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Oprah's Doc Club's documentary "Becoming Chaz"

Last night I watched a documentary on Opera's new network cable channel on Chastity Bono. Oprah says she wants to do for documentries what she did for her book club and so we have "Oprah's Doc Club". Becoming Chaz is the title of the documentary of Chastity Bono's so called journey from woman to man and is referred to as her "transformation". For those of you who were not aware of who Chastity Bono is, she is the daugther of Cher and Sonny Bono.

For some time Chastity has been living the lesbian "lifestyle" choice although she has said that she has desired to be a man since she was a child. The term that she uses to define herself is "transgendered" and claims it is the reason she has such a hatred for her feminine body. Chaz, as she now calls herself, believes she is acutally a man trapped in womans body and her body, as a woman, speaks a lie about who and what she should have always been.

"Now my outside matches my inside" she says.

According to Wikipedia the definition of transgendered, although in flux, is as follows;

Transgender is the state of one's "gender identity" (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) not matching one's "assigned sex" (identification by others as male, female or intersex based on physical/genetic sex).[1] "Transgender" does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation; transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, or asexual; some may consider conventional sexual orientation labels inadequate or inapplicable to them.

You may remember a few years ago there was a misleading article in People Magazine saying that a man was pregnant? Well, actually, a woman had her breasts removed and underwent testosterone therapy, had herself impregnated and so in fact, was a woman that was pregnant. What the press desired to do was accomplished however, which was to help establish a society where our kids walking down the street will have to ask their mom and dad "Is that a woman or a man" when they see people in the street. Even worse, we now have organizations set up to allow kids to "choose" their gender.

According to Chaz, she now "counsels" kids who believe they are transgendered. In the documentary there is a girl who wants to be a boy and is at one point in the hot tub with Chaz, both of them with their tops off talking about how sucessful Chaz's facial hair is coming in. The documentry also interviews some of the parents who are allowing their kids to pick their sex (Hey wanna be a boy or a girl?) and as an audience we hear their pain as they talk about how grateful they are to have realized just in time that their kids do not have a problem, they have the problem. The counselors have revealed to the parents that their kids are just fine, the problem is that the parents are in need of therapy so as to help their kids embrace the truth. What is the truth? You tell me. It seemed to me the truth is that children even as young as 3 years old can choose to be whatever sex they want and their parents can then enroll them into schools with other kids who have chosen to be something other than what they have been created as so as to help "normalize" their choice.

So how exactly do they "help" these kids? Well, according to Chaz, they this organizations helps kids to never have to go through puberty. Rather, they will take hormone blockers and inhibitors that prevent their bodies from going through puberty at about age 10. Then, when they hit about 16 they will be given hormones to help them go through the puberty they were "meant" to. Some of the parents were inteviewed on the documentary and said that they were told by therapists that they have a problem, not their kids and so they are the ones in therapy. These organizations are working to establish legislation ensuring the rights of all children to be able to "choose" their gender.

Why would a child reject their gender? Well if we look at natural law it seems plausible that due to environmental factors such as toxins like BPA's which were found in plastics, we see that man made chemicals can and do cause the emasculation of young boys. We know from scientific studies that the BPA's cause the forming male fetus to have undescended testicals, smaller penus and feminine attributes because the chemical acts like estrogen in the body. We also live in a world where artifical hormones are present in milk, meat and crops where the manure from farm animals treated with these toxins, is spread on the ground.

Then we have genetically modified crops which has been demonstrated to cause infertility in mice. Just read the following proof;

New study confirms that GM food damages fertility
GM Free Cymru, 12 November 2008

In a new Austrian study that will send shock waves through the corridors of power in the EU, and through the offices of the GM corporations, it has been discovered that GM corn has a damaging effect upon the reproductive system (1).

Then there is the company that George Soros has just purchased thousands of shares of, Monsanto. Why would "spooky dude" as Glenn Beck affectionately calls him, purchase a whole bunch of this? Probably because he realizes how powerful the food industry is as well as companies that supply seed to farmers. If you have not watched the DVD here is the trailer;

on how companies like Monsanto have destroyed farming in the country as we know it by finding a way to put a "patent" on seeds, preventing farmers from keeping seeds from one year to the next, forcing them to buy every year, then please, please watch the above trailer. We truly are dealing with companies like this changing the world and how we eat and how we live.

