Thursday, April 14, 2011

JCrew Ad teaches emasculation of a boy's body

I find it interesting that a paradigm shift has taken place in our country.

After reading the critique of Jenna Lyon's JCrew Ad in which she painted her son's toes bubble gum pink on Huffington Post as well as the comments to the article, it seems clear that society has changed from one that would find this ad disconcerting to one that embraces it as proof that she is a modern parent, nay a healthy parent encouraging her son to be open to...well, I guess to anything and everything.

Ad's like this, in which all lines are dropped and there are no distinctions between boys and girls have come to be considered as "healthier parenting" because it embraces the teaching of gender neutral concepts. If I say that a boy should not have his toes painted, and to have his nails painted pink is even worse, then I become seen as a repressed, patriarchal, homophobic , close minded right winged, agenda seeking bigot.

Do you want to know why more and more men run away from marriage, commitment , their kids and responsibilities of family life? Because they have been emasculated by our culture. Feminism has and is seeking to strip masculinity from men. The goal of our society and the culture in which we live seems to be determined to make everything gender neutral. From naming babies that can go either way, to hair cuts and clothing design, more and more we have crossed into a time and place in which we can see someone walking down the street and our kids will say "Mommy? Is that a boy or a girl?" Our society says the "healthy" answer would be "It doesn't matter Johnny, cause that person can be whatever they want to be". But that folks, would be a lie.

We cannot be whatever we want to be. We are made male and female. Not only is this deliberate and for a reason, but it is not a choice. It is a God given reality. Now, there are men who take hormones, grow their hair out, have surgery to remove their male defining genitalia and can even have breast implants making it harder to see the "person" that they were created to be, but they are still male. They still have a Y chromosome and they still do not have a womb or ovaries, the very part of a woman's body that is a physical sign of her being made female.

By the same token, a woman can take testosterone hormones, cut her hair, cut off her breasts and grow out facial hair, but still to her very genetic core, she does not have a Y chromosome nor does she have functioning testicles. The body makes visible the invisible. While outward signs such as painting toenails can express femininity it does not make a person feminine. However, our bodies speak a language. We can tell the truth with our bodies or we can lie with our bodies.

If I dress my son up as a girl, I am telling a lie with his body by dressing it up in such a way to deceive others as to whom and what he is and has been made. Perhaps the temptation is to think that this is all just blowing up an insignificant gesture of a mother who was having some fun. But I beg to differ because this Mother took pictures of her son and printed them into magazines for all to see. The reason this is a big deal, is that our society has not only accepted the practice of lying with and through our bodies but this picture is the propagation of this very mentality that is tearing at the fabric of the sacredness of the body.

Our bodies speak a language. When I pout, when wink, when I blow a kiss, when I wave my hand, these are all expressions conveying a language to others. If I as a woman reject my femininity and try to become like a man, I loose my vulnerability and I loose the very aspects of woman that reveal the tender mercy and love of God through my beauty. Beauty inspires the world to greatness. It inspired Mozart's music, Van Gough's paintings and Leonardo Da Vinci's nudes. If I try and to embody masculinity, I do not become strong, powerful and protective, I instead am seen as a "ball breaker, a bitch, demeaning to men and controlling". This is not a double standard, rather it is just the plain truth!

When I teach my son to embrace femininity rather than masculinity, the lie he is taught through these actions, does not give him beauty that inspires one to believe in the creator, which is what a woman would achieve through femininity, but on a man it wears itself as nothing more than emasculating weakness. The reason why the men in Braveheart and Gladiator are so attractive to women is they are strong in spirit and body, they fight for a woman's honor and fight for what is right. The reason a lot of girls who read the Twilight Series fall in love with Edward is because on multiple occasions, he saves her life by putting her needs before his own. He jumps in front of a moving car to save her life at risk of being discovered as a Vampire. Now, I am not advocating the Twilight series here, that is for another article, but there is something to be learned about why certain movies and books are successful with women. It is because as fast as the world and the Gay seeking agenda can spin the lies, women are running to find a man that embodies the very masculinity that ad's like this is seeking to strip away from the world for the sake of openness and tolerance and no judgment forms of parenting.

Well, sorry folks but there is a difference in boys and girls and frankly, I like the difference. The reason we women see men in BraveHeart and Gladiator as sexy, is because they not DON'T have their toenails painted pink, they NEVER would paint them pink. I like men who are manly not kinda sorta like a man. You will not catch me painting my boys toenails pink. This culture that wants us to believe that anything goes, is speaking a lie and the language it is using is the body.

To overcome this lie and to untwist this confusion check out Theology of The Body.

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