and may she rest in peace". Amen


Android APPS said...

i love scooby doo! it was such a good show :D
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Anonymous said...

The problem about what your saying that you have Wiccans misconstrued. If you took the time to research them you would understand that the first rule they practice is to harm no one. Wiccans are not devil worshipers, they love the Earth and want to to honor it. Wiccans are not indoctrinated as children. It's against the wiccan laws to push your believes on someone else.

That's all I wanted to say.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I am a Wiccan & I don`t think Tempest would want to be with God when we celebrate The Goddess. Let people believe in what they want DO NOT RAM RELIGION DOWN THEIR THROATS!!!

Anonymous said...

we actually celebrate the goddess and a god.but omg this is sooo stupid! keep the faith......right.just like almost all Christians keep faithful to god by placing a false idol in front of him.i mean, come on! if Jesus was the lord, where would god be? heeeellllloooooo!!!!!!!!anyway,i have like, 85 Christian friends who love god but accept me just like it says too in the mom and brother are Islamic,but im Wiccan.and there is a difference between a witch and a Wiccan. harry potter is a wizard. a wizard means a traitor, which also means the creators of harry potter don't know the meaning of this at all.and in scooby doo, (i watched it up until a few years ago(im 12)i know that this particular episode was made before i was able to talk properly and is not even on cartoon network anymore.and the hex girls are not pagan,they're Wiccan goths.there's a difference,OK? but if you even want to make a point, because you dot have a healthy one yet,argue with me online. 100% guaranteed I'll win. (my email) and if you dont want to argue, here's a link to one of the greatest christian as**oles in the book:

You can agree with him, right?
Thought so.
Blessed Be!
PS: You can keep your damn faith 'cuz im sure as hell that none of us want it.

Anonymous said...

I'm 13 And A Wiccan I Chose This Path On My Own. No one Told Me To I Chose It On My Own I Celebrate A Goddess I Don't Beleive In The Devil Or DemonsAnd You Don't Have To Practice Witchcraft To Be Wiccan. Poeple Who Practice "The Dark Arts" Are Not Wiccan.

Sincerely A Girl From A Wolf's Song

Blessed Be!

P.S: I Celebrate The Goddess Gaia

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Lintang said...

haha..why so serious?
movies are made for art & fun. I like those movies, it doesn't mean I'm antichrist

Anonymous said...

Wow what kind of autistic nonsense?
I'm a catholic and Scrooby Doo is harness fun. Wiccans are just normal people.