Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Magnificat, Mercy and Miracles

Have you seen it? The Magnificat is revealing something to us through the inspired words of God in scripture set up by the Holy Mother Church so that we can all be on the same "page" through out the liturgical year.

We are being invited into seeing the miracle of mercy being poured out. A veil is being lifted so that the prisoners can "Come Out" of their tombs. Caryll Houselander called people in mortal sin examples how Christ is living out His life through all of us, for them, they are in mortal sin and awaiting the resurrection.

When I saw the magnificat for February as the Ark, I knew that the message within was a bringing together in anticipation of a flood that is coming. The words every day, spoke to me. I altered even my talks to include the themes that God seemed to speak through the readings of the Magnificat.

March had the cover of the Magnificat as the annunciation and reminded me that their are angels, both good and bad that are amongst us and we are to call upon them to fight the enemies, to bring us the word (notice how the focus was on the word and how powerful the word, even the name of Christ is, we need to bless our food, our homes and ourselves because there is power in the word, studies have proven this with water changing on a molecular level when spoken too positively or negatively). I felt like March was a calling for us to call upon the Holy Spirit and the angels to bring us the word so we can receive it, conceive it and bear it into the world.

April I see has an image of Peter being pulled up by Jesus. I believe that Christ is going to strengthen our faith, help our unbelief with supernatural intercession just as He did for Peter when he walked on water and then began to sink when he was overwhelmed with the fearful storm around him. Christ is going to pour out a gift of strengthening our faith for what lies before us. The Easter portion of Magnificat reminded me that the reason for this is that once we have been strengthened, we are to be the donkey we see in the magnificat picture. We are to bring Christ to others in the Arse of what we are in preparation for what God is going to do in the month of May.

Have you seen it? May's picture is the resurrected Christ with his exposed wounds being held by Mary in a loving embrace. I truly believe that Christ is going to glorify the wounded body of Christ through our wounds. We have been sold a bag of lies by the devil that our wounds are inhibiting us from sharing the love of Christ, that our wounds hinder us, impede us and must be "healed and overcome" BEFORE we can effectively serve God. WRONG, LIE, DECEPTION! What I see in the image for the month of May, is that Christ shows us that it is our VERY WOUNDS that HE USES to bring people to Christ. The reason a recovering drug addict can counsel a person who is using is because they know the ache, the pain, the hole and longing within them because they lived it, felt it, know it profoundly. The enemy keeps our wounds before us because in doing so he blinds us from seeing that when we enter into our wounds, (imagine looking at the wounds of Christ's hands as our sin, imagine the devil keeps the wounds in front of our eyes palms to face blinding us, preventing us from seeing). When we see that on the other side of our hands is a shining diamond, we realize as St. Thomas did when he put his fingers into the nail holes of Christ redeemed, that our wounds become our greatest victory when Christ is allowed to shine through them onto the world. Our greatest weakness is God greatest tool to bring HIM to others with once we have the courage to allow Him into the wound so it can be healed. We do not need to be "fixed" before Christ works through us, often it is through our brokeness that God is made manifest in His glory and people can more beautifully receive HIM.

May, I bet is a month of Mercy. Pope John Paul II is going to work miracles, St. Faustina is going to work miracles, Divine Mercy of Christ is going to work miracles, Our Lady of Guadalupe is going to work miracles of healing in May through Mercy, because it is Mercy that speaks to our wounds.

During Holy Week, let us prepare to a donkey. Yes, a donkey. Fr. John Corapi said once "If Jesus road into Jerusalem on a JackAss then surely He can use me." Well, I know that if Christ can use a donkey as a vehicle and if St. Francis called the body an arse, then surely Christ can use our own hands and feet in which to bring Christ to others. Pray to be healed, to be converted come to receive healing through the sacrament of confession and drink and eat of the life saving food of Christ in the Eucharist.

On a website I came across I saw this:

An Infusion of Divine Mercy

The wounds of disbelief are healed when we touch the glorious body of the Risen Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist. The Eucharist is the healing of doubt, of fear, and of hopelessness. The Most Holy Eucharist, like the sacrament of Penance that is wonderfully ordered to it, is an infusion of Divine Mercy.

Saint Faustina

This was the experience of Saint Faustina. A humble woman, she was chosen by the Risen Christ in the 1930's to recall the Church to trust in Divine Mercy. The icon of the merciful Christ by which Saint Faustina sought to draw the wounded, the doubting and the fearful to Divine Mercy is, in fact, a depiction of today's gospel, a way of expressing exactly what Saint Benedict enjoins on us in Chapter Four of the Holy Rule: "Never to despair of the Mercy of God" (RB 4:74).

Drink deeply today of the Water and the Blood; like Thomas, stretch out our hands to probe Christ's glorious wounds, to penetrate even to His Sacred Heart. In response, the consecrated hands of the priest, acting in the person of Christ the Bridegroom and Head, will offer you the mysteries of His Sacred Body and Blood. Then, will the prayer of Saint Faustina -- Jesus, I trust in you! -- well up from deep within all of us. Then will the cry of Thomas become our own: "My Lord and my God!" (Jn 20:28).

Open your eyes and listen with your ears to the invitation to Come Out!!!

God is inviting all to not only "Come Out" but are being asked "Do you want to be well?" The fountain and wellspring of life flows from Christ's pierced heart in which the blood and water are flowing so that it has become a river that flows into an ocean of unfathomable depths and along it's shores are trees bearing fruit upon which to feed us and the leaves have healing medicine. Divine Mercy heals us, feeds us, quenches our thirst and the readings are all saying this.

We are being invited in to the plan and asked to be Peter, to step out of the safe boat and to walk on water. Be prepared for a storm and for all distractions to occur this month both in prayer and in your personal struggles. Jesus is inviting all of us to enter into trust, with our eyes on Him and He tells us, we will not drown.

A miracle is coming in May, many are going to come into the church through the healing of wounds that only Christ's Divine Mercy uniquely speaks to those who are overwhelmed by their wounds and through His Mercy they believe it is possible to be loved by God.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the mother of Mercy. She herself called herself the mother of mercy. She is the mother of Divine Mercy. The prayers of the seven sorrows are filled with truth that she desires to fill you with so as to stretch our hearts to make room for an understanding of mercy that is beyond our comprehension. The seven sorrows help us to see with her eyes and her heart the wounded around us who are desperate for love. I pray this lent, you enter into the stretching and the trust because come Easter those who have made room for it will receive a special gift meant to fill the vessel in which you have been formed (nest, chalice, reed etc...) so that through your gifts, Christ love will pour out onto the world through you and tombs will be opened and the dead will rise!

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