The Monsanto maize line MON863 has already been shown -- in the company's own experiments designed to mask health effects -- to damage the internal organs of animals in feeding trials (7). This new evidence, from an EU government-sponsored study, shows that the standard mantra that "GM does not damage health" is shown to be a lie. GM food and feed DOES damage health in a number of ways, as this and other reliable studies have shown over the past decade, beginning with Arpad Pusztai in 1998 (8).
So if we are aware that we are being effected by toxins on a physical level, then could it be possible that our sexuality, being created male or female, might also be effected. Perhaps people that think they are "Born this Way" to quote Lady Gaga, are born that way but not because God ordained it so but because man has broken the law, natural law and when you break the law, there are consequences.

My prayers for all of us is that we are healed of the wounds that cause so many to reject their bodies. We have been made male or female for a reason and to our very core we are one or the other. To mutilate the body does not change the fact that to our very core DNA we are what we have been created to be. "Rejection and rising above rejection is all about identity and what you base your identity upon. The key to overcoming rejection, is to solve the identity problems."

I pray that Chastity begins to ask herself why she does not have any childhood memories. To ask herself if the fact that her father wanted a boy and dressed her as a boy in outfits that matches his own, did not perhaps positively reinforce the desire to be male. To ask if her father was a source of further wounds and if not, then why do you and your family refer to him as "a very weird human being".
To ask why it is that her Aunts remember her being very happy as a girl in fact referring her to having been a "girly girl". To ask if the fact that her mother seems to be devoid of emotion or any affection for her might have caused the internal longing for love from a woman. To ask if her feelings growing up that she said were of feeling invisible living with "famous parents" who "sucked up all the energy" did not have something to do with desiring to find a way to be "seen".

To ask herself if growing up in the shadow of a mother who was seen as one of the most beautiful women, who flaunted her sexuality on screen and on stage, did not intimidate her causing her to run from femininity. To ask herself if her mothers friend, old enough to be her mother who lurred into a lesbian relationship at a young age did not effect her by filling the hole for the love a mother figure but through a counterfeit means. All of these things surely caused deep wounds within this poor woman and as I watched Cher's interview it felt like I was watching a robot. Clearly she has the inability to connect or show any motherly affection or care for her daugther.

Let us all pray that as a society we find a way to embrace the greatness within us as being made in the image and likeness of God before we wake up and walk down the street having to ask people what they are because the way we are going now, we will no longer be able to tell if someone is male or female. It will be like the SNL show For what it is worth, I truly believe that Chastity is loved by God and He desires for her to enter into His merciful heart. One thing that might surprise her? At the resurrection, she will have her female body restored to it's original state. She is a woman and the one thing her mother has done that impresses me, is that she continues to refer to her daughter as "her" and not "him" as everyone else has done. We must be careful not to fall into the same trap. Just because she looks like a man, does not make her a man.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, heal our wounds. Divine Mercy of Christ, heal our wounds. Blessed Pope John Paul II heal our wounds.

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Anonymous said...

I realize you will likely not allow this comment to be posted, and I respect that as your perrogative as the blog owner. That being said, I wanted to write to you in response to this post as I disagree with you strongly. Your argument that chemical contamintation is the cause of transgendered identieis is fundamentaly flawed for three main reasons: (1) there is documentation proving that transgendered individuals were alive long before the chemical contamination of today; (2) there are transgendered and non-gender conforming individuals living in other socieites that lack the pollution we have here; and most importantly (3) all of your evidence is correlative without any cited scientific research to prove causation. You may search as much as you like, but that research does not exist. In fact, scientists and psychologists actually have reached no defnitive conclusions regarding what causes transgender identities but it is strongly supsected and supported by research that there is genetic causality (not environmental). What has been scientifically proven is that the majority of people who transition from one gender to another are happier in almost every instance, regardless of age, and that those who have not struggle with higher than normal rates of depression. Your assertions are not founded on legitimate causality or scientific evidence and thus constitute a prolifigation of untruths and personal convictions lacking proof. I realize you are unlikely to change your mind, but this needed to be said.